Monday, June 9, 2014

Great Sabatini Concert Updates And Much More Recent News!!

Keeping the recent spread of news going, we have a lot of assorted news and notes from recent days to touch on, and it's mostly Sault Ontario news for the first time since Friday! Along with a new preview video from a talented quartet, but first, we have some short notice changes and promotion for an all ages concert tomorrow night that we first previews yesterday, so read on below to get caught up!

We'll start today with some late stuff to address concerning TOMORROW'S Great Sabatini concert at The Moose Lodge, including the identity of the new opening band, as local all female hard rock quartet The Danger Cats will fill in for the departed Habitat Shuffle tomorrow night, as per the Facebook event page this morning! This will mark the girls' Moose Lodge debut, their first public concert since Dank Fest in April, and their first with a full lineup since March (though they did play a private outdoor event on Saturday, as per their Facebook page.) Solid addition, and a closer genre fit to the other bands than Habitat Shuffle likely would have been, so don't miss The Danger Cats opening tomorrow's show at 7:00 PM or later! Also new to plug this event is a new preview video from fellow openers AlgomA, as uploaded to frontman Boyd Rendell's film production company 62nd Chamber Productions' YouTube channel yesterday, so what should you know from this?

Promoting "show VII" (the first six being the Soul Killing Female, Golers, and Skynet shows, plus Dank Fest, The Big Loonie Bus Show, and the private Tacofest), the video features cryptic live concert audio, spoken recitations, and intentionally blurred concert photos from Dank Fest. It keeps the mystique about them and definitely leaves you wanting more, so give it a look below, and don't miss these local standouts with The Great Sabatini TOMORROW NIGHT for just $8! ALL AGES!

Next up, here's another new preview video from local punk/death metal quartet Chronic Demonic! Posted to the band's YouTube channel on Friday, this video (which has no colour filters like last time) surprisingly features the band covering Sepultura's "Chaos A.D.", and what little we hear of it in the 30 second segment sounds very promising! Of course, that could just be the surprise of seeing a local Sepultura cover, but these guys have the talent, so give it a look below!

Finally for today, here's six assorted shorter stories from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist or series name:

  • Add one more local band to the lineup for this year's Touch of Death Metal & Punk Fest in Cochrane, as local death metal standouts The Bear Hunters will also be taking the trip to play there on Saturday, June 28th! Awesome news, hopefully the guys make some new fans and connections along with AlgomA, Bad Back, Crucify The Whore, and Shit Liver! Note as well that London's own D3athcharg3r (featuring two Saultites) appear to have dropped out. Click here for full schedule details!
  • Prolific local bassist Nathan Bouliane (most recently of Like Father Like Son) has recently moved back to the Soo and is working with Shaw TV Sault Ste. Marie on a new weekly feature segment called "The Boardwalk Sessions", where he would interview bands who actively play live in the area, with the feature later airing on channel 10 on Shaw Cable. If you're interested or want more details, message Nathan at this link!
  • Though not publically confirmed elsewhere yet, local concert promoter J.D. Pearce's promotional Facebook group currently lists tentative dates for a return of both Montreal ska-punk band K-Man & The 45s and, most notably for metalheads, a show on August 8th to be headlined by Montreal thrash/extreme metal quintet Endast, who haven't been seen locally since September 2010. Awesome news if confirmed, so stay tuned for updates!
  • According to the official press release for the show (as seen on SooToday), the Jackyl/Winger concert at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino on August 21st will have ticket prices of $38.50 and $48.50, which is definitely lower than at Jackyl's Essar Center show in 2008, so take note if you're thinking about attending! Tickets go on sale on Saturday morning at the in-person box office, at this link, or at 1-800-KEWADIN!
  • Dafter, Michigan solo artist Ken "SweetKenny" Sutton has completed recording sessions for his upcoming solo album "This End Up!" and has already began writing for his 10th solo album "Amazonian", as per this link, even revealing the "Amazonian" cover art on his Facebook page last week! Great news, and it's nice to see Kenny staying busy! Stay tuned for more on both albums, and hear the newest songs from "This End Up!" (including his new song "Time To Let Go!")
  • Local grunge/lo-fi solo project Telephone & Address have posted three new songs onto their Soundcloud page in the past couple of months, those being songs named "Anthem To The Queen", "Perfect Circle", and "Army of Losers". It's unknown yet if these will make it to a new CD, but they keep with Chris Shoust's past musical themes, coming across as songs heavier than the style they're played in, if that makes sense. Check them out above!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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