Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Videos & More Sault Ontario Updates!!

For just the second time in our last ten posts, we have a post focused mostly on Sault Ontario news and updates (entirely in this case), so if our Canadian readers have felt neglected, this should help matters! Today, we have a new YouTube song posting and more assorted notes from recent days, but let's get things started with Haggith drummer and prolific local solo musician Mike Haggith, who posted a new concert video onto his YouTube channel yesterday, courtesy of his rare solo concert appearance at the fourth annual Sewer Swampstravaganza at The Oddfellows Hall on May 10th! Filmed by bandmate Daniel Horton, this is of Mike playing his creatively titled original "This Potato May Be Used As A Flotation Device" from his newest album "A Place Of Our Own", and it's well filmed from the center of the crowd, capturing one of Mike's more aggressive recent originals! Remember though, Mike used backing tracks that he played himself to fill in the non-vocal/guitar gaps. Check out Mike's new video below, and don't miss our likely review of "A Place Of Our Own" this month!

Next up, here's the latest from local experimental death metal duo This Is Your Band On Drugs! In their first Facebook page post since a teased "album" recording session on May 18th, singer/guitarist Chase Wigmore said that "I'm still being a carny. See ya guys in October", referencing his current job with a travelling fair. Hopefully that's going well for him, and we look forward to some new T.I.Y.B.O.D. activity in the fall! In the meantime however, the band's label Blood Shed Productions posted a YouTube copy of the band's original "Convictions" onto their YouTube channel on Saturday, as originally featured in this free download from last month. The production quality isn't fantastic, but the creative intensity still shines through, and while not for everyone, there's a clear audience for it! Check out "Convictions" below, and keep an eye out for more from This Is Your Band On Drugs this fall!

Finally for today, here's six assorted shorter news stories from the last while, and all are from Sault Ontario! As usual, these are in alphabetical order by band, venue, or series name:

  • On Friday, local death metal notables The Bear Hunters updated fans on their Facebook page as to the current status of their planned debut CD "Eternal Hibernation", saying that production values will be raw and not overly polished, but cited that this can very much be an aesthetic choice. YouTube sample uploads were also teased, so keep an eye out, and don't miss them in Cochrane next weekend!
  • A new local bar and concert venue named Dana's Bar & Grill just opened on Friday at 523 Queen Street East (beside Stone's Office Supply), and while a band range isn't known yet, Dana's can be seen as a spiritual successor to the closed Smack Daddy's, with both bars sharing many of the same staff. It does have a full restuarant and a retro theme, so check the above link and this SooToday article for more info, and we'll let you know if some hard rock shows get booked there!
  • Read into this however you want, but defunct local classic metal quartet Late & Loud posted a status saying "Rumours of war" onto their Facebook page last night. Are the guys teasing another reunion, or is this just a random post with another intent? Stay tuned just in case!
  • Due to fan demand, local cyber/goregrind solo project Malignant Neoplasm are now printing some limited CD copies of their newest demo "Music?", which can be seen in affiliated band pages, and are available on personal request on a "pay what you want" model. Message the band A.S.A.P. if you're interested, and stream "Music?" for free at this link!
  • Local hard rock quartet The Suicide Kings are briefly featured in Local2's video coverage of last week's 21st annual Musicfest (a.k.a. Bratwurst, Beer, and Beethoven), where they're seen for short stretches at 1:22 and 1:59 of the video, which otherwise features an interview with MC Tim Murphy and showcases other performers & vendors. Not a huge look at the guys's set, but it's well filmed, so give it a look above!
  • Also in the realm of Local2 videos (which their video host doesn't allow external embedding of on here), the newest episode of their music profile video series Tuned with Donna Hopper went up on Friday, and while it mostly features the recent Moka Only rap concert in the Soo, Donna does profile Monday's Pixo Control concert and next weekend's Public Animal\ show at The Rockstar Bar in the concert calendar segment. Give it a look (especially for hip hop fans) at this link!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for last month's poll results and this month's new poll tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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