Thursday, January 5, 2012

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (That's Chester & Tym Morrison), Weekend Concert Previews, And The Return Of Moss!!

Alright, who's ready for weekend concert previews? I've got some for you guys in our first concert preview post of 2012, but it's supplanted by a notable band reunion across the river and the face that most of the weekend's shows are newly announced, making them LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, so here's what you need to know! (UPDATED: Friday, 2:52 AM)

Sault Ontario classic hard rock quintet That's Chester are returning to the local stage TOMORROW NIGHT!! Apologies for the short notice, this show was only just announced yesterday. Almost two months after their last concerts, this talented veteran local outfit will return to Docks Riverfront Grill for their first gig of 2012, in what appears to be a Friday-only engagement this weekend (but if hear of a Saturday concert, I'll let you guys know!) No matter what though, it's great to see That's Chester back on the local concert stage, and they apparently have four new songs to add to their live setlist tomorrow night, so you know you'll wanna be at Docks to hear the new stuff (along with their old standards!) Admission is likely $4 for this show, you must be 19 to attend, and there's an announced start time of 11:00 PM. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! If you're in the mood for some solid classic hard rock covers, Docks is definitely the place to be tomorrow night, so consider a trip down to the riverfront to rock out with That's Chester! For a preview, here's their cover of Deep Purple's "Highway Star" at Docks in 2010!

Also in new concerts, Caveman Morrison frontman Tym Morrison's solo acoustic show is coming back on SATURDAY (and next week), but not at The Service Grill. One month after his most recent solo concert took place, Tym will break out his unplugged covers at Bossy's Pub & Grub on Pim Street (seconds from The Canadian Nightclub) over the next two Saturdays in what is hoped to be the start of another weekly concert arrangement for him! These concerts do have a unique early listed start time of 1:00 PM, so if that's accurate, the Bossy's arrangement won't impact likely night concerts from Tym or Caveman Morrison in the future, which is handy! Notably, this Saturday's show will also be Tym's first appearance at Bossy's (formerly Smack Daddy's) since the Hollow reunion gig in August, and it's good to see him back there for an unplugged show! As I mentioned above, both this Saturday & next Saturday's shows are at 1:00 PM, I'd bring ID just in case you're carded, and there's no announced cover charge. For more details, click here & here for each show's respective Facebook event page.

Hopefully this is the start of another successful concert arrangement for Tym, and I live pretty close to Bossy's, so maybe I'll drop in one of these Saturday afternoons to check out his solo work! It's been too long as it is. As this new arrangement starts THIS SATURDAY, let's preview his return to the solo stage with this 2008 video of Tym and ex-Half Past singer Luke LeBlanc covering Extreme's "More Than Words"!

Finally, here's the two weekend hard rock shows I already knew about, and they're courtesy of Sault Michigan hard rock quintet Swayze Train! One weekend after rocking The Rapids Lounge for the first time, this talented local supergroup will return to Kewadin Casino's bar for a second consecutive weekend of proficient metal and hard rock covers, and I'm hearing great things, so you know this will be worth attending! Notably, the band will be featuring End of Existence frontman Bob "Orb Hearthstone" Helsten on drums in lieu of the absent Tyler Tidwell for this weekend's concerts. A reason for Tyler's absence wasn't publicized, but the news was announced on the band's Facebook page last night. Good choice to fill in, as Orb is more than capable as a drummer (his recent work with Elipzis and Great Bodily Harm is proof), so watch out for some great drumming this weekend! As usual for Swayze Train's increasingly frequent stops at Kewadin Casino, these concerts (tomorrow & Saturday night) will be 21+ affairs with no cover charge and 10:00 PM-ish start times. For more details, visit the Kewadin Casino entertainment page and the above links!

It's always good to see Swayze Train gracing the local stage, and though I still have no media of theirs to preview them with, I know their talent will speak for itself, so consider their shows this weekend for your concert planning! Visit the above links for more, and I'll keep you posted as Swayze Train updates chug into the SMS station!

And finally for today, we have a band return to note on here, as Eckerman/Strongs, Michigan hard rockers Moss are back! You may remember them as "Moss of Eckerman" from their now-deleted PureVolume page, though that name was just to distinguish themselves from similarly named bands on there. Information was lacking on them back then, partly owing to their mid-2000s breakup, but they're back after 7 years away as part of Werehold Records! Moss' current lineup features 4/5ths of their old lineup, including Life's Eclipse members & brothers David Mills & Jason Mills on bass/vocals & guitar respectively, along with Nicholas Kabelman on guitar & Robert Kabelman on drums, with only a former member named Jason (a.k.a. Ogre) not a part. According to the bio on their new Facebook page, Moss were originally active from 1995 onward, are influenced by bands like Pantera & The Beatles, and describe their sound as "rock from a better time". Media isn't posted there yet, and though I do have mp3 copies of songs they posted on PureVolume, I know that members weren't entirely satisfied with the quality, so time will tell how the new Moss sounds!

Moss always piqued my interest with their 1990s-styled hard rock/metal sound, and if they can build on the promise I heard on songs like "Undefeated", they'll definitely make a mark in the Sault Michigan area once again! As always, I'll keep you guys updated on Moss as news comes in, and they're now back in our Sault Michigan band links on your right! That's all for now, but stay tuned for more news & our Defunct Local Band Profile on Bring The Fallen over the next few days! Thanks everyone!

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