Friday, May 21, 2010

SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Turner Up), New Sense of Truth E.P. Samples, And More!!!

Alright, so before I start, here's my likely posting schedule for the next few while. Tomorrow, I will post my review of Duane Roy's "Castle Stories: A Rock N' Roll Scrapbook", so after I finish this post, I'll be curling up with a good book and finally giving it a proper review reading! Sunday will feature my review of tomorrow night's Lion Ride/Sense of Truth concert, and some extra news stories if I have some. Monday, I will profile Human Disorder and Summon, two other metal bands who, though not from here, have at least one Saultite in their ranks! And after that, I don't anticipate a so-called "special post" until May 29th, when I post a double review of Downtown Showdown AND Phatstick's return to Foggy Notions! Two separate concerts in one day, that's a first for me. Stay tuned for all this excitement!

I really apologize for this, but to be fair, advance warning of it was minimal. Turner Up, the local hard rock cover band, are playing at Foggy Notions TONIGHT AND TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Now why am I so late to mention these shows? I think it's because the band haven't notified us on Facebook through a group update or an event page. I was first alerted to these shows' existences on SooToday a few hours ago, through their newest "Don't Say-There's-Nothing-To-Do-In-The-Sault List" posting on the Entertainment page. There, it says they take the stage tonight and tomorrow at 10:30 PM. For further confirmation (never hurts to have it), I checked my sources, and band members Len Ward and Jeff Gray both confirmed they'd be there this weekend in Facebook statuses, so they're definitely on! Len's also said they were at Foggy's last weekend too, but alas, I didn't hear about them from other sources. I definitely need to pay more attention to Facebook status updates!! Well, if you want to head on out and here some great sounding covers of all kinds of rock classics (the later you stay, the heavier they get), Foggy's is the place to be tonight and tomorrow! 19+, I'd expect a minimal cover charge, head on out and enjoy yourselves! And once again, I'm sorry!!

Now, here's some more exciting news! Three new samples from Sense of Truth's upcoming debut E.P. have been posted online at their newly revamped MySpace page! Yes, they're finally fixing that back up, it previously hadn't been touched since way back, I'm thinking late 2008-early 2009? Well, that's slightly beside the point, the top story here is the new samples! They're all about 50 seconds long, and feature mid-track portions of three new songs from the E.P.: "Crawling", "Land of Greed", and "Push and Pull"! I'm pretty sure we've heard all of these live, but it's great to hear them in crisp clear studio form! Now, what do I think of the samples? Well, you should know by now that I don't give detailed opinions on songs to-be-released on an album until it comes out for a review, but let me just say this: These certainly do not suck, and are well worth checking out! Click here to check out the new Sense of Truth E.P. samples, and I'm sure you'll get a chance to hear these, and more, tomorrow night at The Canadian Nightclub as they back up Lion Ride! I'll be there, and I hope to see you guys there too!

Also, quick note: When you play "Land of Greed", notice the picture that comes up in the MySpace player? Might that be the album cover for the E.P.? I'm not hinting towards things I've been told, this is my own observation. Still, think it might be the album cover?

Next up, a new video has been uploaded to Stillbroke's official YouTube channel! This isn't a "Stillbroke" video, per say, it's actually an acoustic solo performance from Jesse Frigault, and it's a cover of the Disturbed song "Darkness"! If you know your Disturbed well, then you'll know that this is probably their softest and quietest song, but Jesse gives it a bit more edge that actually doesn't hurt the song! Also, props to him for keeping the original vocal arrangement, I was a bit worried the timing would be different like on Stillbroke's cover of "Rooster" by Alice In Chains. Interesting choice of video effects too! Check out Jesse's performance below!

And finally, remember the logo contest that WLSO 90.1 FM: The Sounds of Lake State was running to find a new logo? Well, it has been chosen, and has been uploaded to WLSO's Facebook page! And you can see the new logo for Lake Superior State University's campus radio station to your left. What do I think of it? Well, honestly, I won't give opinions to it, because the creator of the logo was I go to LSSU as you may know, and I sent in an early version of this logo a little while after I first posted info about the contest on the SMS. I hate self-promotion and "tooting my own horn", so I won't say anything else about myself here, but there you go, there's WLSO's new logo! If anyone else had created it, I'd still mention it here! It hasn't been posted on their website yet, but to be fair, it's not frequently updated at all. Remember to check out WLSO if you get a chance too, because they air some really good stuff if you're on 90.1 FM at the right time!

That's all for today, and remember: "Castle Stories" review tomorrow, Lion Ride/Sense of Truth review on Sunday, Human Disorder and Summon profiles on Monday, and my reviews of Downtown Showdown & Phatstick at Foggy Notions on May 29th! And throughout, lots of local hard rock and metal news and updates! Stay tuned!

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