Sunday, August 10, 2014

Upcoming Concert Previews, And Much More!!

With two early-week public concerts coming up in Sault Ontario, we have special concert previews for the next few days coming up, and stay tuned after that for some recent news and notes! Without any further adieu, read on below for what you need to know, and check out this month's Defunct Local Band Profile on Elipzis in the post below this one! (Updated at 9:24 PM)

To mark the one year anniversary of Blood Shed Productions' first foray into live concerts, the label and Tyler St. Amour are bringing a second annual "Grinded Live In Your Ears" house party concert to 110 Penatgon Boulevard TOMORROW NIGHT! Also hyped as an afterparty for this past weekend's Das Bunkerfest, this event is a rare house party event from the label to have a public address and invitations, so keep it in mind for tomorrow! However, the lineup has almost completely changed after 3 of the 4 announced acts dropped out late last week for unannounced reasons (the show was even briefly cancelled), so as a result, goregrind bands Crucify The Whore & Rotopsy, and rapper Phat Boii are all not playing, with only an apparent reunion of local death metal solo project Brutaly Fatal remaining on the bill, though it's unclear whether this is a one-off gig or if Austin's bringing them back. The new lineup features talented local solo bassist James Watterworth, the aforementioned Brutaly Fatal, rapper Miracle Man, and some sort of act named Sharp Flavoured Knives that I've never heard of (we'll let you know if we hear anything!)

A bonfire is also planned for this event, which goes down tomorrow at 5:00 PM, and more acts may be added as well. There's no age limit or announced cover charge, and click here for more details! Though the lineup has taken a hit, fans of Blood Shed Productions should keep this event in mind tomorrow, and there's some solid varied performers to take in! For a preview, here's James live at The Oddfellows Hall last year!

Lastly for these early-week concert previews is another show from Tyler St. Amour and Heavy North Entertainment, as their only major concert of the summer goes down on Tuesday night at The Oddfellows Hall! Originally scheduled to be held on August 3rd before being postponed due to new tour commitments, this show will be headlined by Vancouver technical death metal quintet Archspire at 11:00 PM, whose brutal progressive sound and rapid fire vocals will be sure to attract some intense moshpit action on Tuesday, so don't miss their set! The announced openers on the poster include Thunder Bay grindcore trio Grindcorchestra and local openers AlgomA, The Bear Hunters, and Crucify The Whore, but promoters have since confirmed that both Grindcorchestra & AlgomA have dropped out of the show for unannounced reasons. As a result, The Bear Hunters have been promoted to the 10:00 PM co-headlining slot for their own death metal attack, while C.T.W. are now at 9:00 PM, and will split their set with frontman Tyler Gibson's similar two man band Rotopsy (again, for unannounced reasons), but they should deliver the bruality!

The new acts are both also from tonight's Grinded Live In Your Ears event, as the Brutaly Fatal reunion will extend for at least one more day at 8:00 PM tomorrow, while James Watterworth will play his first non-house party solo show in many months to open the show at 7:00 PM, and it will be nice to see them back at it! Admission for this ALL AGES show is $10, and for more details, visit the above links! Note as well that Tyler St. Amour has teased that this might be the last Heavy North Entertainment show, so whether that was hypothetical or not, let's get a packed house to ensure that there's demand for more, or at least a big sendoff! Archspire and company will deliver your metal fix, so I hope to see you guys there on Tuesday! For a preview, here's Archspire live in 2010!

Finally for today, here's six assorted shorter news items from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist or movie name:

  • Banned singer/guitarist Alex Traynor will be making a radio appearance this coming Saturday, though not on the station you may be expecting. Alex will actually be on The Gentleman George Show on Radio Soo (WSOO, 1230 AM) at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning, where he'll be interviewed and will play some original songs on air as well! This is a bit of a surprise, but George Snider has had local artists on his show before, and it's solid exposure! Listen in at 1230 AM on Saturday morning, click here for more info, and check out a live stream then at this link!
  • Are defunct Central Algoma death metallers For All That Is Lost planning a reunion? Their Facebook page was updated yesterday to state that a "reincarnation" is in process, and they'll be back "one day." Though officially broken up since April 2013, F.A.T.I.L. members have posted reminiscences & new solo guitar tracks since, though any reunion would likely come with a different lineup, due to drummer Kameron Nicholson's move from the area. This would be awesome to see, so stay tuned just in case!
  • Photos from local grunge/alternative quartet Haggith's set at the Late & Loud farewell concert at The Rockstar Bar have finally been added to For The Music Inside's Facebook photo album from the event, so if you missed the show, you can finally get your first look at the band with new bassist James White! Solid shots, so give them a look above, and keep an eye out for F.T.M.I.'s pictures of Late & Loud's set at the concert!
  • Add one more artist to the lineup of this weekend's well advertised (but invite only) Das Bunkerfest event in Garden River, as local pianist/busker Damjan "Spider Fingerz" Binda played the event yesterday! Our source is his Facebook page. It's not known if he replaced someone or was added late (or perhaps was involved with the still unknown Beau Regards), but hopefully his set went well either way!
  • Remember when the cast of The Trailer Park Boys (and ex-Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach) were filming their new movie "Swearnet" in Sault Ontario in late 2012? Well, the full movie will finally come out on August 29th! The official website features lots of preview photos of the film (including one of Sebastian at centre ice of The Essar Centre, and another with a local concert poster in the background), and more familiar sights can be seen in the official trailer. This should be funny, and hopefully we can head down to Galaxy Cinema to see it at month's end!
  • Apparently, local punk/grunge acoustic solo project Telephone & Address have recorded a new album and have already sent it off to be pressed in Toronto! Though surprising, this is likely the same album that Chris was teasing on their Facebook page in April, though there's been no public posts about it otherwise, aside from recent Soundcloud song uploads. Stay tuned for possible updates!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes this week! Thanks everyone!

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