Sunday, September 8, 2013

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (The Hydra's Teeth), Dayglo Abortions Concert Preview, And More!!

Back to the news on this Sunday, so what's on tap? We have news on a recent local album upload to tie in with a recent SMS feature, an extended preview of a big concert going down tomorrow night, and to start, a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for later this month, so here's what you need to know!

New local metal quartet The Hydra's Teeth will make their live concert debut at The Algonquin Pub on Friday, September 20th! As you may remember, this is the new band from ex-Late & Loud singer/guitarist Brendan Christie & bassist Benn Garside, former Sativa Rose/Winkstinger guitarist Anthony Orazietti, and ex-Leaves Off Trees drummer Roy Kreutzberger, and if their videos are any indication, we're in for a power & classic metal spree on the 20th that Loudmouths and other fans should easily take to! They'll be among 3 bands playing that night, including prominent local grunge/alternative quartet Haggith (in their second live set at the pub downstairs from The Rockstar Bar) and another debuting band named The Danger Cats, who I'm told are an all-female rock band of some kind. That should be very intriguing, I'll let you guys know when I hear more! A 10:00 PM start time is likely for this 19+ show, and there will be a $6 cover charge in effect. For more details, visit Haggith's Facebook event page!

Note that I'm not sure if this is one & the same as the gig that The Hydra's Teeth originally hyped for The Canadian Nightclub on their Facebook page, or if this is a separate event. This should be a must-see event for both the band debuts and Haggith's ever popular live sets, so don't miss the return of original rock and metal to The Algonquin Pub one week from Friday, and stay tuned for updates!!

Next up, here's a big concert preview for TOMORROW NIGHT at The Roosevelt Hotel, as Victoria, British Columbia hardcore punk legends The Dayglo Abortions will make their long awaited return to Sault Ontario for a hard hitting night of metal, punk, and hardcore intensity! Last seen in the Soo at the 20th Rosie metal night in June 2011, The Dayglo Abortions' return should be even bigger (especially with the extended notice for this concert compared to two years ago), and you know The Cretin & company will be raring to tear up the stage with their intense, reckless, and attitude-fueled originals! A mix of out of town and local support bands with varying levels of familiarity will open tomorrow night, including Victoria, B.C. garage punk trio The Last of the VB Interceptors (who opened for The Bunchofuckingoofs at The Rosie in July), local hardcore punk notables Destroilet (who may have new songs to debut tomorrow), Peterborough hardcore punk trio Cross Dog (featuring bassist/Sault native Mark Rand's first local concert appearance in over 2 years), and in the opening set, new local punk/metal quartet Jack Spades' first full concert!

Basically a combination of T-Rex Manning & The Bear Hunters, Jack Spades features singer J.D. Pearce (who opened for The Dayglo Abortions with Frightlight in 2011), guitarist Tiffany Stocco, bassist Justin Lam, and drummer Johnny Belanger (who quietly replaced T.J. Case in the band for unknown reasons this summer, as per their Facebook page.) Though they've played live in short previews earlier this year, this apparently all-original band will fully launch tomorrow night, so be there to see what they have in store! Admission will be $10 in advance or $15 at the door, with advance tickets still available at The Roosevelt Hotel and The Rad Zone, so get yours A.S.A.P. just in case! You must be 19 to attend, doors open at 9:00 PM, and Jack Spades will kick things off at 9:45 PM. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! This should be an awesome concert all around, with both new sights, familiar favourites, and legendary hardcore punk to appease everyone in attendance!

I'm curious to hear The Last of the V8 Interceptors & Jack Spades more, Destroilet always deliver a good time, it'll be nice to see Mark back with his new band, and who could miss The Dayglo Abortions? I have my ticket, and I definitely hope to see you guys there TOMORROW NIGHT! For a preview, here's The Dayglo Abortions playing 3 songs at The Rosie in 2011!

Finally, I just wanted to alert you guys to a local metal album that I just recently posted on YouTube, that being our most recent CD review subject, Bring The Fallen's "Stand Before"! As you may remember, the defunct local death metal quintet finally released theit only EP on July 26th at Oddzfest 2013 Metal Mash-Up in honour of their one-off reunion (albeit four years after the recording sessions), but with their re-breakup & the lack of a digital download copy, I assume it's out of print save for possible unsold CDs from Oddzfest. As a result, I decided to post the whole EP onto our YouTube channel yesterday (including in a full playlist), so now it's fully streamable! In order, the songs are the title track, "Night Riders", "Kill Your Life", "Exposed Embankment", and "Defiling Despondence", so click each link to check them out, and note that all but "Night Riders" & "Kill Your Life" are re-uploads. I had posted the other three tracks (sans cover art) onto YouTube as a Christmas surprise a couple years back, so I re-posted them just for consistency.

I won't rehash my thoughts on this EP (you can read my full review if you want in the post below), but this EP and the Oddzfest set fittingly closed the door on their local run, and I wish everyone in Bring The Fallen the best (musically & otherwise) in the future! I've embedded the song "Stand Before" below, and check out more from Bring The Fallen's only CD at the above links!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for either a new news post or this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles next, and in case I have nothing new before then, I'll see you at The Rosie TOMORROW NIGHT! Thanks everyone!

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