Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Local Metal Video Showcase!!

So we have a busy week at the SMS this week! Tonight, I'm heading to The Rosie to enjoy and review the Mares of Thrace concert, with a review coming tomorrow as well, and I of course plan to be at the Smeltzer reunion concert on Friday as well (with a review to come on Saturday.) Wednesday will have our Defunct Local Band Profile on State of Misery, and for weekend concert previews, we have TWO music festivals to cover (Hempfest & the Sugar Island Music Festival,) Plus, we have lots of news, including a couple broken up bands and their successors to address as well, but we'll get to those as they come. Today though, we have another local metal video showcase, including a new Woods of Ypres video, some solos from a pair of Sault Michigan artists, and Mike Cliffe's latest cover song, so let's get this post rolling!

A new Woods of Ypres concert video has been posted online! This comes from the band's June 3rd concert at Zombie's Bar in San Antonio, Texas, a show we've already seen some footage from, as you can see here. This is brand new though, courtesy of Bryan Gastelum, drummer of the San Antonio-area metal band Plutonian Shore. As uploaded onto his YouTube channel on Saturday, the video's of Woods of Ypres playing "The Sun Was In My Eyes (Part One), and he got some great close angles of the band playing a very cool song, but the audio isn't perfect. You can barely hear David Gold's singing, and the audio is slightly muffled, but it's a solid video, and it's nice to finally see it online! Check it out below!

Next up, we have two short solo videos from two Sault Michigan metal musicians, and first, here's an old video of Life's Eclipse frontman Jason Mills playing the guitar solo on Megadeth's "Sweating Bullets"! With no live concerts to speak of recently, this could help fill the gap a bit, as Jason shows off some good guitar skills, and he seems to know the solo well, but the audio's at such a level that you can't distinguish his guitar from the original track he's playing along with. Originally posted on a now-deleted MySpace page years ago and only just put on the Werehold Records YouTube channel yesterday, check out Jason's "Sweating Bullets" solo below!

Thirdly today, End of Existence/Theatre of Night keyboardist Craig Harrison posted a keyboard solo of his own onto his YouTube channel yesterday! Almost two minutes long, we only get a view of the keyboard and Craig's hand in view... yes, he's only playing with one hand here, and he's doing a great job! Seemingly titled "Buzzsaw Destroyer", it has sort of a saw sound going for it with the effects he's using, and it's heavy and unique compared to most keyboard solos you see! Nice work, check more of Craig's solo and band videos at the above links, and his new one handed keyboard solo below!

And finally, Sault Ontario solo artist Mike Cliffe has posted a new cover song onto his YouTube channel! Not featured on his other solo pages, this is a collaboration with Grand Rapids-based folk duo The Ducks, and it's a cover of the Uriah Heep song "The Wizard"! Raspier vocals and a lighter spacier vibe than the original version, but the musicians use their talents well, and it's a solid cover of the classic song! Mike continues to impress, so give his new solo song a look below, and get much more at the above links!

That's all for now, but stay tuned tomorrow for news on some band beginnings and endings, this week's classic video, and more, plus our State of Misery profile on Wednesday! Thanks everyone!

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