Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Local Metal Video Showcase!!

It's video time at The Sault Metal Scene! Today, we have a bunch of new videos to share in this local metal video showcase, including our first live videos of a new local band, our first taste of a new Lion Ride song, some solo work from a local guitarist, and this week's classic video! So sit back, relax, and enjoy these new videos!

The first video footage of new Kinross hard rock trio Banned is now online! Two videos from the band's set at last month's Music In The Park event in Rudyard are now online courtesy of YouTube user Ashley Traynor's YouTube channel, who uploaded them yesterday. We previously saw videos she uploaded of a Banned predecessor, featuring Banned members (and her father & brother) Don and Alex Traynor from a January talent show, but these new videos are officially of Banned! Two videos were uploaded, which feature Banned covering Bad Company's self-titled song, The Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under The Bridge", and Quiet Riot's "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)", with each member handing lead vocals on a song! Alex handles Quiet Riot well especially, but it's nice to see all three members getting a crack at lead vocals! Solid performances for a debut, though I have to ask, where are they playing? Just in front of a random building with no stage? Hey, it works! Check out the Banned videos at the above links, take a look at their cover of "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" below, and go see them in Pickford this weekend!

Next up, this video comes from the weekly series "The Unscene", about the culture & lifestyle of longboarding (a surfing/skateboarding hybrid sport), and it documents The Brittania Classic finals from Brittania Beach, British Columbia this past April. Directed by Marcus Fryia (who posted this onto Lion Ride's Facebook page last month) and featuring narration by longboarder Riley Harris, it was uploaded to YouTube by longboard manufacturer Sayshun's YouTube channel on June 30th. But wait, why are we talking about longboarding on a local metal site? Simple, because new Lion Ride songs make up the soundtrack! The video first features "Snail Trail" from their forthcoming full length album, which is a great song, but after that, we get our first ever look at the studio version of "Bang Bang, Bye Bye"! This song had only previously been heard from live recordings and concerts, but the guys at Sayshun must have gotten clearance to use the new song for the video! Awesome to finally hear it, even if it's overlayed with longboarder comments!

Sounds great, but of course, I'll hold complete judgement until we hear the full unedited version on the CD. Plus, the video has some cool insights and looks at longboarding, and Lion Ride suit the sport well for a soundtrack! Check the video out below, and for reference sake, "Snail Trail" starts 44 seconds in, while "Bang Bang, Bye Bye" starts at 3:29.

Thirdly today, here's some new solo videos I've came across of a Sault Michigan-area guitarist! These come from current Swayze Train guitarist Scott Savoie, who you may also recognize as a former guitarist in the defunct local death metal band Insipid Brutality. Scott's been running a YouTube channel since February, and it currently features three videos of him playing some solo guitar pieces. I can't prove the genre of Swayze Train yet, but there is some heavier stuff on his channel, including a shred solo & a tapping riff (both recorded in April) that show off his skills well! However, the newest and most substantial video posted is of Scott covering "Spoils" by Protest The Hero, and it's a solid rendition! It blends into the song well, and his guitar ability is clear and very nice, thought the video is a touch fuzzy. Good stuff though, hopefully Scott posts some more videos on his channel! Check out his Protest The Hero cover below!

And finally for today, here is this week's classic video! I contemplated using one from a Hollow band member, but I was having trouble converting files for those, so this week, we'll tie in the video with two members of Changing Waves, who'll be playing tomorrow night at The Roosevelt Hotel! Three years before launching their current band, the Hagerman brothers (Mike on guitar & Alex on drums) initially rocked the scene in the defunct hardcore quintet Paraside, who were visibly active from November 2007 through the spring of 2008. Also featuring singer Jake Vachon and guitarists Brock Kinnunen & Greg Sacco (Mike played bass), Paraside made their own waves during their brief local run, including opening slots for bands like Dead & Divine, The Holly Springs Disaster, and The Imports! Material of theirs is hard to come by online, mostly consisting of low quality live recordings on their MySpace page, but I did come across some video footage of Paraside in action! Three videos from Paraside jam sessions circa February 2008 were filmed by Krystal Crosato and uploaded onto the band's Facebook group on February 6th of that year. The video quality isn't spectacular, and it suffers from low lighting and distorted audio, but you can make the band out well enough, even if I can't name the songs!

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED!!! All credit for these videos (which I combined into one single video) goes to Krystal Crosato and Paraside! Besides, this video does not have a wide audience anymore, especially when there's no video tab on their Facebook group to make these easily accessible (it took trial and error to find these), so if you want to see the original videos, head to That said, take a look at the only video footage I've found of Paraside below!

That's all for now, but stay tuned later tonight or early tomorrow for our weekend metal/hard rock concert previews! Thanks everyone!

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