Tuesday, April 22, 2014

YouTube Channel Profile Series: SBD TV

It's now time for this month's YouTube Channel Profile, as we continue our monthly feature series on the YouTube channels most likely to pique the interest of local metal & hard rock fans! As usual, this series focuses on 1-3 randomly selected YouTube channels, in order to profile and promote their content and videos and encourage you to check them out and subscribe to them! This month's featured channel is our first of just one from Sault Ontario in 5 months, but grunge fans from the early 2010s will want to pay attention, so here's our newest profile!
SBD TV (http://www.youtube.com/sbdxtv)

Owner: Former SBD & No Arrow frontman Dann Pichette

Channel Timeline: Launched on March 9th, 2010; Videos posted from that day through August 3rd of that year

Channel Summary: The official YouTube channel for defunct local experimental hard rock/grunge trio SBD, the No Arrow successors only actively updated it during their peak activity in mid-2010, posting no less than 57 videos there in just under 5 months (though it should be noted that 34 of them are under a minute in length.) The channel's first 25 videos are from jam sessions in the spring of 2010 (including their heavily fragmented 16 part "Rock Paper Scissors" series), and they were followed by 30 videos from their May 7th show at Foggy Notions (now Coch's Corner), featuring a mixture of full songs, trippy post-effects, and brief clips. The band's last two uploads that August were studio covers of Syd Barrett material.

Why Should You Watch: Fans should check out SBD's channel for the best surviving source of their live material, even if the high amount of short clips is a bit much to manage for the casual fan. SBD had a nice blend of alternative hard rock and 1960s psychedelia that might have been a couple years early for the maximum local impact, so don't sleep on the video postings here! Note however that original studio tracks from their album "Sonic Experiments" are not featured on this channel, but assorted studio recordings from it and other projects can be streamed at their Soundclick page. Also as a subscriber warning, note that this channel has not been actively used since SBD fell inactive in 2011.

Our Recommended Videos To Check Out:

SBD - Lemme Get A Full Beer Over Here: One of the few substantial original clips from SBD's spring 2010 jam session uploads, this video from May 4th features frontman Dann Pichette, bassist Brad Griffith (Sounds From The Green Room), and drummer Shane Triplett (The Chintzy Slicks) playing their lengthy original song "Lemme Get A Full Beer Over Here", which solidly captures their marriage of grunge and experimental rock! The guys have a fun instrumental jam here, with effective tight camera angles and a nice free-flowing essence, though the pace and energy does largely slow down in the latter half. Keep an eye out for Dann playing the guitar with a drumstick as well early in the video!

SBD - POW! Right In The Kisser (live): Some of the most unique recent local hard rock concert videos came from the Foggy's show that May that SBD filmed, which they largely filtered in post-production with mirroring and kaleidoscope effects (such as on their song "Fractal Liquid/Into The Unknown"), along with various short clips of random goings on at the event, including intermission footage, and even a busking acoustic performer outside of the venue! Though well known for lengthy instrumentals, vocals were also featured on covers of the likes of Pink Floyd and Link Wray, and on a few originals like their mosh pit kickstarter "It Just Won't Work" and the featured "POW! Right In The Kisser", which (despite low vocal audibility) has SBD's trademark classic sound with an alternative bent!

SBD - Jugband Blues (Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett Cover):  As Dann Pichette is a long time fan and admirer of early Pink Floyd and founding member Syd Barrett, SBD frequently covered Pink Floyd songs like "Scream Thy Last Scream" & "Matilda Mother" in live concerts. The last uploads on SBD's channel that August were studio covers of Syd Barrett compositions, including of his solo song "Terrapin" and the channel's most popular posting, Pink Floyd's "Jugband Blues". An effective cover featuring a photo of Syd overlaid with film grain and changing colours, the song makes nice use of echoing vocal effects and a clear respect for the original material, though Dann did admit that the vocals were loud in the mix. Fans of 1960s-era Pink Floyd should be interested to check out SBD's take on their material though!

I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profile! Next month in this series, and through completely random selection, we'll look at a single Sault Michigan channel for a second time in three months, as next month's profile will be on 415E/ex-Nixxon Dixxon guitarist Chris Hubbard's YouTube channel, which has a nice sampling of his Van Halen covers and gear, so look out for that on or around May 22nd, and for a new news post on the site shortly! Thanks everyone!

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