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Last Month's Poll Results & Our Next Poll On The SMS!!

Now, let's tackle the results of last month's now-closed poll on the site, and open our new poll, but of course, check out our new news post (including a show TOMORROW) at the post below this one! As you may remember, last month's poll posed this question to you guys: What was the biggest local metal news story of 2013? 36 votes, which is respectable though a bit lower than I had figured, but thanks to everyone who did vote! So, what did you guys select? Here are the final results!

Blood Shed Productions continue local growth (13 votes, 36%)
Woods of Ypres win Juno Award for Best Metal Album (4 votes, 11%)
Bam Margera plays at The Canadian Nightclub (3 votes, 8%)
Airbourne run wild at The Canadian in August (3 votes, 8%)
Late & Loud part ways after April battle of the bands (3 votes, 8%)
Shinedown rock Kewadin Casino (2 votes, 5⅔%)
Destroilet returns to the stage after 2 year break (2 votes, 5⅔%)
Other (2 votes, 5⅔%)
Haggith's breakup & farewell show (1 vote, 3%)
The Dayglo Abortions overcome rain for local return (1 vote, 3%)
"Heart of Gold" tribute CD honours Woods of Ypres (1 vote, 3%)
The Ripcordz make long awaited returns to the Soo (1 vote, 3%)
Bring The Fallen reunite for Oddzfest & release EP (0 votes)
The Canadian Nightclub floods again in September (0 votes)
Echo Bay welcomes The Big Loonie Bus Show (0 votes)
For All That Is Lost surprisingly disband (0 votes)
Garden of Bedlam play live in Quebec (0 votes)
Pop Evil headline Team Jessica benefit at Kewadin (0 votes)
Queensryche play at Kewadin Casino in January (0 votes)
Ray Brown honoured with benefit concert (0 votes)
Sebastian Bach rocks Sault Michigan in January (0 votes)
Soo Zombie Walk moves to the Bushplane Museum (0 votes)
SooToday buys Local2 (0 votes)
The Suicide Kings win Rockstar Bar Battle of the Bands (0 votes)

What do you guys think? In ascending order, I am surprised that half of the choices got no votes, and most seemed deserving of at least one (like the Ray Brown benefit), but it's all in who actually casts a vote. Of the four choices tied for ninth with a single vote, I'm most surprised that the Dayglo and Ripcordz returns didn't get more attention, but I like that someone voted for the Woods of Ypres tribute album! I'm not surprised with the placement of the three choices tied for 6th with 2 votes (though I can't speak for the people who voted for "Other"), while the three way tie for third between Airbourne, Bam Margera, and Late & Loud's breakup is encouraging all around, as those were all big items from last year! Second place with 4 votes was Woods of Ypres' posthumous Juno award win and nomination, which would probably be the most significant story of the year (especially on a national scale), but the winning choice, with 13 votes and 36% of the total, was the unexpected and fast growth of Blood Shed Productions in the area!

Now, I do know that there was some online campaigning for people to vote for Blood Shed in the poll (something I had discouraged for any choice last month), but Tyler and Austin have put in a lot of effort and work to get this independent label/studio off the ground and more prominent in the past year, so while the votes may have been sparked by some Facebook advertising, their growth has been a surprise in the past year, and they're still on the up & up! Thanks to everyone for voting!

As for this month's poll, we'll now begin winding down our "Favourite _____ of 2013" polls with this question: "What was your favourite local metal/hard rock concert in the second half of 2013?" Simple enough question, as there were a lot of big shows that went down late last year that should be weighed in on, and I'm curious to see what wins this poll! Now, for this month, we're only counting shows that took place between July 1st and December 31st of last year, so there's no concerts from June 30th or earlier (we already covered them) or from 2014 (those will be in a few months.) Like before, this only touches on Sault Ontario shows with at least a 50% ratio of metal & hard rock bands, so events like Rotaryfest, Hempfest, Ride For Sight, X-Mess, and the Black Cat Attack show did not make the cut, but you can vote for them if you want by choosing "Other".

And like last month, I strongly discourage online campaigns by bands or promoters to ensure that X show "wins" the poll, as the point of these is to gauge full neutral preferences of the shows, not to have a popularity contest. With that said, here are your choices (plus "Other") for your favourite metal/hard rock show of 2014!

Bands: The Golers, Haggith, and The Northern Tragedy
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: July 4th, 2013
Just two weeks after headlining at The Rosie, Vancouver crossover/thrash quartet The Golers returned for another well received and intense night of metal on the Fourth of July, with recent Rockstar Bar Battle competitors Haggith & The Northern Tragedy picking up where AlgomA and Destroilet left off as openers! Like the June show, The Golers' local encore was a hit, but was it your favourite late-2013 event?

Bands: West of Hell, Bring The Fallen, The Bear Hunters, Shit Liver, James Watterworth, Giwakwa, and Crimson Crusade
Venue: The Oddfellows Hall
Date: July 26th
, 2013
Info: In honour of Bear Hunters guitarist Josh Stephney's impending move out of the Soo, he held Oddzfest 2013 Metal Mash-Up at The Oddfellows Hall on July 26th, which featured a one-off reunion of his death metal band Bring The Fallen, his last show with sludge metal quartet Giwakwa, and an explosive headlining set from Vancouver metal standouts West of Hell! Rain and a fire alarm threw wrenches into the fun, but was this huge show worth the trip?

Bands: Frightlight, The Bear Hunters, Redundant, and Chronic Demonic
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: August
1st, 2013
Info: To raise funds for Frightlight bassist Mike "Eddie Fright" Gingras' then-upcoming short film "The Kid Who Made The Face", a benefit show was held on August 1st featuring an assortment of established local talent, plus a one song preview appearance by new local punk/metal band Chronic Demonic! The movie came out to positive reactions this year, but was the benefit your favourite from the last half of last year?

Bands: Warsenal, RedD Monkey, The Bear Hunters, Haggith, The Northern Tragedy, Sykotyk Rampage, James Watterworth, Crimson Crusade, and Guy Smith
The Oddfellows Hall
Date: August 10th, 2013
Info: The third annual Sewer Swampstravaganza went down last August, and despite inconsistent attendance and the late dropoff of Goatface Killa, fans were treated to a nice diverse lineup of local talent (covering everything from folk to death metal), with Montreal thrash trio Warsenal brutalizing in an explosive headlining set! A fourth installment kicks off in May, but was last year's Swampstravaganza tops to you?

Bands: The Bunchofuckingoofs, The Last of the V8 Interceptors, Destroilet, and Shit Liver
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: August 12th
, 2013
Info: Hardcore punk fans at The Rosie were treated to another huge night of music on August 12th, when notorious Toronto favourites The Bunchofuckingoofs headlined this show alongside Victoria, B.C. trio The Last of the V8 Interceptors' first local stop of the year, and fans ate it up! Notably also featuring Shit Liver's last public date before moving to Toronto, was this your favourite show of this 6 month stretch?

Bands: Airbourne, Bleeker Ridge, Garden of Bedlam, and The Suicide Kings
Venue: The Canadian Nightclub
Date: August 19th
, 2013
Info: In one of the highest anticipated concerts of last summer, Australian hard rock standouts Airbourne made their Sault Ste. Marie debut in August to run wild all over The Canadian, with Orillia's own Bleeker Ridge finally getting a regional make-up date as well! Also featuring local hard rock standouts Garden of Bedlam and The Suicide Kings, this was a big success, but would you agree the most?

Bands: The Dayglo Abortions, The Last of the V8 Interceptors, Destroilet, Cross Dog, and Jack Spades
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: September 9th
, 2013
Info: Despite a major rainstorm that flooded The Canadian, the show went on at The Rosie as Victoria, B.C.'s Dayglo Abortions made their long awaited return to Sault Ste. Marie for an intense night of hardcore punk brutality! A skilled lineup including local musician Mark Rand's new Peterborough trio Cross Dog opened the proceedings, and attendees who braved the weather had a ball, but were you among them?

Bands: The Creepshow, The Hellbound Hepcats, Frightlight, and Sykotyk Rampage
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: September 16th
, 2013
Info: Though only the local acts harboured any metal leanings, the headlining out of town bands got a lot of positive attention in their local return from psychobilly fans, with Toronto's The Creepshow making a well recieved return to the Sault on this September night, and The Hellbound Hepcats delivering too! Though Frightlight & Sykotyk Rampage delivered the metal, was the whole show your #1 favourite?

Bands: The Hydra's Teeth, Haggith, and The Danger Cats
Venue: The Algonquin Pub
Date: September 20th
, 2013
A fun set by Haggith at their peak was sandwiched by two local hard rock debuts, with Late & Loud successors The Hydra's Teeth headlining in their first (and to date, only) live concert set, and with all-female hard rockers The Danger Cats wowing in their live debut to open the evening! This show was significant for the debuts, and it was a hit for the music, but was it your favourite of 2013's second half?

Bands: Boxcar Junction, The Thrill Junkies, Lucky 13, Griphook, Valerie Powley & friends, Tym Morrison, and Mike Case's Junior All-Stars
Venue: The Verdi Hall
Date: October 11th
, 2013
Info: Occurring just a month before he lost his battle with cancer, friends and family of late local drummer Ray Brown put on this benefit show to raise money for Ray's final expenses, and a stacked lineup of local talent (mostly local cover acts) came together to show their support! Ray was able to attend, and attendees spoke of the event's success and emotion, but were you there to agree with those assessments?

Bands: Crash Karma & One Bad Son
Venue: The Rockstar Bar
Date: October 18th
, 2013
Info: Canadian rock supergroup Crash Karma made their second local stop last October for a well attended show at The Rockstar Bar, and like at their local debut, they brought a rising hard rock band (Vancouver hard rock quartet One Bad Son) along for the ride! SooToday was on hand, and the show was a hit with attendees, but was it your favourite of late 2013?

Bands: The Ripcordz, Jack Spades, and Destroilet
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
Date: October 26th
, 2013
Info: Local promoter/Jack Spades frontman J.D. Pearce's long-running Halloween party moved from The Algonquin Pub to The Rosie last fall, and hosted an out of town band once again too, as Montreal hardcore punk legends The Ripcordz made their second local appearance of the year as the headliners! Though Frightlight couldn't play, Jack Spades & Destroilet kept the intensity rolling, but did you enjoy it the most?

Bands: The Bear Hunters, Crimson Crusade, Crucify The Whore, Rotopsy, Chase Wigmore, Project Legion, James Watterworth, and Brutaly Fatal
Venue: The Oddfellows Hall
Date: October 30th
, 2013
Info: Upstart independent label Blood Shed Productions and future Heavy North Entertainment owner Tyler St. Amour made their first public concert splash (outside of house parties) on Devil's Night last year with this all-local feast of death and grind metal, including many fans' first glimpses of Blood Shed acts! Notably featuring Crimson Crusade & Project Legion's last sets to date, was this show your favourite?

Bands: Diemonds, T-Rex Manning, and Punch
Venue: The
Algonquin Pub
Date: November 21st
, 2013
Info: Local metal/hard rock fans were entertained by the long awaited local return of Toronto rockers Diemonds last November at this Algonquin Hotel concert, and their sleazy and reckless sound got many fans going! Also notably featuring T-Rex Manning's return from a few months off, and the first non-battle appearance by new supergroup Punch, was this the top late-2013 concert to you in the area?

Bands: Havadder, The Suicide Kings, and Late Shift
Venue: The
Canadian Nightclub
Date: November 23rd
, 2013
Info: Though public band confirmation for this event was late, a very nice crowd came out to The Canadian on November 23rd to help raise funds for Suicide Kings frontman Mike Gaetano's girlfriend Amy Ellis' own cancer battle! Also featuring debuting hard rock quartet Late Shift and the new lineup of cover rockers Havadder, there was lots of good will and entertainment that night, but were you there to agree?

Bands: The Bear Hunters, Biipiigwan, and Bad Back
Venue: The Moose Lodge
Date: November 24th
, 2013
Info: A rare metal event at The Moose Lodge (excluding stag & does) took place on November 24th with Ottawa doom metal favourites Biipiigwan brutalizing at this all ages show, with The Bear Hunters and grungecore duo Bad Back bookending the festivities with their own well received sounds! Definitely a well received show, but was it your favourite of late 2013?

Bands: That's Chester, Boxcar Junction, Glitch, The Thrill Junkies, 2 Buck Beers, Lucky 13, Stiffler's Mom, Obsession, Redline, and Mike Case's Junior All-Stars
Venue: The
Canadian Nightclub
Date: December 1st
, 2013
Info: The second annual Toystock saw 10 local bands (mostly of the cover variety) gather at The Canadian to raise funds and donations for Christmas Cheer, another great cause that attracted a solid crowd and reception, similarly to the Ray Brown benefit that shared many of the same performers! Toystock has quickly became a big part of the local concert calendar, but was last year's your favourite of any show?

Bands: Haggith, Sykotyk Rampage, The Danger Cats, Project 421, and The Strange Coyotes
Venue: The
Algonquin Pub
Date: December 7th
, 2013
Info: Local grunge quartet and Rockstar Bar Battle runners-up Haggith surprisingly announced their breakup after this show last December, but they went out with a bang, playing some of their best songs for the occasion! Also featuring the debuts of members Daniel Horton & Mike Haggith's new bands to open the show, this was a bittersweet event, but was it your #1 last year?

Bands: Fuckface Unstoppable, Wilson, Destroilet, Jack Spades, and The Bear Hunters
Venue: The
Canadian Nightclub
Date: December 14th
, 2013
Info: Some fans didn't know what to expect when it came out that Bam Margera's band was rocking The Canadian last December, but it was a party & a half from his band Fuckface Unstoppable and openers Wilson, with skilled local support from Destroilet & Jack Spades as well! Notably featuring Viva La Battle winners The Bear Hunters (with the returning Josh Stephney in tow), was this your favourite show last year?

Bands: Garden of Bedlam & Destroilet
Venue: The
Algonquin Pub
Date: Decembet 27th
, 2013
Info: 2013 ended with a bang from local metal standouts Garden of Bedlam, who delivered a great show in a long awaited headlining set at The Algonquin Pub over the Christmas holiday, with Destroilet's hardcore punk assault setting the tone well to open the night! We haven't seen either band since, but was this show the perfect way to end a stacked year for the Sault?

Other: Are we missing a show you'd rather vote for as your favourite from July-December? For reference, metal & hard rock bands like Aggressive Acoustic, AlgomA, Catgut, Caveman Morrison, Crued, Crush, Last Bullet, Mama Kin, Mike Haggith & The Din, Riding Shotgun, Sailor's Tongue, Social Suicide, Telephone & Address, and The Throwbacks also played live in this 6 month period, along with other shows featuring bands in the above choices. Perhaps you also preferred a show from Sault Michigan over any on this side of the border? If for any reason your top show of late 2013 isn't here, vote for "Other"!

VOTE TODAY!!! You have until April 18th to cast your votes, and then, the top vote getters will join those from our poll on the first half of 2013's shows, so we can see what you guys picked as the winner once and for all next month! Cast your votes A.S.A.P., and stay tuned for more news and weekend concert previews this week! Thanks everyone!

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