Monday, July 14, 2014

Archaics/Danger Cats Concert Preview, Plus More Recent Updates!!

With a new week upon us, we'll touch on news and updates today, so what's on tap? More new jam session videos from one local band, the likely inactive status of another, and some assorted recent notes, but first, here's a preview for a special Tuesday night concert!

Another intriguing new concert from Oh! Right Arm! Promotions goes down TOMORROW at The New American Pub, and it will be headlined by Edmonton garage rock quintet The Archaics! An interesting band that has an old school laid back sound with enough alternative themes to compliment their swinging originals, you should definitely give them a listen and see if they're your cup of tea! Hard rock fans will want to check out the local openers though, and they include local all-female hard rockers The Danger Cats in their first ever New A appearance and last show before their Rotaryfest set on Saturday, and co-promoter Jamie Vincent's hardcore grunge duo Bad Back in their first show since their Cochrane road trip, with both adding their own hard hitting and diverse angles to this Tuesday nighter, so don't miss out! The first SMS-fitting show at The New A of 2014 that we've heard, this 19+ concert has a $5 cover charge and 9:00 PM start time tomorrow, so for more details, visit the Facebook event page! Very wide ranging show to be sure, but there's tastes to cover many preferences, so keep it in mind for tomorrow, and here's The Danger Cats at Docks!

Next up, I've reluctantly decided to move local death metal quartet Crimson Crusade to our inactive band links. While not at our one year inactivity threshold yet, the band has been on a declared hiatus since shortly after their Devil's Night show at The Oddfellows Hall last October without a hint of a return, members Robert Sartini and Devon Lucier are largely focused on Pillory now, and Robert himself called Crimson Crusade inactive on his Gorrifier solo project's Reverbnation page, so things don't look good for the near future. Active since early 2010, the band's early lineups made scattered appearances at Soo and Central Algoma venues before firmly engaging in major local shows in late 2012. You may remember them from opening for bands like Skeletonwitch & Warsenal last summer, along with releasing their EP "Upon The Eve Of War", and their Death-inspired sound was a shot of energy into the local scene! I always enjoyed their later sound, and hopefully this isn't the absolute end of them, but best of luck to Devon, both Roberts, Riley, and other ex-members in the future!

We'll close today with some new videos, including more full jam session videos from the aforementioned Bad Back! Uploaded to drummer Nathan Sauve's new YouTube channel over the last few days each video runs over 58 minutes (with the one embedded below crossing an hour!), so fans of their blistering hardcore and grunge sound should be right at home! The 58 minute jam video isn't labelled to reflect what's played (and the camera died at one point, hence an obvious cut), but the longer "anti-corporation protest jam" below features numerous originals like "Party Bus" and "Shirt Tucker" alongside cover segments from the likes of NOFX and Tom Petty. Similar camera angle and quality as before, and a great material source for Bad Back fans, so watch the full jams above and below!

Finally for today, here's three assorted shorter news items from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist name:

  • Local/London solo metal project The Hiroshima Mutant Mindframe have been staying busy despite founder Matt Parr's burgeoning band work in Southern Ontario, with 7 new song postings on his Soundcloud page in the past few months! Including some song ideas, an Alexisonfire cover, and a collaborative track, among others, his high production values and progressive talents are clearly visible in his recent work, so check out the new H.M.M. songs above!
  • Pixo Control frontman Michael Mikus got some cool exposure last August when he was interviewed and featured in a Sault Star article by Brian Kelly! Focused around his then-work with The Fever Tops and their appearance at that month's Art In The Parking Lot event, the article also addresses his musical history and AC/DC's influence on him. Nice interview, kudos to Brian for giving Michael the spotlight! (Note that you'll have to watch a short ad video to read this article online.)
  • Defunct local blackened doom metal standouts Woods of Ypres' debut EP "Against The Seasons: Cold Winter Songs From The Dead Summer Heat" is finally getting the Earache Records reissue treatment, completing their run of pressing the band's main back catalog (no word on if they'll ever do anything with their unreleased material or vinyl singles.) CD and vinyl copies with appropriate package deals & colours can now be pre-ordered at this link, with "Woods I" being re-released on July 28th, so check above to get your copies and see what packages are available!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and punk band additions this week! Thanks everyone!

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