Thursday, August 15, 2019

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Fringe North/Up The Arts Festival & Tym Morrison), Plus More Weekend Concert Previews!!

As promised, here's the continuation of this busy concert preview stretch, and yes, our Darsombra preview is coming next! For now though, let's tackle other Sault Ontario gigs this weekend, including some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, some on SHORT NOTICE!

As part of this year's Up The Arts Multi-Arts Festival (in conjunction with the Fringe North International Theater Festival), The Arts Council of Algoma are hosting three FREE & ALL AGES concerts this weekend at The Roberta Bondar Pavilion, and two have hard rock and/or punk acts! Apologies for the short notice on both of these events, they did get reasonable advance notice on sources other than their website (thankfully), but I've had a lot on my plate both on the site and away from it as of late. TOMORROW'S first show will be toplined by local funk/hard rock quartet The Elements (who did play as part of this festival last year) at 11:00 PM, while frontman Rob Speers' other electric band Jack Spades will bring their punk/metal hybrid assault to the stage at 10:00 PM. If you miss seeing more aggressive bands under the big tent downtown, you won't want to miss out on TOMORROW NIGHT'S action!

Other bands include blues rock veterans The Dell Brothers (née The Paul DellaVedova Band) at 8:00 PM, former Honest Job frontman Mister Tahti at 7:00 PM, and new local acoustic jam rock band Unorganized Township at 6:00 PM, while "Max" and Grup the Clown will open the event at 5:00 PM, adding a Fringe North touch to this one. There's a little something for everyone on this night, and the intensity builds towards the heavy closing bands, so don't miss the FREE & ALL AGES action TOMORROW, visit the official Facebook event page for more details, and here's The Elements live!

The second day of free music at the Pavilion is on SATURDAY, where The Elements' unplugged side project The Wyld Stallyns will also return from last year's Fringe North/Up The Arts festivities! Playing a rare show away from The Whiskey Barrel, their fan-friendly acoustic covers should find another solid audience, and you can see them kick off SATURDAY'S lineup at 4:30 PM! Max & Grup aside (who will technically close that night at 11:00 PM), your headliner is Juno Award-winning local country musician Crystal Shawanda, and given that this show is FREE, genre fans shouldn't want to miss her return home! Her headlining set is at 9:00 PM, while classic rock cover veterans Mustang Heart will open at 6:00 PM after The Stallyns wrap up. Once again, SATURDAY'S entertainment is for FREE and is available to ALL AGES, and visit the official Facebook event page for more details!

For reference, Sunday's Up The Arts music lineup is an earlier affair leaning to acoustic performers and Fringe North performers, Max & Grup again included, so click here for details on that front. As for SATURDAY, this should be a fun show for country fans in particular, especially if you missed Crystal at the Go North Festival, and The Wyld Stallyns will set the tone well, while Mustang Heart are known to have a few heavier covers too! See above for more info, and here's The Stallyns live last year!

Next up, prolific local acoustic hard rock singer/guitarist Tym Morrison has another stacked concert weekend ahead, as while we'll see him back at Gliss Restaurant TOMORROW & SATURDAY and at La Terrazza Franzisi in Richards Landing on SUNDAY, he will also return to The Roadhouse Bar & Grill on Trunk Road for a few shows this month and beyond, including TOMORROW NIGHT! Again, apologies for the short notice, Tym only confirmed the Roadhouse shows via their Facebook event page on Monday. Adding to his already stacked concert calendar (which recently included a few private events, according to Tym's personal Facebook page), he has lined up 10 more nighttime gigs at this popular east end tavern for this month, November, and next February & March, but of course, we approach Tym's extensive and often long-term gigs a month at a time. As such, TOMORROW'S show is an immediate must if you miss seeing him at night in more of a typical venue!

The other August gigs are next Thursday & Friday, August 22nd and 23rd, with the former being his only Thursday nighter in an otherwise Friday-centric slate there. All of these three Roadhouse shows (his first there since June) are 10:00 PM & 19+ affairs with no cover charge, while his usual Gliss and seasonal La Terrazza Franzisi gigs are 6:00 & 1:00 PM matinees respectively with no cover or age limit to speak of, but remember, these are restaurants first and foremost. Visit the Facebook event pages linked here, here, and above for more details, and for a preview, here's Tym live!

Finally for today's previews (Darsombra aside), let's head to Reggie's West, where local classic/hard rock cover quartet Soundcheck will return for three shows TOMORROW NIGHT & SATURDAY! Yes, I said three, as while they will be playing their usual solo concerts at 10:00 PM both nights, they will be doubling up on Saturday via their second straight appearance at the annual Ride For ARCH motorcycle rally's pre-show festivities outside of the venue! Of course, this charity event for the Algoma Residential Community Hospice is an exceedingly worthy cause, and it's great so see so many riders and supporters bringing this event back to The Reggievelt on Saturday, so be sure to visit the official Facebook event page for full details on how to enter the rally or attend the Korah Road street party! The regular nighttime shows are 19+ affairs with no cover, but the Ride For ARCH is ALL AGES.

Soundcheck's 5:30 PM slot will precede country cover quartet Bone Yard headlining at 9:30 PM, plus classic rockers Flathead Ford at 8:00 PM & the aforementioned Dell Brothers at 6:30 PM, while acoustic country duo The Bearded Lounge and folk/classic rock band The Algo Rhythms will open at 3:30 & 2:00 PM each. Lots of veteran cover talent for the cause, and everyone should deliver a great set on Saturday, with lots more Soundcheck where that came from beforehand & afterward! See above for more details on these gigs, and here's Soundcheck live!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for our Darsombra preview and much more on the site next! Thanks everyone!

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