Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Grave Party Concert Videos, Plus New Guitar Covers!!

We're back on this Wednesday morning with a new news post, and it's devoted to new videos from local metal and punk artists, including a solo video and to kick things off, new concert video postings! These come from Monday night's Grave Party-headlined concert at The New American Pub, as filmed by attendee Chris Downey for his personal Facebook page, but shared on the show's Facebook event page yesterday. He filmed most of the night's acts, albeit all on the vertical cell phone camera angle, and while they are solidly filmed otherwise, you do get the sense that there wasn't a great turnout on Monday. To start, Chris filmed two videos of headlining Winnipeg punk trio Grave Party,including this 40 second clip of their song "Skate or Die" (complete with mosh pit footage), and as embedded below, this longer video containing a full song, albeit one whose title I can't confirm. It's nice to find a live video of Grave Party of any kind, and they sound pretty good with healthy enthusiasm, so check out their videos above & below!

Chris also filmed local goregrind duo Rotopsy from their co-headlining set playing a newer original (one of the ones where Dylan Taylor used clean vocals), and the guys are rocking out fine here with their minimalist attack, and no, there are no shoes to be seen! Actually, the vertical camera angle fits here given the band's size and placement. Give this new Rotopsy video a look below, and stay tuned for more from their camp!

As for Chris' other videos, he posted three videos of rappers that performed on Monday, including two from Mikey Thomas' set (here & here), and this one of Mike "Reeder" Reid-Lecuyer (Miracle Man's set wasn't filmed at all.) Both have good flow and intensity, so check them out above if you love hip-hop! The other videos come from acoustic folk opener Shit Creek Survivor's set, including his original "Starry Nights", and as embedded below, part of his cover of Sublime's "What I Got", a rare ska/punk cover from Jacob Quarrell's solo project. A little shaky, but lively and well done overall, so give Jacob's videos from Monday night a look above & below!

Finally, I wanted to acknowledge some (largely overdue) solo performance cover videos from Jack Spades guitarist Tiffany Stocco's YouTube channel! We last touched on her solo guitar clips in 2011, so our apologies for the delay in getting these on the site! Posted since October 12th, Tiffany's newest covers include Pennywise's "Fuck Authority", The Ramones' "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue", Blink-182's "Aliens Exist", a pair of songs that Tiffany plays with Jack Spades (SNFU's "Drunk on a Bike" & Turbonegro's "All My Friends Are Dead"), and a trio of Volbeat songs, including "Pools of Booze", their version of Dusty Springfield's "I Only Wanna Be With You", and as embedded below, "Heaven Nor Hell". The audio quality can be inconsistent, but Tiffany shows off her strong guitar ability in these videos, with a nice close angle at her playing in general, so give her newest covers a look above & below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews and more next! Thanks everyone!

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