Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weekend Concert Previews & Three Assorted Other Stories!!

Hey guys, it's that time again! Well, it's actually a shorter post than I'm used to, but I gotta get the weekend concert previews out of the way, and I have some assorted smaller stories to share too, so it's not a horribly small post either! Let's start with your local metal concert previews for this weekend!

Two metal shows to my knowledge each in both of the twin Saults this weekend, and we'll start in Sault Ontario, when Caveman Morrison frontman Tym Morrison takes the stage tomorrow night and Saturday night at Coch's Corner! If you're craving to hear some great covers of your favourite metal, hard rock, and other-genre songs in an intimate acoustic setting, you'll wanna be there this weekend! Both of Tym's shows start at 10:00 PM, and if you know his shows, and Coch's Corner's inviting environment, you'll know this will be well worth attending! No admission price either, just bring beer money, or maybe order some food, the guys there make some good grub too! And yes, it's 19+. Get more information at this location! As always, a Tym Morrison show will be worth attending, especially with the recent lack of Caveman Morrison shows (possible reason for that coming up), but head on down to Coch's and chill out to some great music this weekend, you won't be sorry! Check out more from Tym Morrison's solo and Caveman catalog at his official website!

The other two metal shows this weekend that I know about enough to report come courtesy of Sault Michigan hard rockers Nixxon Dixxon! The rising young stars return to The Bird across the river this weekend on the very same days and times as Tym Morrison's upcoming concerts: 10:00 PM Friday and Saturday! No admission price to enter that I know of, I believe there's a 21+ age limit. As usual for Nixxon Dixxon shows, expect a great night of hard rock and metal covers and some high quality originals from a band that will surely be one of the area's finest bands in the coming years, as long as they keep on with what they're doing! For more from Nixxon Dixxon, including photos, concert listings, and more, visit their official MySpace page! Go see them if you can this weekend, you'll have a good time! And if not, no worries, they'll be at Kewadin Casino next weekend! For a video preview, here's Nixxon Dixxon covering the Metallica classic "Master of Puppets" from their most recent New Years Eve show!

And now, three assorted updates to help clear out some smaller stories from my newsdesk...or the internet equivalent of a newsdesk. These are in order by band name!:
  • If you've noticed a new band on the band links on the left of the page named April Eyes, that's actually not a new band. That's the new name for Lorax guitarist Mitch Sirie's solo project, which was previously called By The Gods. It doesn't look like much else is different, but check Mitch's stuff out! His solo stuff is surprisingly solid, I'd love to see April Eyes play a show if he got some other musicians together! After all, music described as the product of prog and death metal raping folk and indie rock can't be all bad!
  • Bad Side's return to the concert scene is being bolstered with another upcoming concert! Not local, but worth mentioning, and it is closer to here! The local classic hard rockers will be a part of L3 Lucky Lake Live, an three-day-long August concert festival in Muskegon! No word on what day they'll be on (click here for as much details as I know), but notable bands like Pop Evil and Sponge will be among the performers! Great to hear that they're on another show, fingers crossed there's a local one too sooner or later!
  • You guys wondering where Caveman Morrison have been in recent weeks? Well, it appears there's been a band member changeover. According to a Facebook status update from him yesterday, Social Play frontman Dutch Vanderploeg has officially joined Caveman Morrison! Click here for my source. Presumably he's replacing Rick White on bass, but the band have not made an official announcement concerning a lineup change. Looks legit, but when something 100% verified comes out, I'll let you all know!
That's all for this quick post, my next update will include news on an upcoming new local music webzine (not mine!), assorted news on Doom Cannon, the Downtown Showdown battle of the bands, Mike Libertoski, and more! Stay tuned!


Shane said...

I think you need a "Random Hot Female" Section;

The Sault Metal Scene said...

I think most male readers wouldn't mind that! Hell, I don't mind that either! But I don't wanna sell out and divert from metal/hard rock music discussion. Thanks for the comment though, I appreciate it!