Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A New Local Band, A New Free Album Upload, And New Concert Videos!!

Before we tackle this weekend's concert previews, here's another news and video post for your delectation! Along with some new live videos, a handful of overdue concert covers, and a new free album upload, we're kicking things off with our first information on a recently debuting local band, so here's what you need to know!

We have a new local hard rock band to add to our band links, and they are Bizotic, the mystery debuting band from December 30th's Six, Two, Oh. holiday funk show at The New American Pub! As per the first live pictures of Bizotic on their Facebook page, their lineup includes Infinity Grinder frontman Brad Griffith on vocals and guitar alongside his former Sounds From The Green Room bandmate B.J. Swire on the keytar, Exploring Detritus drummer Kevin Overton, and Louise Lamothe on the trumpet. You have to applaud Bizotic for thinking outside of the box! Also, you may recall that Brad produced Kevin on RedD Monkey's debut EP, so there's another musical connection. There is no public media online yet of Bizotic, but they describe themselves as "a combination of bizarre and exotic groovin' to the sounds of various types of rock and/or roll", and for what it's worth, their first Facebook photo was of a skateboarding book.

Given members' past work with bands like Smeltzer and No Arrow, it seems likely that Bizotic will fit our coverage range, and it's nice to see Brad & B.J. back together too! Sounds From The Green Room had promise, and even toured with RedD Monkey in 2011, but never had an online page or media that I ever found. See above for more details, and stay tuned for more information on Bizotic!

Next up, here's some new videos, starting with local alternative hard rock trio Id Iota's own YouTube posting of their debut EP "Maudlin Fair"! Following in Gnaeus' lead, this rising quartet have went with YouTube via their new YouTube channel to unveil a free streaming copy of their freshman effort, though here, they loaded the video with social media links and a contact e-mail. Nice convenient way to hear Id Iota's first release, so give it a listen below, and stay tuned for more from them!

Also, here's the YouTube videos of newer local funk/hard rock instrumental band Gianni Gagoots from December 30th at The New A that we teased yesterday! YouTube user Savanna Dee posted these to her YouTube channel two days ago, and there are eight of them, so if you want 37 minutes of Gianni Gagoots, this is the best possible source! Sadly, these were all filmed on a vertical camera angle again, and the instrumental nature may not be some readers' cup of tea, but the guys look like they're having fun on these hard rocking jams, the quality is the best we've seen yet, and some videos are closer and longer than others. "Part 5" is linked below, but check out the other 7 parts above, and stay tuned for more!

Finally, you may be familiar with the local classic rock band The Peace Vibe, a 1960s music-centric quarter featuring Mourning Wood drummer Glen Thomas that has been playing live since 2015. Given their genre range, they've never been in our full coverage, but I wanted to acknowledge them on here, as Glen's YouTube channel features a handful of covers of late 1960s hard rock acts! Last fall, Glen posted The Peace Vibe's cover of Jimi Hendrix's "The Wind Cries Mary" from their set at Toystock V at The Grand Gardens North, while they also covered the Hendrix classic "Manic Depression" at a car show at the new A&W location last year. Embedded here though is their rendition of Deep Purple's "Hush" from a show at The Water Tower Pub in November. Featuring Glen alongside singer/guitarist Dave Chartrand, Glen's Flat Stanley bandmate Tony Kajnar on guitar, and Marty Siltanen on bass, these are well done covers by four talented veterans!

The vocals can be a little quiet in the mix, and the warm lighting on the "Hush" cover seems off, but The Peace Vibe definitely know their 1960s music, and even dress in tie-dye for the occasion! My mother loves 1960s music, and she loves this band, so if you're in the mood for classic rock of this vintage, look for The Peace Vibe in concert! Check out "Hush" below, and see much more from The Peace Vibe at the above links, including many more videos of covers from recent concerts!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for our first weekend concert previews of 2017 tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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