Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Local Metal/Punk Video Showcase!!

For our first news post of 2017, we're dipping into the video well for this all-video post, as we're tackling a handful of overdue videos from a selection of talented local musicians, including a full album posting, a cover video, and a recent live clip, but let's begin with the latest from a fast-rising trio!

We'll start with local alternative/hard rockers The Din, who are continuing the push towards their Toronto debut THIS FRIDAY when they rock The Revival Bar during Landmark Events' Showcase Festival that night! The Din have been hosting a contest on their Facebook page where if you like or share the designated post, you will be entered to win e-tickets to watch the live stream of their set on Friday, which is a nice bonus for fans who can't make the trip south, so see above for details on that front! It's also worth noting that this festival is a battle of the bands of sorts, with winners moving onto a semifinal showcase at The Mod Club in Toronto, so if The Din really turn heads, they might be back! Click here for full details on the festival proper. As for their new video, this was posted to their Facebook page on December 22nd where they hyped up the Toronto show, so what's within this clip?

It starts with an amusing prologue where drummer Brandan Glew plays a bouncer continually asking for tickets from Mike and Tammy who were the only people to purchase any tickets to enter, before transferring to serious hype for the concert, as they really can't buy all of the tickets, with the three making things as simple as possible for how you can buy an e-ticket to watch from afar. Good promotion, complete with a nice look at their merchandise trunk, so give it a look below, and click here to get your $13 e-ticket for Friday's show (they're only $1 more in advance in person!)

Next up, local post-punk quartet Gnaeus posted their entire debut CD "Meditations" onto their YouTube channel for free streaming on December 30th! Rather than go the Bandcamp route, fans can now hear all 9 songs of their solid freshman effort via this video posting, complete with hotlinks to each individual song in the description, so give "Meditations" a listen below, and stay tuned for much more from Gnaeus over this new year!

Also, here's a pair of new Facebook video uploads from newer local funk/hard rock instrumental quintet Gianni Gagoots, as uploaded to their Facebook page shortly after their set opening for The OM Sound at The New American Pub last week! There is more to share from YouTube in the coming days, but for now, let's tackle these two clips (one linked here), as filmed by an uncredited attendee. Sadly both filmed on a vertical portrait camera angle, the shorter clip features a fun sing-along of the band's name, while the latter has an intriguing mid-tempo composition. Fans do get in the way, but it's nice to hear some solid new footage, so check everything out below!

Finally for today, here's a new YouTube channel upload from former WFO/Nikkfitt guitarist Robert Ross! His first video in four years, this is of Robert covering Ozzy Osbourne's "Over the Mountain", or as he noted in the description, "trying to do Randy (Rhoads)." The mix of the audio could be cleaner, as it sounds very muddy, and I'd have pointed the camera lower so you can see all of Robert's playing, but he definitely has the song down for the most part, and it's nice to see a new video from him! Give it a look below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news, notes, and updates soon! Thanks everyone!

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