Thursday, May 18, 2017

This Weekend's Hard Rock Concert Previews!!

Before we begin today's weekend concert preview post, just a clarification note in case anyone's confused. A new local country band named Full Circle is playing at The Royal Canadian Legion on Saturday night, but they are related in name only to the 2011 classic/hard rock cover band named Full Circle, who were previously far better known as Turner Up. At this stage, I don't think there'd be much of a mix-up, but I thought I'd mention it! Now, let's tackle this weekend's currently known weekend concert previews, starting in rough chronological order!

We'll start at Gliss Steak & Seafood, where prolific local singer/guitarist Tym Morrison will continue his long-term weekly concert arrangement with unplugged shows TOMORROW & SATURDAY! On this Victoria Day weekend, there's no breaking news to clarify, just another solid weekend of acoustic hard rock classics from this veteran local frontman, and whether you're familiar with Tym's lengthy run at The Quality Inn's house restaurant or not, you can expect lots of solid tunes at these next two matinees, so don't miss out! As usual for Tym's weekly Gliss gigs, these are 6:00 PM affairs with no announced cover charges or age limits, but remember that this is a formal restaurant, not a typical nightclub. For more details on this weekend's pair of shows, visit the official Facebook event page, and for a preview, here's Tym Morrison live!

Next up, we'll take a detour to Sault Michigan for the next concerts from local hard rock quartet Project 906, who will rock The Rapids Lounge at the Sault Kewadin Casino branch TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT! After a month off from the public stage, these will be Project 906's first shows at The Rapids Lounge since April Fools Day, and these should be great chances for fans to check out Billy, Joe, Dustin, and Will in action, so keep them in mind if you're in the E.U.P. and crave some hard rocking covers! Note that these are currently Project 906's last advertised concerts of the year at either Kewadin location, and while there is no word on if more are in the pipeline yet, there are open weekends on the schedules for both. We'll of course keep you posted! As usual for Project 906's Kewadin stops, expect 9:00 PM start times, no announced cover charges, and 21+ age limits. Visit the official Facebook event page for more details, and here's Project 906 live!

Heading back to Sault Ontario, local classic/hard rock cover quartet Soundcheck will officially play for the first time at The Esquire Club with shows TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT! In all but name, you've seen these guys play there before, when Mourning Wood played their farewell gigs at this venue three weeks ago with this exact lineup, but with the two bands merging under the Soundcheck name, it's only their debut there on a technicality. Fresh off of their late notice Reggie's Place debuts last week, Soundcheck should have another solid weekend of 1980s-centric covers in store for fans this weekend, so keep them in mind if you're in the west end! Note that Soundcheck have yet to publically confirm these shows at press time (much like the Reggie's gigs), but the venue announced them as being for Mourning Wood in this earlier concert calendar, and SooToday's events calendar confirms that Soundcheck are now scheduled.

Soundcheck have visibly taken over Mourning Wood and Jukebox Junkies gigs post-merger, so this does make sense, and if any venue concert calendars come out listing those bands, expect Soundcheck to play them unless otherwise stated. As for this weekend, expect 10:00 PM start times, 19+ age limits, and no announced cover charges. See above for more details, and we'll let you know when public video footage turns up!

Finally for this weekend (barring a late notice announcement), local alternative/hard rock trio The Din will return to LopLops Lounge for a headlining concert THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! Last seen at this venue during last month's NLFB Meltdown, The Din will continue to ride their recent momentum with another high energy set of familiar and new originals alike, so don't miss out on their return to the downtown gallery & lounge on Saturday! Local indie rock trio The Autumn Roots will open themselves, who are also returning from the Meltdown, and they're a fine genre fit for the venue, so look for their folksy acoustic originals to set the tone well! Note that this is also their first announced show since frontman Jeremy Hannah launched his new "SaultMusicScene" promotion agency, no word on if he'll acknowledge any future plans for them during their set. A 9:00 PM start time, $5 cover charge, and 19+ age limit are all in effect for Saturday, so visit the official Facebook event page for more details, and here's The Din live at LopLops last year!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes in the coming days, plus recent concert videos! Thanks everyone!

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