Monday, December 5, 2011

Another Local Metal Video Showcase!!

Anyone want some more videos? The month of December has been good for them so far, and I've got a bunch to share today, so here's what's on tap! Today, we've got tons of videos from a pair of concerts this past weekend, new jam videos from a notable band from across the river, and a new solo cover from a notable local hard rock guitarist, so here's what you need to know!

Did you miss the Helix concert at The Rockstar Bar on Saturday night? If so, then good news, as 9 videos from the concert are now on YouTube! They were uploaded last night by YouTube user dtwalker79, and they amount to about 25 minutes of the Kitchener metal legends' headlining set over the weekend. The videos include Helix playing "Wild In The Streets", "Heavy Metal Love", a solo from bassist Daryl Gray, guitarist Kaleb Duck's solo (in two parts; click here & here to see them), "Good To The Last Drop", a solo from drummer Greg "Fritz" Hinz, "Rock You", and "Dream On", so click on each video link above to see the footage! Things sound pretty good, though Brian Vollmer's singing doesn't come off very loudly on the videos, and the band seems to have a good sound and chemistry as I'd expect from most of their classic lineup! There's also a lot of people in the way on the earlier videos, but dtwalker79 did get closer to the stage by the end of the cycle. Solid stuff, and kudos to him for getting all of these videos from the show! I bet it was huge, but if you missed it, this is the next best thing! Check the above links for more, and here's Helix playing "Wild In The Streets" at The Rockstar Bar on Saturday!

Also for videos from concerts this past weekend is some new video footage of local deathcore quartet View To A Kill from their headlining slot at Feedback on Saturday night! Also uploaded onto YouTube yesterday, this is the first posted video of V2AK from John Veale, who frequently films videos of his son Adam's other band Sativa Rose. In this case, he shot View To A Kill covering the Parkway Drive song "Carrion", and the guys sound good here (Steve Rhodes sounds particularly brutal), though the lighting doesn't seem as active as it was at the Shit Liver show last weekend. Still, it's a solid performance, and hopefully John has some more videos in store for fans of Adam's local bands! Check out their cover of "Carrion" below!

Next up, here's even more new videos from Brimley hard rockers Half A Man, who have uploaded three new jam session videos onto their YouTube channel! All uploaded last night, two of the new videos are in the "drum cam" position, so we only see drummer Mikey Bishop in frame, but they give us glimpses of an untitled new song (that sounds very heavy) and a new track named "Goodbye" that was written in memoriam of the late Michael Lemma, the beloved Dondee Lanes employee who suddenly passed away last summer & later saw LemmaFest launched in his honour. Great cause for a song, it's a fitting tribute, though the lyrics have repetitive moments. Mikey's drumming is as solid as ever too, so definitely check the above videos out, but I'm gonna embed the third new video here, which is of the three active members of Half A Man (Denny Breslin's still absent) playing "Goodbye" on a camera with everyone in view! Audio's slightly scratchy on this camera, but you can see Erik Rintamaki trying a guitar solo, lyrics and captions, and more, so give Half A Man's new videos a look above and below, and stay tuned for more news on them as it comes in!

And finally, Sneaky Pete guitarist Mario Carlucci uploaded a new solo guitar cover video onto his YouTube channel on Thursday, where he covered the intro of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here"! I'm admittedly not a huge Pink Floyd fan, but the intro is well played here, though it sounds very quiet compared to other videos I've been listening to lately, so have the volume dial on hand. Nice work overall, so give Mario's rendition of "Wish You Were Here" a look below!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more news this week! Thanks everyone!

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