Thursday, August 4, 2016

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Tym Morrison) & This Weekend's Concert Previews!!

The month of August brings us another concert weekend to kick off this last third of the summer, so here's most of this weekend's concert previews, and yes, our FireHouse outdoor concert preview is coming in our next post! Also, the "Bro Bash" promoted by Sault Michigan hard rock quartet 415E online is, as best as I can tell, a private event, as they didn't give an address or major details on their Facebook page, and it's definitely not at The Northern Pines Lounge, as 517 are playing there this weekend. If there's clarification to the contrary, we'll let you know, but let's start this post with LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, including some on SHORT NOTICE! (Updated at 1:56 PM)

As usual, we have a month's worth of Tym Morrison concerts to add to our listings today, as the prolific singer/guitarist is still rocking Gliss Steak & Seafood in his weekly run there! With his triple weekend bookings still on for the foreseeable future, we'll add shows there for TONIGHT, TOMORROW, and SATURDAY, as well as shows from August 11th-13th, 18th-20th, and 25th-27th to our links, while he'll also return to The Roadhouse Bar & Grill on Trunk Road for one night only TOMORROW NIGHT at a regular nighttime slot! Obviously, apologies for the short notice on this weekend's four shows, we again waited for public confirmation of them, which came via their official Facebook event pages (linked here & here) earlier this week. The Gliss shows are nothing unusual for his arrangement there, but his Roadhouse return is his first at his old east end stomping grounds in a month, so if you're interested in his acoustic hard rock action at a more typical time, be there TOMORROW!

As we've come to expect from Tym's long-term run at Gliss, he'll be on at 6:00 PM TONIGHT, TOMORROW, SATURDAY, and all month, and while The Quality Inn's house restaurant has no announced age limits or cover charges, keep in mind where these shows are being held. As for the Roadhouse gig TOMORROW, expect a 19+ age limit, 10:00 PM start time, and no cover. Tym's skilled blend of acoustic hard rock covers should get a solid reception as usual this weekend and beyond, so don't miss out, and here he is live!

Moving to previously announced concerts, let's next head to The Rockstar Bar, where local post-punk quartet Gnaeus will launch their debut album "Meditations" with a CD release concert TOMORROW NIGHT! After over a year of anticipation, the two-time battle of the bands winners will finally unveil the fruits of their labour to fans in this rare Rockstar Bar appearance, so be the first to get your CD copy of "Meditations" tomorrow, and take in some live action too! In a lineup reversal from next week's "Give In To The Din" release, local alternative hard rock trio The Din will open for Gnaeus tomorrow with selections from their upcoming album, while fast-rising indie rock quartet K.I.C.K. will keep it cool as the night's openers, in what is the de facto re-booking of the their and Gnaeus' cancelled "Summer Bash" show from earlier this year. These three bands have all had top two finishes at one of the VM Radio Battles of the Bands, so keep that angle in mind too as you enjoy tomorrow's action!

Tomorrow's CD release show has a $5 cover, 19+ age limit, and 9:00 PM start time, while copies of "Meditations" will be on sale for $10, and will obviously be available online and locally afterwards (even at M&M Meats!) This should be a great show to culminate this album recording journey for Gnaeus, and hopefully there's a huge crowd on hand! It's just a shame that Brendan Garlick moved out of town beforehand, but it would be nice to see him back for it if possible! Visit the official Facebook event page for more details, and here's Gnaeus live last year!

Now let's head to Michigan for this weekend's remaining currently announced shows, starting with the apparent local debut of Manistique hard rock trio 517, who are scheduled to rock The Northern Pines Lounge at the St. Ignace Kewadin Casino TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT! This veteran outfit have been rocking the Western U.P. since 2011, and play at Manistique's Kewadin branch often, so this should be a good opportunity to see the Zentners and Bob in our neck of the woods with their mixture of classic and modern rock covers! Note that 517 do not have a known online page, and we can't find a new plug of this weekend's shows via members' personal pages, but Kewadin's entertainment page confirms their trip east this weekend. As usual for Northern Pines Lounge gigs, this weekend's shows have 9:00 PM start times, no announced cover charges, and 21+ age limits. I admittedly can't find a public video of 517 for a preview (personal Facebook clips aside), but don't miss 517 this weekend!

Finally for this preview post, Kinross classic/hard rock trio Banned will return to The Rapids Lounge at the Sault Kewadin Casino TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT! Playing their last of three Rapids Lounge concert weekends throughout the summer season (they'll be back at the Soo Kewadin in October), these will be their first shows anywhere in 3 weeks, and last before returning to next month's Sugar Island Music Festival. Alex, Don, and Wayne are always a fun band to check out live, and they should rock out well in Sault Ste. Marie this weekend, so don't miss out at The Rapids Lounge tomorrow and/or Saturday night! Like with this weekend's 517 shows, there are 21+ age limits, no cover charges, and 9:00 PM start times. Check the above links for more details, and here's Banned live earlier this year!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news, notes, and possible late notice previews next, plus our FireHouse preview! Thanks everyone!

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