Monday, August 4, 2014

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Grinded Live In Your Ears & Division Of Sanity), Haggith's New Bassist, And More!!

Though I'm out of town until tomorrow, there's still news and notes to cover at the SMS! Today, we have new drum cover videos, the reveal of Haggith's big surprise, and first, LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for TOMORROW and next week, so here's what you need to know!

Sault Michigan hard rock trio Division of Sanity will apparently be among the live entertainment at TOMORROW'S 42nd annual Sault Summer Arts Festival! Apologies for the short notice, we only just heard about their involvement this weekend. Presented by the Sault Area Arts Council, this annual family event features sales and exhibitions of the work of regional artists and craftmakers, along with free children's activities, food vendors, and other live entertainment, so for full details on non-musical events tomorrow, click here! Note however that festival-specific sites haven't plugged the band roster, so I'm unsure of the other musical performers, but Caine & Myke played this event last year too. They'll fit well with their unique rock originals, keep this event in mind for some Tuesday music action! Being held on the grounds of City Hall at 225 East Portage Avenue, this is a FREE AND ALL AGES event, with bands playing between 12:00 & 8:00 PM (though I'm unsure when D.O.S. are playing.)

For more details, visit the above links! This should be a solid showcase for Division of Sanity, so consider a trip down to city hall for the arts and for the music tomorrow! For a preview, here's Division of Sanity at LemmaFest!

Next up, a newly announced concert goes down in exactly one week, as Blood Shed Productions are hosting a second annual "Grinded Live In Your Ears" concert at 110 Pentagon Boulevard, and unlike most of their house party events, this one is publically advertised and attendable! As you may remember, the label (in association with local promoter Tyler St. Amour) hosted a show of this name last August, in what would mark the formal live concert debut of many of Blood Shed's then-roster of artists, and we're seeing similar things this year, though only flagship grind project Crucify The Whore are returning from last year. The likely headliners are Blood Shed owner Tyler Gibson's goregrind duo Rotopsy at 10:00 PM, with C.T.W. preceding them at 9:00 PM, and label-signed rapper Phat Boii opening at 6:00 PM, but in a surprise, an apparent Brutaly Fatal set is listed at 8:00 PM. Now, you may remember that there were two Brutaly Fatals led by Austin McCrae (the original solo death metal version that became Re-Born, and the later doom metal band that became The Revolution), so what does this mean?

While it's great to see what looks like a return to good terms with Blood Shed, does this indicate a return of the original Brutaly Fatal next week, or did they mean The Revolution? Hopefully we get confirmation soon! This ALL AGES event has an announced 5:00 PM door opening time, and there's no announced cover. Click here for more details! It's hard to believe that Blood Shed Productions have been around for close to two years, and hopefully this show is a success as they push on through the rest of the year! Stay tuned for updates when & if they come in!

Also, remember how local grunge & alternative quartet Haggith were teasing "a big surprise" for their set at the Late & Loud farewell concert at The Rockstar Bar on Friday night? Well, it looks like we now know what it was, as the band has added Redundant/Caveman Morrison bassist James White to their lineup, replacing Caleb Cachagee. Making his debut with the band on Friday, the news was otherwise announced on Saturday via their Facebook page. A reason for Caleb's exit has yet to be announced, but fans may remember that there were brief discussions of a bassist switch last fall before their initial breakup, so the same issues may have recurred. Hopefully things are amicable though, and best of luck to Caleb for sure! This is definitely a surprise announcement, but fans will know how talented James is from his past and recent band work, so hopefully this bolsters Haggith well for the future! No word yet though on if he'll be featured on their new albums, whose recording sessions and songwriting have already begun. Keep an eye out for updates as we hear them!

Finally for today, here's two new videos from ex-As It Stands drummer John Mignacca! Uploaded to his YouTube channel on Friday, these covers are closer to his local band material than his recent techno/EDM solo work, and they include a loose play-along with Skynet's "Heartburn" and (as embedded below) a straighter cover of A Day To Remember's "If It Means Alot To You". Though he remarked in the description that he hasn't drummed in three weeks before filming, it's hard to notice, and he and the electric kit sound good here! Check out his new videos above and below, and give his recent solo music a look at this link!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more news and features as the week progresses! Thanks everyone!

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