Saturday, February 8, 2014

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Late Shift), Blood Shed Productions Updates, And More!!

Keeping the news rolling on this Saturday night, we have a new cover video, a bunch of recent updates from a local metal label (including a video & band renaming), but first, here's a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for later this month (and check out our review of the first Heavy Thursday at The Rosie in the post below this one!)

Newer local alternative hard rock quartet Late Shift will play just their second live set on Friday, February 21st as the opening band at an intriguing punk concert at The Rockstar Bar! Presented by local independent label Tidal Records, the headlining band will be local power pop/punk quartet The Wing-Its, who feature the owners of Tidal Records, and among them, a number of local punk notables, so the talent's definitely there for them! As well, recent Viva La Battle runners-up Northwest (whose name is one word now) will also be playing, and their indie/punk sound has definitely found an audience since their debut last fall, so keep them in mind as well! It's nice to see Late Shift (featuring Scary Uncles, Bankshot, and Fingerbone alumni) back at it, and hopefully they rock The Rockstar Bar hard in their first show there on the 21st! Is it odd that none of the three bands have a known Facebook page yet? Admission is $5 for this 19+ show, and a 9:00 PM start time is advertised. Visit the Facebook event page for more details!

This should be an entertaining mostly-punk show in a couple of weeks, but are you wondering what happened to the Late & Loud reunion show that was scheduled for The Rockstar Bar that night? It's still going on, but it will now take place downstairs at The Algonquin Pub (presumably to accommodate the Tidal Records show), as per promoter J.D. Pearce on the Facebook event page on Thursday. As a result, this will mark Late & Loud's first (and only?) appearance downstairs, though the openers are no strangers there. There's punk & hard rock on both floors on the 21st, so don't miss it!

Next up, here's some of the latest from local independent grind/metal label Blood Shed Productions, including the continued evolution of one of their bands, as Brutaly Fatal have changed their name to Re-Born. In a post on their Facebook page yesterday, frontman Austin McCrae cited the band's change in music genre for their show last month & recent recordings as reasons for the new name, though he didn't close the door on playing death metal entirely. I half expected a name change, as Brutaly Fatal didn't fit a band who didn't play extreme metal (the missing L in "brutally" always stood out too), and hopefully this change is what's best for Austin & Tyler in this project going forward! To go along with the name change, Re-Born have revealed some new covers that they've learned in recent weeks, including covers of everyone from Papa Roach and Nirvana to Marcy Playground and Weezer, including two originals. A lot of 1990s alternative is in there, but there's still hard rock to go around, so stay tuned for more from Re-Born as it rolls in!

Moving to more familiar sounds from the Blood Shed roster, Re-Born drummer Tyler "Ringsnaps" Gibson's other two-man project Rotopsy are featured in the newest video on the label's YouTube channel! Uploaded yesterday, this song is named "T.F.T.", and it was filmed at a recent jam session (though on the vertical cell phone camera angle again.) Funky sort of bass riff, but it has promise, and while I'd still like to hear more than just scattered growls and grunts from Dylan Taylor, he is more diverse here than I have seen! Check out Rotopsy's new video below, and stay tuned for more from Blood Shed Productions!

Finally for today, Ashes To Dust guitarist Alex Hemy posted another solo cover video onto his YouTube channel yesterday, this time covering Three Doors Down's "It's Not My Time"! Featuring him on all instruments, this lives up to Alex's recent solo consistency, and this was a good choice for his vocal range, but fans of his heavier earlier work may not take to it the same. Talented stuff though, and well compiled, so check out Alex's new video below, and check out his new Facebook page for his covers at this link!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news in the next few days, along with this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles on Monday! Thanks everyone!

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