Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Iskra Concert Preview, Plus New Concert Videos Of Local Bands In Sudbury!!

Before we unveil this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post, here's a new news post for your Monday morning, mostly devoted to some recent concert video finds of local bands out of town, but first, here's a special Tuesday night concert preview, as Victoria, B.C. grindcore quintet Iskra will return to Sault Ste. Marie TONIGHT with a headlining show at The Gore Street Cafe! Coming less than a month after their headlining concert at The Oddfellows Hall, this brutal grind outfit should devastate fans at the laundromat as they make their way back west on their current tour, and the locale should add some spice to the proceedings, as Iskra may be the heaviest band to ever play at the cafe! Note that this show doesn't have an official openers lineup, but it will be preceded tonight at 6:00 PM by an open mic night hosted by local musician Kody Penno, though these are considered separate events.

Like last month's Oddfellows Hall show, this is an ALL AGES event, and it will start at 9:30 PM tonight, but like usual for Gore Street Cafe events, admission is via the "pay what you can" model, so keep that in mind! After the 12 year wait for Iskra to come back to the Soo, the short turnaround this time is a nice surprise, so kudos to the laundromat for bringing them back so soon, and don't miss out tonight! For a preview, here they are last month!

Next up, here's some new concert video finds from three local metal bands during 2016 tour dates in Sudbury! These all come from Sudbury concert venue The Asylum (co-founded by Wolven Ancestry frontman Mark Howitt), whose new YouTube channel is the site of a spree of recent uploads from shows there, with six of those videos being of Sault Ste. Marie talent, so what should you know about them? Three are of local/St. Catharine's grindcore trio Shit Liver's headlining show at The Asylum on April 29th, and they include their songs "Helen Kellers", "It Won't Change" (focused on drummer Matt Baic on a vertical camera angle), and as embedded below, the guys playing their self-titled song, "You're Scared", and "Fabricated Nonsense" one after the other. The videos can be a little dark, and fans' heads get in the way until the filmer gets closer to the stage, but Shit Liver sound ferocious as usual, so give their Asylum concert videos a look above & below!

Two more videos came from local doom metal trio AlgomA's set opening for past local headlining acts Striker and Archelon at The Asylum on June 15th, and yes, the channel has videos of those bands too if you're so inclined! AlgomA's videos include a portion of their newer song "Brazen Bull" (kudos to guitarist Boyd Rendell for confirming the title on his personal Facebook page), and as embedded below, most of their song "Extinct Volcanoes". More of a stationary camera angle here, capturing AlgomA's sludgy and down-trodden brand of metal nicely, so give their Sudbury videos a look above & below too!

Finally for today, The Asylum's channel does have one video of local punk/metal favourites Jack Spades from their set opening for recent New American headliners Cocaine Moustache on July 13th, and it's of their original song "Negative Headspace"! This may be of extra note as the first public video that we've found of Jack Spades' current quartet lineup, following guitarist Tiffany Stocco's departure last month, and while the song sounds a little emptier with only one guitar track, Jack Spades are in fine form during this "tiny disastour" stop, with J.D. Pearce delivering some fun pre-song banter! Give their Asylum video a look below!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for our newest "Where Are The New Albums?" post, which is definitely next! Thanks everyone!

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