Sunday, March 14, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Garden of Bedlam), Lion Ride News, The Return Of The Issues, And More!

Good evening everyone, time to update you all on some more news-like things, including a local band's return, even more news from Lion Ride, and a clarification on The Bear's status, but first, a very important LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!!

(NOTE: This fundraiser concert has been postponed due to an unfortunate loss to the Garden River community. It's postponed out of respect for the family and their wishes to use the community center for the funeral arrangements. Thanks to Buzz's Facebook status for the update! The info on the concert will remain up as it's postponed, not cancelled. Stay tuned to the SMS for updates!)

On SATURDAY NIGHT, Garden of Bedlam will hit The Garden River Community Center in Garden River for a special fundraiser concert! This is to raise funds towards the recording sessions for their first full length LP, so they'd love to see all you fans make it out for this show! Not only is it a Garden of Bedlam concert, but there will also be a spaghetti dinner, door prizes, and raffle draws for prizes from local establishments like The Rad Zone, Forsaken Tattoo Studio, and Wal-Mart! This all starts at 5:00 PM on Saturday, with the bar opening at 7:00 PM, and a dance to follow Garden of Bedlam's set. Saying that you can't get home at the end of the night, or are too drunk to drive, a charter bus back to Sault Ste. Marie will be available at 12:30 AM to head back home on. Tickets are $10 for this very special fundraiser show, and they are available to purchase from all members of the band and Nathalie Belleau, contact any of them on Facebook to inquire about getting a ticket! For full details, visit the Facebook event page!

Now I know Garden River may be far out compared to where you usually go for concerts, and $10 may seem steep, but throw those worries out the window, this is for a good cause! After all, some members of Garden of Bedlam live out there, and the more money that is raised, the less they have to pony up for the recording sessions for their next album! And we all know from hearing new songs live that this will be one hell of a CD, so damnit, support your local musicians and at least try to show up! Plus, you'll get supper, you can enter draws, and you'll help towards the making of this album! As long as I can secure a ride, I'll try and make it to this, every bit helps, and hopefully all you guys will be there too! I'll keep you all posted with any updates I have!

Next up, even more Lion Ride related updates! Guitarist Marky Lion has posted a new blog entry onto MySpace, which updates us all on some things that recently happened, and some exciting things to look out for! It starts with mention of their Kiss Battle loss (Shows how often they post blog entries), before mentioning that Lion Ride will hit the studio on April 26th to record their second album! They'll be at BWC Studios in Toronto with Greg Dawson producing, same as when Lion Ride members recorded the newest Detroit EP! According to Marky, the band's been through a lot and we should "expect a heavier roar." I can't wait! Then it goes into a bit of detail about the out of town shows I mentioned a couple days ago, so if you're in Southern Ontario, Lion Ride are coming to your area soon! Interesting news and stuff to watch out for! Read Marky's full blog entry at this location!

Speaking of things I found on MySpace, it looks like a local metal band is back from inactivity! Remember The Issues? Well, the band have posted two new demo tracks onto their MySpace page, entitled "Lambs To The Slaughter" and "Last Stand"! The first track has a hardcore-ish sound, the vocals are nice and aggressive though they don't kick in til late in the song. Sounds good, though it doesn't really have much of a "punch" to it. "Last Stand" has some nice drumwork and it's pretty catchy, this would go over well at a concert if they booked one! That's about all new from The Issues that I've heard in months, but it's signs of life, and I welcome it1 If you're not aware, The Issues are a punk/hardcore/metal band from Sault Ontario (or "The Sewer" as they affectionately call it.) Known by aliases and not usually revealing their full faces, the band have an good sense of humour, especially from when they often posted fake concert listings for shows in "The Sewer" and elsewhere, at typically fake venues. Good band, it'd be cool to see them at a full real concert one of these days, hopefully there's more from The Issues on the horizon! Check out more from them at this location!

And finally for tonight, a clarification on the demise of 97.9 Classic Rock: The Bear. Going forward from the announcement of it's likely end, I had been under the assumption that The Bear's sister stations in Glen Arbor and Cadillac would be shut down too. After all, reports had said that Northern Star Broadcasting (The Bear's parent company) wanted out of radio. Well, as it turns out, only the Newberry station (WIHC, our Bear station) died. The Bear is still (as best as I can tell) alive in Glen Arbor and Cadillac. A new version of their logo, seen on the lower right of this poster for an upcoming art event in Traverse City, only includes the two surviving Bear stations, with 97.9 now removed. Also, 105.1 out of Cheboygan, which is still listed on the banner image on The Bear's official website, became a mainstream rock station, Real Rock 105.1, late last year. Coincidentally, it's also a sponsor of this art event. Northern Star Broadcasting's website also only lists the Glen Arbor and Cadillac stations as ones it owns, so it looks like Northern Star isn't completely out of radio. They just left the Sault area, and because Sovereign Communications didn't buy 97.9, The Bear is only dead in the U.P. So if you want The Bear, you'll have to take a road trip down to the Lower Peninsula, sad to say. Still crossing my fingers that we'll get a new FM rock station here at some point, someone fill the gap!

Oh, and for what it's worth, Real Rock 105.1 carries a Rock 101-like format, AND it still airs The Bob & Tom Show! So if you're around the Mackinac Bridge area, turn your dials to 105.1! Good music and Bob & Tom, you're all set for that area! Sadly, it's too far for most Sault Ontario signals though.

That's all I have for today, expect lots more in the coming days! Hope this weekend's concerts went well, and buy tickets for the Garden of Bedlam fundraiser show!!!

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