Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New Metal & Hard Rock Concert Footage From OnStage On Shaw TV!!

Before we post this month's Defunct Local Band Profile, we have a new news post for your delectation, all focused on recent concert video uploads from a local TV channel that you can watch on Shaw Cable and/or online, so here's what you should know!

Shaw TV Sault Ste. Marie's YouTube channel has posted new videos for their OnStage series on local musicians in concert, and they include three hard rock or metal bands! Running for a combined two hours, the new rotation of OnStage footage should premiere on Saturday night at 9:00 PM, though it remains to be seen if all of the bands will be aired in one lengthy block, or if they'll be spread out or rotated. The videos on Youtube include Shaw TV's footage of acoustic folk artist Jacob Quarrell (a.k.a. J.Q. or Shit Creek Survivor) at Live705's Easter Bash at The Rockstar Bar last month, while a house party event featuring DJ Seith and rappers Kodex and Joonas "J.S.K." Kamula was also posted, albeit in two parts that you can see here and here. Both are solid segments, with Jacob performing strongly and Seith & company delivering in a unique setting, so give these a look above! No word yet though regarding OnStage features from other bands at the Easter Bash.

The rest of the OnStage videos come from Live705's March Mash-Up event at The Canadian Nightclub, with three of that night's six bands featured in this current wave of videos (The Din and A Dire Setback were previously featured from prior concerts, and the usage of sampled material presumably rules out DJ Seith's set making the series.) That said, what should you know of the other three? In descending set order, we'll start with young blues/hard rock trio Electric Church, who are featured here playing 5 songs back in March, including an instrumental jam, "Muddy Waters", "Ain't Got None", "Carey Baby", and what may be called "Take Me Away" (I'm not 100% positive.) This is a solid performance of this fast rising band, and definitely are best quality and most substantial look at Electric Church yet, so give this multi-camera footage a look below, or on Shaw TV!

Next up, local death metal trio Pillory were also filmed in March for OnStage, who were filmed playing their songs "Angst of Existence", "Sculptor of Cadavers", "Wasting", "Abhorred Apprehension", "The Passing", and two songs whose titles I'm not 100% positive on (linked here and here), so like with Electric Church, click each song name to go to a specific track. This was a ferocious set from Pillory, who continue to brutalize fans like has become standard since their reunion, and this is arguably their best concert footage yet, so give everything a look below!

Lastly for this new OnStage concert video batch, we have new local alternative hard rock quartet Bizotic's set from the March Mash-Up, and they were filmed playing their songs "Record Light""Psychic Vampire", "Subway Delay", an instrumental, "Echoes In Your Head", and one more instrumental. (I can't 100% verify either instrumental's name, but one was called "Dirty Time Machine".) This creative band are given a nice showcase here, and Louise's trumpet comes through much better on video than it did originally, so give Bizotic's best live footage yet a watch below!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for this month's Defunct Local Band Profile later today! Thanks everyone!

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