Tuesday, March 11, 2014

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Anciients & The Elements), A New Local Band, And Shit Liver Updates!!

We're back with some big news on this Tuesday afternoon, so what's featured today? New updates and media from a relocated local metal band's most recent show, LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for next weekend and this summer with some big lineups, and first, a new local band playing one of them, so here's what you need to know!

New local alternative/funk rock quartet The Elements have finally launched a Facebook page, so we can finally add them to our local metal band links! Self described as "always a good party", you may remember that they debuted at the inaugural Heavy Thursday at The Roosevelt Hotel last month, and we'll touch on their next show in a second. Like last month, their lineup includes ex-Side FX singer Rob Speers, Jack Spades/Winkstinger guitarist Jesse Cook, Redundant/Caveman Morrison bassist James White, and ex-Changing Waves drummer Alex Hagerman, with The Elements' current logo and nicknames on Facebook themed after "Breaking Bad". Their sound description cites covers from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Pearl Jam, and Weezer, among others, which doesn't really hit how heavy they often were at their debut, and hard rock lovers shouldn't have anything to worry about from their live show! The guys are now in our active Sault Ontario band links, but when can you see them live next?

At The Grand Theatre on Saturday, March 22nd, when they host a medical marijuana benefit event named Medi-Fest 2014 that night! The show is in support of the expiring Medical Marijuana Access Regulations program and to fight repeals of them to help save people's rights to use marijuana for medical usage. The Facebook event page has all the information about that angle of this event, so head there to read up on all that! The Elements will be joined at this show (just their second ever) by bassist James White's punk band Redundant (who played The Grand as Motion Carried early in their run) and newer local classic metal quintet Project 421 in their Grand debut, while a new local band named Obviously D'uh is also credited on the lineup. No information on them yet, but I'll let you guys know as soon as we hear anything! The lineup will be rounded out by Skeyes of Seven frontman Cory Murchison in a rare solo set (and his first live concert appearance in almost a year), so there's a nice diverse lineup of local talent!

Admission will be via a donation of at least $10, though as of right now, the only advance tickets are via e-mail at theelementssoo@gmail.com, so keep that in mind if you want your tickets before next weekend! An 8:00 PM start time is announced, and it's not clear whether this will be 19+ or not. For more details, check the above links! Though I don't smoke marijuana at all, I know it has a lot of medical benefits, and I hope this show gains a lot of funds and support for the MMAR as intended (and even beyond that, this is a really solid lineup of bands!) Stay tuned for more, including on who Obviously D'uh are!

Next up, we have a massive lineup of out of town metal bands hitting The Canadian Nightclub on Tuesday, June 24th, including a long awaited local set from Vancouver progressive metal quartet Anciients! As you may remember, they dropped out of last June's Skeletonwitch show (and it's connected tour) to join Lamb of God on the road, but over a year later, we have a makeup date for their technical and often melodic brutality! They're just one of five out of town bands that night from two combined summer tour runs, and they'll be joined on June 24th by Colorado thrash quartet Havok, North Carolina melodic death metal quintet Wretched (yes, the same guys who nearly stole the show from 3 Inches of Blood at The Rosie in 2012), San Francisco doom metal duo Black Cobra, and Vancouver stoner metal quartet Black Wizard, for what should be an explosive night of metal! No word yet on potential local openers, but this is quite a package of bands, so you guys won't want to miss this show!

Promoted by J.D. Pearce, details on admission costs and ticket availability aren't public yet, but this show has a listed 8:00 PM start time, and I assume it will be 19+. For more current details, visit the official Facebook event page! What an awesome and stacked lineup of touring metal talent, and every band brings something special to this show, from Havok's full speed thrash assault to Black Wizard's retro-influenced psychedelia, and Wretched's return alone should get a lot of fans excited! Stay tuned for updates as we hear them!

Finally for today, local/Toronto grimecore trio Shit Liver have some new updates, so what should you know from their recent surge of Southern Ontario activity? The guys will make their first appearance in St. Catharines at a hardcore show on March 20th (full details here), while a video from their breast cancer fundraiser show in Niagara Falls last Friday is now shared on their Facebook page! Filmed by attendee Hayley Smash, she also got a few dozen photos of their set which you can check out at this link. The video is Shit Liver's first public video since they moved, and it features the guys playing their longer original "Liverated" to their usual brutal standards, so fans of theirs should be right at home with this clip! My only complaint is that the host venue had low lighting, but things are solid otherwise! Check out Shit Liver's new video below, their new photos above, and don't miss their local return at the Fuck The Facts show in May!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and concert previews this week! Thanks everyone!

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