Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fall Punk Concert Updates, A Hard Rock Album Re-Release, And Recent Concert Fallout!!

We're back home, so let's get back to work on the SMS, so what's in store for today's news post? Lots of fallout from a recent concert, an archive EP re-release that you might want to check out, and first, lots of updates regarding a prolific local concert promoter's upcoming concert slate, so here's what you need to know!

We'll start today with new updates from local concert promoter J.D. Pearce's upcoming fall concert schedule, including the disappointing news that The Misfits' concert scheduled for The Kiwanis Community Theatre on September 13th has been postponed. J.D. cited scheduling conflicts (none of which were the fault of anyone local) for the postponement as per Facebook postings, with the event page also being taken down, and the show will try to be rescheduled for next year. Definitely a bummer, but J.D. has some other big shows coming up this fall, so what's on the horizon? For one, his promotional Facebook group teased a Misfits afterparty at The Rockstar Bar to be headlined by ska punk favourites K'Man & The 45s, but we're waiting for more finite information on the show before calling it on here, especially given the cessation of the Misfits show that would have preceded it. Shows to be headlined by The Dayglo Abortions, Montreal street punk band The Whiskey Shits, and Montreal metal standouts Endast are awaiting fuller confirmation too, and his annual Halloween party (which Frightlight will play a farewell set during) is awaiting full details as well, aside from taking place on Halloween proper.

As for the pictured concert poster, that relates to the previously announced Ripcordz concert at The Algonquin Pub on October 11th, but there's lots of new updates for it, mainly that the show will double as the 20th anniversary party for local record/skate shop The Rad Zone! Hard to believe it's been almost 20 years already, but kudos to Paul and all of the past and current staff for making this store a must visit for so long! There will also be product giveaways by skate company Vans, who are sponsoring the show. Very cool, so click here for full details on this show, and stay tuned for much more!

Next up, we have a "new" local album discovery to take note of on the site, though it's not technically "new". Last month, a member of the early-mid 2000s hard rock band Renderware posted their "Rock EP" from 2004 onto Bandcamp as a digital album on a "name your price" model, very similarly to the archive digital release of Downshift's "Before You Knew Me..." disc. Newer fans may remember seeing three of the songs on Renderware's MySpace page, but the EP also featured three songs not posted there (an intro, "The Halls", and "Blue Collar Love Song"), so if you didn't get the EP upon it's initial release 10 years ago, these might be new to you in studio form! Renderware's featured lineup on the EP included singer Jordan Foisy, guitarists Marc LaFrance (ex-Talk Shit) and Thomas Whitney, current Northwest frontman Wayne Watkins on bass, and Nebraska Arms alum Adam Sauve on drums. I honestly had no idea that Renderware actually released an EP during their original run (which ended circa 2007), but it's awesome to see one of the guys post the album online after so long!

As it's available on a "name your price" model, it's eligible for a review on the site, but when could we see it? Given that it's a re-release and not a brand new album, it won't be imminent, but if we come across a month with no new CDs in the queue, and a Northwest show to tie it in with, it could very well come then! Renderware's unique "Motorhead meets Tom Waits" sound deserves an audience, so check them out above, and consider buying the "Rock EP" to support their work!

Lastly today, here's some fallout from the Late & Loud farewell concert on Friday at The Rockstar Bar! We already knew that James White made his Haggith debut that night, but what else went down? Well, a correspondent from local music promotion & management company For The Music Inside was on hand to photograph the event, which is (I think) the first SMS-ranged show that F.T.M.I. have ever covered. While they've hyped that more photos are on the way, only shots of The Danger Cats' opening set are featured in their Facebook photo album from the show right now, but they're nicely taken (though the logo watermark can be a bit big.) The pictures showcase the girls' hard rocking set, including guest appearances from both ex-Sativa Rose singer Marisa Valois and Late & Loud frontman Jonathan Tiberi, though we await photos of the other bands, aside from a separately uploaded L&L shot from their setup. Also, if you noticed what appears to be "The Last Gig" added to Late & Loud's stage banner in this shot, then note that it was added in post, and wasn't present during the show.

In terms of public videos, we also only have some from The Danger Cats' set,  and if you're curious as to how they sound, these videos feature both of their special guests! As uploaded to their YouTube channel over the last few days, one video features The Danger Cats & Jon playing their original song "Give Me" and a cover of The Scorpions' "The Zoo", while (embedded below), you can see the girls and Marisa covering Bif Naked's "I Love Myself Today" and Lee Aaron's "Metal Queen", and click each song title to go straight to the original song! For the songs with Jon, it is a little odd to see a male musician playing with The Danger Cats, but he fits in well on these songs, and the presence of three guitars isn't overkill either! As for the video with Marisa, you could see this as a glimpse of what Sativa Rose could have been had they continued into 2012, though if you're not familiar with her recent solo work, she delivers a very strong vocal performance here, and her voice projects very nicely! For reference, she's moving overseas with Brendan Christie from Late & Loud too, but it's nice to see her play once more locally beforehand!

Very solid all around, and hopefully Marisa and Brendan stay active musically wherever their travels lead! We'll miss their talents over the next year! Check out the videos above, stay tuned for more show fallout when/if it comes in, For The Music Inside are now in our "Other Local Metal Links", and here's The Danger Cats and Marisa from this past Friday night!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews tomorrow & Friday, plus a new defunct punk band feature soon as well! Thanks everyone!

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