Friday, July 19, 2019

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Tym Morrison) & Even More Weekend Concert Previews!!

As promised, here is our third of a now-confirmed four weekend concert preview posts on this busy Rotaryfest weekend! Remember, check out our second post from yesterday for previews of Rotaryfest's Stage 1. Today, we're spotlighting most of the other hard rock and punk shows this weekend, but Re:Born's Rockstar Bar show tomorrow night and  their Loud & Proud show for Sault Pridefest will be in our second post later today! I'm still waiting for fuller information on the Loud & Proud lineup anyway, but we'll make due if necessary. Now, here's what you should know for most of the rest of the weekend, starting with a SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!

We already covered his Downtown Street Party set in yesterday's previews, but fans of his should know by now that this isn't all for Tym Morrison this weekend. The prolific local hard rock solo musician will continue his regular weekly matinee gigs at Gliss Restaurant on Spring Street unabated TONIGHT & TOMORROW, but in a new confirmation, Tym will also be playing a special matinee concert THIS AFTERNOON at... The Old Stone House?! Apologies for the short notice on that gig, Tym only announced it via this Facebook event page yesterday, oddly created through his old band Caveman Morrison's Facebook page. A concert like this at the Ermatinger Clergue National Historic Site at 800 Bay Street may seem very atypical, but Tym did play a (publically unannounced) show there on Canada Day. Both The Old Stone House and Tym himself have not elaborated on if there is a special occasion to warrant a live musician TODAY, but it could be just as simple as tying in the site with Rotaryfest activities downtown.

Of course, Tym's regular Gliss shows should provide more solid dinner-time entertainment if you're up for more of his standard schedule tomorrow and/or Saturday evening! Those shows are at 6:00 PM as usual, but the Old Stone House gig TODAY has a special early start time of 3:00 PM running until before 6:00 PM. As best as I can tell, these are free and all ages shows, but mind the locales. Click here and above for more details, and here's Tym live!

Next up, we'll continue our previews by heading south to Sault Michigan, where local classic/hard rock cover quintet Highway 63 will return for concerts TONIGHT & TOMORROW NIGHT at The Rapids Lounge at the Soo's Kewadin Casino branch! Note that these shows had not been newly promoted by Highway 63 themselves on their Facebook page at press time, but they are listed on Kewadin's entertainment page, so we'll treat them as on unless otherwise stated. While we've seen the new Highway 63 lineup (now featuring Russell Mayer on drums) on two separate weekends in St. Ignace since their relaunch, this will be Highway 63's first concert weekend in Sault Ste. Marie proper with their current lineup. If you're up for lots of hard rocking classic hits from this union of Mamas Boys and Jager alumni, why not come down to The Rapids Lounge this weekend? These are 21+ gigs with 9:00 PM start times and no cover. See above for more details, and here's Highway 63 live!

Finally for this preview post, let's head back to Sault Ontario, where Rotaryfest's original-focused Stage 2 will return for it's fourteenth annual installment TOMORROW! For a fifth straight year, the Second Stage will be on the outdoor stage adjacent to the Art Gallery of Algoma near the Clergue Park home base, but unlike last year's expanded 3 day lineup, everything's condensed to Saturday only again. Presented by SooToday, this year's Stage 2 lineup features 8 original acts, including 5 debuting at the festival, so fans looking for new blood will get it on both stages this year! Your 8:00 PM headliners are local indie rock quartet K.I.C.K. in their third official Stage 2 set, and second headlining appearance here. The Keep It Cool Kids should be riding high off of their recent post-reunion momentum, so don't miss out! That said, the only punk or heavier act this year is 7:00 PM co-headliners Northwest, who'll bring their indie/punk attack back for a second Stage 2 go-around.

After missing last year, it's great to see Wayne, the Mikes, Greg, and Marc back with more of their up-tempo punk originals, so don't miss this increasingly rare set tomorrow evening! Ottawa folk musician Jack Pine (last seen locally at 2018's Northern Vibe Festival) will return to the Soo with a 5:30 PM set, making him just the second out of town act to play Stage 2 in the "Redirected" era. Jazz trio The Peach Thieves (featuring a number of metal/hard rock veterans) will make their festival debut at 4:30 PM, while folk/pop musician Hannah Lindsay will play at 3:30 PM, making her the only returning act from Stage 2 last year. This time, she will have Vol. bassist Shane Storozuk and Electric Church drummer Beau Whitfield backing her up, so keep them in mind as well. Folk/country duo The Crossroad Magdalenes will make their Stage 2 debut at 2:30 PM, replacing Man Feelings due to fire fighting commitments out of town for frontman Tyler Willson (good luck out there!)

Finally, the opening acts tomorrow are two more Stage 2 newcomers, namely alt-pop musician Jillian Katzenback (in her CD release show, even) at 1:30 PM, with DJ Seith's hip hop project Planet Rock leading off with a short set at 1:00 PM. Great lineup for fans of modern indie and alternative music especially, with a dash of punk late as well, so don't miss out on all of the Second Stage action tomorrow! As usual, this is FREE & ALL AGES. Visit the above links for much more details, and for a preview, here's Northwest live!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for our Re:Born concert previews (Loud & Proud included) later today! Thanks everyone!

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