Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Facebook Concert Videos From Heavy North Entertainment!!

Today's post is devoted to some new Facebook video postings from new local concert promotion agency Heavy North Entertainment, who recently shared some short videos from a recent private event and a house party gig from last year on their Facebook page! We'll start with the "Grinded Live In Your Ears" house party event that Blood Shed Productions hosted last summer on the night of the third Sewer Swampstravaganza on August 10th, as H.N.E. owner Tyler St. Amour's brother Travis (a.k.a. Bring The Fallen's drummer) was on hand to film some videos, including one of surprise late performers Warsenal! The Montreal thrash trio had just headlined the Swampstravaganza at The Oddfellows Hall, and it was cool of them to head to this event as well, which looks like it went well! That said, the video is in the vertical cell phone angle, and the lighting's very red & green, but the quality's decent otherwise, so check out Warsenal's speed metal fury below!

Next up, and also from Travis' filming from that show, is this 57 second clip of local/Central Algoma death metal quartet Crimson Crusade's set! It's of the same visual quality as Travis' Warsenal clip, and while I can't remember the song name offhand, this is a solid look at one of Crimson Crusade's more recent sets! While we're on the subject, I should address their status (especially as they haven't played live in three months), so where have they been? A band member confirmed in a comment reply on their Facebook page on February 10th that they've been "on a hiatus" since November, and while a reason for the break wasn't given, they will let fans know when/if they start jamming again. For reference, the comment was to answer a question from Re-Born frontman Austin McRae on if they'd want to play a yet-announced Oddfellows Hall concert for Heavy North Entertainment next month, but this show hasn't been otherwise elaborated on publically.

Regardless of if this is a rest or if it will lead to the band's second breakup, this is definitely disappointing for Crimson Crusade fans, especially knowing the traction they'd gained in the past year! Hopefully things are amicable in their camp though, and unless most of the band joins new primary bands (or they firmly say they're done), we won't consider them an inactive band on the SMS, as a hiatus can last anywhere from a few weeks to forever. Fingers crossed we see the guys back soon though, check out this "new" video below, and stay tuned for updates on the teased Oddfellows show next month!

We'll close this post with new videos from a private Blood Shed Productions event at (I believe) the same location, this time from this past Friday. There are more videos than these on Heavy North owner Tyler St. Amour's personal Facebook page, but I'm just sharing ones that are completely public via the H.N.E. page. One is this 94 second clip of local goregrind duo Rotopsy at the event, and it's consistent with earlier videos of theirs, but like before, Dylan Taylor needs to diversify his growls, and the minimalist nature might not be for everyone. The camera's in a better angle though, and while there are some focus issues (and the angle's mirrored), fans should enjoy this, so check it out below!

Finally, here's a new video of Rotopsy bassist/Blood Shed owner Tyler "Ringsnaps" Gibson's solo project Crucify The Whore playing their original "Bunk, Shake, and Headache"! Barely crossing 100 seconds, this sadly reverts to the vertical camera angle (and has similar mirroring/focus issues as before), but it's a solid rendition of this goregrind track, which has became a favourite among C.T.W. fans! I like the crowd enthusiasm too, nice to see, so give this other new Blood Shed Productions clip a look below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile TOMORROW! Thanks everyone!

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