Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Turner Up, & Tym/Caveman Morrison), A Cancellation, And More Locals On The Warped Tour?!

Hey everyone, I'm sorry for the lack of posts since Sunday, homework is finally catching up with me. Luckily, the major stuff is now done, and I always try to have something new every 3 days or earlier! So I have a lot of news to get to today, and before we discuss some new LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, we have a cancellation.

About an hour ago, Garden of Bedlam frontman Buzz broke the news that this Saturday's planned fundraiser concert at The Garden River Community Center has been postponed. Apparently, someone from Garden River passed away recently, and out of respect for the family at this difficult time, the fundraiser will be moved to another day so that the community center can be used for funeral arrangements. This has since been confirmed by Nathalie Belleau in an e-mail to planned attendees of the fundraiser on Facebook. Keep in mind that the fundraiser is NOT cancelled, it's just postponed until a future date. This is very sad news, it's always tough to lose a loved one, and at this difficult time, it rightfully is being given a higher priority over the fundraiser. When it's rescheduled, I will let you guys know, so stay tuned!

Now, LOCAL CONCERT ALERT TIME! And for the second time in two weeks, we have short notice concerts from a local hard rock cover fact, it's the same band at the same venue! Turner Up are back at The Nicolet Tavern once again for another solid night of your favourite hard rock classics! On the Facebook event page, guitarist Jeff Gray says "It was so much fun, we had to do it again", and here they are! And you know if the band's having fun, they'll be playing at their best, so there's all the more reason to check them out! Curiously, the start time on Facebook is given as 9:30 AM, but that's likely a typo, I'd say they mean 9:30 PM. Check them out on Friday night and Saturday night if you want some awesome hard rock covers! And of course, for more from Turner Up, head to their official Facebook group! Sorry for the short notice too, this was only just announced the other day.

The other three concerts come courtesy of the two local projects from Tym Morrison! Over the past couple of days, he's been busy booking some more shows, so here's where else to see him next month! On April 16th, Tym will be back at The Bottoms Up Lounge for the first time since last Saturday for a night of hot acoustic rock music and cold beer! There's no announced show for the Saturday of that weekend, but if there is, I'll let you know! But what's that? You want something electric? Well, you'll wanna be at The Roosevelt Hotel on April 30th and May 1st, for two more nights of heavy metal madness courtesy of Caveman Morrison! That will be the second weekend in a four week span that Tym, Rick, and Jeff will be rocking at The Rosie, and if you like your metal hard hitting and all night, you'll wanna be there! None of these shows have announced cover charges, yes you must be 19, and all have scheduled start times of 10:00 PM. Click here to confirm your attendance for Tym's April 16th show, and here for the new Caveman shows at The Rosie!

Now, let's discuss The Warped Tour, particularly one local band's campaign to make it on The Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands on July 9th in Toronto. Which band is it? If you guessed Lion Ride, hold your horses, stuff on their Warped Tour campaign is coming. I meant Sykotyk Rampage! Yes, it looks like your favourite "blue Chinese metal crash punk" band are throwing their hat into the ring to try and get on the Ernie Ball Battle as well! You know the drill, sign up by clicking here, cast your vote for Sykotyk Rampage, you can only vote ONCE A DAY! Warped Tour organizers will pick a selection of bands competing for the Toronto segment of the battle from the top 100 bands overall, with cash prizes, recording sessions, and lots more on the line! At their Battle page, they have lots of songs, pictures, and bio info posted! As of 4:11 PM today, they have 28 votes, which is currently 53 votes out of 100th. Wouldn't it be cool to see two Sault-bands (them and Lion Ride) in consideration for the battle? VOTE FOR SYKOTYK RAMPAGE TODAY!!! I just did!

Now back to Lion Ride, and in an update on their ranking in the contest, they've jumped all the way to 81st place with 107 votes! They can jump 7 spots with just 10 more votes, and logical thinking says the more votes they get, the more likely The Warped Tour will consider them for the Ernie Ball Battle in July! Some of this might have to do with a new Facebook group started by drummer Iron Mike Bison entitled "Get Lion Ride on Warped Tour"! Currently 102 members strong, the group is to of course, raise awareness for Lion Ride's quest to be considered! Mike says on the group's wall that about 5 bands will be selected, and if that's true, there's even more reason to get the vote out! Click here to join the group, and most importantly of all, CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR LION RIDE!!!!! Again, I just did!

I'll leave it at that for now, tomorrow I WILL have another post! It will serve a double purpose: To preview the upcoming Turner Up, Sykotyk Rampage, and Cancer Bats shows, and to take care of the SMS poll results! What was your favourite metal concert of 2009? The results are revealed tomorrow, VOTE NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN! New poll in the works for tomorrow too, I'll leave you a hint: It concerns radio. Stay tuned tomorrow!

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