Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday The 13th New Music On Werehold Records (Part 6)

For the fifth time since April 2012, Eckerman, Michigan label/studio Werehold Records have posted lots of brand new music onto their YouTube channel to coincide with Friday the 13th, so in this special feature post today, we'll look at the first half of the new songs! In fact, there's nine today for the first time since the inaugural Friday the 13th spree two years ago, courtesy of 8 acts (mostly of the local metal variety), including our long awaited first glimpse at a mysterious project, but we're going to break up our coverage of the new Werehold tracks into two posts due to the amount, with the other coming this weekend. We'll touch on the songs in alphabetical order by artist name, so Life's Eclipse, Moss, Palaver, and Swampghas' new songs will definitely be in the second half! Now, to the first four songs, one of which being a new song by Isle Royale extreme metal quartet The 1,000,000,000s Who Died entitled "Pile of Tongues", and while the band is still somewhat of a mystery, there's promise in this short instrumental track, especially guitar-wise! That said, the drums sound very artificial, and they can be a bit too relentless, but give it a look at this link!

Moving to local bands, we finally have our first public look at Awaken Eidolen, a band that Werehold Records has teased in postings since last summer, but revealed nothing else on until today, so what do we know now? Well, the name alludes to waking the dead, but we still don't have an online page, confirmed lineup, or home base for them yet, but their new song "The Urge" is definitely a metal track! An instrumental rocker, it's got a steady crunch to it that's reminiscent of some other Werehold projects, but perhaps more melodic. I'm digging it, and hopefully we'll learn more on Awaken Eidolen soon, so give "The Urge" a listen below!

Next is the only project to get two songs on this newest Friday the 13th spree, that being local thrash solo project Drayton Fever! Led by Half A Man alum Doug Reed, his new songs (ironically both 4:58 in length) are called "The Browning" & (as embedded below) "Beatnik", so how did these turn out? "The Browning" has more of a groove metal/Pantera vibe to it, while "The Beatnik" has more of a diverse spread, ranging from a grungy into to full thrash at it's peak. Doug's vocals are effectively harsh, and these songs definitely fit with past Drayton Fever originals in intensity, so check out "Beatnik" below and more above!

Lastly for today's Friday the 13th Werehold coverage is "XYZ", the new song from Strongs metal project East Branch! Led by Swampghas' J.R. Johnson, you largely only hear from East Branch on Friday the 13th, and this is their most unique track yet, consisting entirely of what sounds like sputtering machinery or repetitive drum beats. I'm sure there's a message here that I'm not getting, but it's a far cry from their past songs, which lean to a dark metal base. Interesting if nothing else, so give "XYZ" a listen below!

Remember, we'll complete our look at Werehold Records' newest Friday the 13th posting event either tomorrow or Sunday with a look at Life's Eclipse, Moss, Palaver, and Swampghas' new songs, so be sure to come back to the SMS over the weekend for them and more news and notes from the area! Thanks everyone!

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