Friday, September 27, 2013

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Tantrym Tyme), Plus New Videos!!

Well, we better start clearing out some back news tonight before I've flooded with it, and thankfully, I have more reason to thanks to a SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for TOMORROW! So I've supplemented it with some more assorted recent news items, and if a big story you've been expecting isn't here, don't worry, it's coming! Sometimes you have to hold some things to give them the optimal coverage they deserve. Now, read on below for the latest news, notes, and videos!

Young Sault Michigan metal quartet Tantrym Tyme will apparently be playing a tailgate party of some kind TOMORROW outside of Pullar Stadium before the Soo Eagles NAHL hockey game! Apologies for the short notice, the band only announced this on their Facebook page earlier today, and the Eagles have not mentioned it either. Tomorrow's game marks the second of a three night home stand between the Soo Eagles and the Johnstown Tomahawks, and it's at least the second time that Tantrym Tyme have played a live set to coincide with an Eagles game, also doing so in March for a game over their military & parents weekend. The Rock Till You Drop winners will be playing outside and behind the arena (at 435 East Portage Avenue) tomorrow at 5:00 PM, and it's obviously all ages given the setting, but while I don't figure there will be an admission charge for their tailgate set, the game itself has it's own fees and times, so click here for information if you're looking at going, and check the above links for more details!

It's great to see Tantrym Tyme keeping busy with another high profile concert set, and hopefully they can convert some Eagles fans into fans of their own tomorrow before the game! Remember, the Eagles play the same level of hockey as the Soo Thunderbirds on the Ontario side of the border, and they both played together in the NOJHL until the end of the 2011-2012 season. Don't miss Tantrym Tyme's latest concert tomorrow, and for a preview, here's the guys covering Pantera & Iron Maiden last year!

Now to some more videos to clear out of our news cache, starting with something a little different: an interview with Dayglo Abortions frontman Murray "The Cretin" Acton from their headlining show at The Roosevelt Hotel earlier this month! Uploaded to the YouTube channel of Boyd Rendell (a.k.a. AlgomA frontman Darby Wigwaus) on Wednesday, the interview is done by former Chronic Demonic singer Sabrina Strange, where they talk about how The Dayglo Abortions' tour was going, standout moments from the tour, the two year gap between local stops, the band's message to leave to local fans, their next album plans, and more. Sabrina needs more experience as an interviewer, but she came across as kind and invested in the discussion, and the video is well put together! Along with some titles and credits (plus a plug for Darby's Big Loonie Bus Show next month in Echo Bay), the video also includes three clips from the show itself, two bookending the interview, and one about 3:50 into the video for a few seconds.

The last clip will likely be the most interesting, as it's a video from the show of The Dayglo Abortions playing "Kill Cunt Brain" (they titled it, not me), and compared to the earlier abbreviated clips, this is from behind the crowd rather than a near side-stage angle. Solid audio, if dark, and it's a nice capper to this video! Check out Sabrina's interview and more below, and for reference, it begins a minute in ends about 4:50 in!

Also today, here's a new demo of a Theatre of Night original song by keyboardist Craig Harrison! Uploaded to his YouTube channel on Tuesday, it's a short two minute clip of his part for their song "Twilight of the Gods", with the camera focused on his hands while playing (and with a colour filter overtop, presumably for effect/mood.) It's a well done composition, dark and fitting for one of their songs, so give it a look below!

Finally for today, here's an archive video find courtesy of the YouTube channel of Nikkfitt guitarist Robert Ross, courtesy of what appears to be an old edition of Hempfest in nearby Ophir, Ontario! I have no idea what band this is (or even if Robert's playing on stage), but it's a live cover (likely from 2009 or earlier) of Kiss' "Rock & Roll All Nite" with at least two guest backing singers. The description implies there was 2,000 people there, which I can see during the annual marijuana culture festival's peak, and it's a solid cover on a good quality stationary camera, so if you love Kiss or old local videos, give this one a look, and if you can identify anything extra on the date or band, let me know!

That's definitely all for today, but stay tuned for a big news post tomorrow featuring some long overdue updates! Thanks everyone!

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