Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Local Metal Video Showcase!!

It's not often when we have a post dedicated solely to new videos, but how about two such posts in the same month? Well, here's another four-pack of newer videos with a local metal connection that you guys should check out, and as always, we'll go in alphabetical order! So, get your eyes ready for some new moving pictures of some prominent local bands!

Firstly, we finally have embeddable video footage of Half A Man in action! The Brimley hard rockers had previously only posted videos on Facebook, which stubbornly continues to not allow embedding of videos uploaded there. Well, Half A Man have launched a new YouTube channel which currently features two videos from their most recent concert on February 3rd at The Bird from the I-500 Pub Crawl! The videos are of the band playing their original songs "Drunk" and "Slow Rock 75", and both are of fairly good quality! Shot with a stationary camera, the band is further away from the camera than I'm sure we would have liked, and other attendees can get in the way of the band on both videos. Everything's clear though, and you can hear the band very well! Both are solid hard rock songs, can't complain too much, and I like how Erik Rintamaki uses his voice on the material! I'm embedding "Drunk" below for it being faster and heavier than "Slow Rock 75", but neither are soft by any means, so give them both a look! Half A Man have nowhere to go but up, so keep an eye on them! So visit the above links for more videos, and here's "Drunk" from earlier this month!

Next up, here's the newest video footage from Lion Ride's most recent local concert, on December 28th at The Canadian Nightclub! This is a short 28 second clip of the band playing their original song "Cocaine Crazy" at that show, and it was uploaded by drummer Iron Mike Bison (Mike Indovina) on his new YouTube channel on Wednesday. This was filmed by an attendee of the concert, and I take it by the extremely scratchy audio quality that this was filmed on a cell phone camera or something similar. The video quality's good though, you can see everything clearly, and the filmer had a good spot to get footage! It's just the audio that brings everything down, but you have my word that they sounded great on this song! So give the newest Lion Ride footage a look below, but be warned about the audio and the short length!

Thirdly, here's a new solo track from Tym Morrison, but unlike the other recent ones I've posted here! Since Tym began posting material again on his YouTube channel, the only ones I've shared here have been his new acoustic solo tracks, but he's also posted some comedic songs as well, including a parody/bash of 50 Cent, a comedy skit making fun of country music (watch for the Iron Maiden part), and a techno song/tech support parody named "Potato Salad"! Funny stuff, you might have heard other similar tracks on Tym's official website too, like "Punk Music Is" and "Sheep Song". Well, I never mentioned those in-depth as they weren't really metal or like his live material, but this one sure fits! It's a metal song named "Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire", and the lyrics are just children's recitations and rhymes with interesting edits made where appropriate! It actually isn't that bad of a song on it's own, but the amusing lyrics add a unique quality to it. I wonder if we'll ever hear these comedic songs live? Still, check the above links for more, and here's "Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire"!

And last but not least, here's the latest video footage from Woods of Ypres! Uploaded onto frontman David Gold's YouTube channel on Friday, this is edited much in the same style as their tour vlogs from last summer, and it features 3/4 of Woods of Ypres (Joel Violette was absent) on their road trip to their special concert in Richmond, Virginia on February 12th as part of this year's Heart of Winter Festival! This was their first concert following the fake breakup and the Earache Records signing as well, so it is a notable show on a couple of accounts! I won't give too much away, but the video includes footage of their drive to Virginia and what they did to pass the time, the selection of video games at the bar they played at, and of course, performance footage! It's odd seeing David without his "UNREST!" guitar, but the band sound good as always! It's always good hear this stuff again, though I'd love to see full unedited songs from this set. The absence of a second guitar isn't as noticeable as I was expecting either, but it'd be nice to hear, especially on the "W4" songs! Good quality overall too, so check it out below, and stay tuned for more Woods of Ypres news in the near future! Oh, and go see them on March 10th at The Rosie!

That's all for now, but I will have more news and notes tonight or early tomorrow, so stay tuned! Thanks everyone!

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