Friday, December 16, 2016

R.I.P. Guy Thiffault

The Sault Metal Scene sends it's deepest condolences out to the family and friends of former Hangdowns/Nebraska Arms singer/bassist Guy Thiffault, who just passed away, according to numerous Facebook postings from friends & bandmates since this morning. No other details are currently known publically, including on final services, but we'll let you know more when appropriate. A frequent sight in the local punk scene of the 2000s, Guy fronted The Hangdowns from 2003-2006, before moving on to their short-lived successor quartet Bondar, and later fronting Nebraska Arms for a successful run of their own from 2008-2010. Alongside these projects, he also played bass in The Mark Rand Band's lone live appearance, fronted the early 2010s indie band The Business Suit Trappers, and briefly played with the band Crawfather in 2013, though I don't recall them ever playing live. An energetic and diverse musician, fans may recall Guy from his battle of the bands finals runs with Nebraska Arms, a mid-2000s tour supporting The Inner City Surfers, and many good times from 171 Church to The Oddfellows Hall and beyond.

I didn't and won't pretend to have known Guy well, but he was entertaining & confident every time I saw him live with his punk bands, and his musicianship, soaring vocals, and stage presence helped make The Hangdowns, Bondar, and Nebraska Arms in particular what they were. Sadly, we have lost local musicians in the month of December before, which is an absolute shame, especially so close to Christmas, so be sure to keep Guy's family and friends in your thoughts over the holidays. Here's a music video for Nebraska Arms' song "I Was A Writer", but check out much more from Guy's bands on YouTube and other video/social media websites, and stay tuned for info on services. R.I.P. Guy, you will be missed!

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