Tuesday, December 6, 2016

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Nameus), New Solo Cover Videos, And Much More!!

After a few quiet days, we are back with a new news post on this Tuesday, and below, you'll find some assorted recent news and notes, a pair of new solo covers recently uploaded to YouTube, and to kick things off, a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT! Here's what you need to know!

New and online page-less local hard rock cover trio Nameus (yes, that is still their name) will headline The Rednecks Saloon's New Year's Eve bash on Saturday, December 31st! Announced well in advance thanks to it's seasonal trappings, this union of Mourning Wood's Terry Eaton & Steven Flint with Terry's ex-Carbon Black bandmate Travis Sharpe will tackle a set of 1980s hair metal and similarly retro covers for the occasion, so if you're a fan of Mourning Wood's heavier material, and/or Travis & Terry's long band history together, don't bypass Nameus at the former Nicolet Tavern to send out 2016! As this is a special event, these is a special $15 cover charge on December 21st, though there will be a buffet and champagne included with admission. You must be 19 or older to attend, and doors will open at 9:00 PM. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page!

Though the wait continues for the band to launch an online page, post public media, or announce a final name (I find Nameus is too close to the existing Gnaeus as it is), they are a good choice to headline Rednecks' New Year's party, as fans should know their talent from older bands and Nameus' first two weekends at this venue! Check the above links for more details, and stay tuned for updates!

Next up, we have a couple of new cover videos for your delectation, starting with the newest video from Stegadeth/ex-Jack Spades guitarist Tiffany Stocco's YouTube channel! Her first video posting since the summer, Tiffany covers Gob's "Give Up The Grudge" in this clip, she definitely has the song down, and while the video's audio quality is somewhat tinny, I blame that on the camera. Solidly done, so give it a look below, and keep your eyes peeled for Stegadeth's next shows!

Also, here's the newest solo vocal/guitar cover by ex-Elipzis bassist Ryan Harrison! The former Sault Michigan hard rock staple posted this surprising cover of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles' "Tracks Of My Tears" onto his YouTube channel yesterday. Very out of left field choice for a cover, but in his hands, it doesn't sound like a Motown standard, for better or worse. If anything, this song is a great workout for his vocal range, and though the beard says otherwise, he's hitting high notes better than I've ever seen him do! I don't see the point to the orangey filter though, but Ryan's definitely growing as a singer & guitarist, so give his new cover a look below!

Finally for today, here's three assorted shorter news items from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist name:

  • Sault Ontario doom metal trio AlgomA will take a road trip to Quebec for headlining shows in Montreal and Quebec City this weekend! These are a bit of a surprise announcement given that they barely got a week's notice, but good luck to the guys as they bring the sludge to la belle province, and visit their Facebook page for full details! No word on if there will be any progress towards the release of their split with Hooded Menace this weekend though, but remember that it was teased to come out this month, and the specific date is still not announced.
  • This may mean something or nothing, but defunct Sault Michigan alternative hard rock trio The Spendthrifts quietly changed their name back to Plastic on their Facebook page last month. A reason for the name reversion wasn't announced, but Plastic accomplished little publically under the Spendthrifts name before falling inactive in late 2014, and given that they've posted nothing since becoming Plastic again, it may have just been a posthumous acknowledgement of the name they had their successes under. Keep an eye out just in case they do re-emerge, and check out frontman Zac Crook's solo project for his recent music work!
  • Din frontman Mike Haggith posted on the Musicians Wanted Facebook group yesterday to look for a band to open for one of Nameus drummer Steven Flint's local bands at The Rednecks Saloon on SATURDAY, as The Din can't due to work obligations. He didn't specify which of Steven's bands is headlining, but it's not The Band Camp Rejects, as they were never playing on Saturday, and the band in question curiously is only playing two sets, hence the opener search. If you're interested in opening, message Steven at this link or above, and stay tuned for formal public details on this show, assuming it fits our coverage range!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and updates later this week! Thanks everyone!

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