Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Concert Cancellation, A New Local Band, And Much More!!

Greetings everyone! I have some more local metal news to share with everyone on this fine Wednesday evening! Mostly assorted news that's piled up lately, but we're kicking things off in style with a new local metal band and a concert cancellation. So here's what you need to know!

(EDIT: 4:32 PM): According to a posting on The Canadian Nightclub's Facebook group by Mary Lou Johnson, the planned performance by Burlington's 2112: A Tribute To Rush has been cancelled. No reason as to why was given, but to be fair, the band never announced the show on their website. In their place tomorrow night will be DJ Beetle, so if that's your thing, head on out! According to the same posting, Mary Lou mentioned that a Bon Jovi tribute band would be playing at The Canadian next weekend. I will research which band it is and will plug the show in my next post if I can verify which band. Stay tuned! Shame that 2112 cancelled, but they do a good job covering Rush, hopefully they will come here for a show one day in the near future!

Next up, I have discovered a new local metal band! They are called Hammerspace, they are a progressive metal band from Sault Michigan, and I just came across their MySpace page in some Google crawling I conducted earlier today! They launched their page on April 26th of this year, though depending when they wrote their description, may have been together since January. These guys have played live at least once, rocking out at The Corner Pub Bar & Grill on May 6th, and believe me, if I'd have known about Hammerspace then, I'd have alerted you guys to the show! The band consists of singer Logan Reed, guitarists Justin Smith & John Bergeron (creator of the local psychedelic/trance project Immortal Danish), former Burn The Day bassist Tim Padoba, and Bent Rollercoaster drummer Paul Burns! Nice to see them getting back into the local scene!

Hammerspace have no videos online that I've seen, but lucky us, they have audio! Click here to check out four live songs from a practice session in April! My assessment of them is: Not bad, the songs have a nice groove, though Logan definitely sounds better when he's using angrier harsher singing than with his cleaner singing voice. I imagine it'll be better to judge Hammerspace though when they get better audio samples, or more live shows booked, but they have obvious promise! I can't wait to hear more, and when I do, you'll find out here!

Thirdly today is some updates from local music store Case's Music, which has been a well known source of musical instruments and lessons for many years! Owner Mike Case handed over ownership of Case's Music to his nephew Jay Case and his wife Carrie Suriano, who will be renovating the Spring Street-based building this summer prior to a grand re-opening in September! Local music fans will be sure to recognize Jay from his work in numerous local bands, including Bigsuit, The Chris Belsito Band, The Wild Turkeys, and Big Wheel & The Spokes, so he's definitely got the music genes in him, and should do very well as the new "Case" of Case's Music! So to all you musicians out there, things are in good hands over at Case's Music! Sad to see Mike retire though, he was an ardent supporter of young local musicians, it was apparent each year with the Case's Music Battle of the Bands he put on, which helped give some young local bands their first exposure, including 2008 high school division winners Stillbroke! Also of note, Jay will be bringing many new musicians with him for the re-opening as additional teachers at Case's Music, mostly bandmates of his, including Crank Sound Distribution's George Ravlich (himself a veteran of some local metal/hard rock bands) as a bass instructor! Check out SooToday's article on the Case's Music ownership change by clicking here!

Before we close with some assorted quick stories, here's a new video I found online from local metal guitarist/solo artist Brendan Christie! It's an acoustic performance of the first movement of a new classical piece he wrote called "Ode To Darkness", and I have to say, I like it! It has kind of an ominous melody that would fit well in a metal song if he chose to go that route with it! I've always been impressed with Brendan's talent, this is just another example of the things he can do on his guitar that set him apart! Check it out below, and visit his YouTube channel for more videos from him, or his MySpace page for audio samples and more!

Finally for today, three more random stories from my news pile, in order by band name:
  • SooToday has been running a weekly feature called "Friday Hot Shot" since April, which features a locally relevant photo of some type taken by Donna Hopper. This past Friday, it featured a photo of Lion Ride guitarist Marky Lion from their concert on May 22nd at The Canadian Nightclub! Curious that there was no review of the show posted too, but I'll take what we can get! Check out the great photo by clicking here!
  • My apologies for the lateness of this, I don't know how it slipped me by! A new local band named Nocturnal Majesty (out of Sault Ontario) are looking for a drummer who would like to play for them! Kory Derasp from the band stresses that anyone interested must be a serious drummer. Their old drummer left for family reasons. If you're interested in trying out for this position in Nocturnal Majesty, contact Kory Derasp at this location! Just to note, they practice on Mondays and Tuesdays. Sorry for the late posting of this, Kory!!
  • The announcements of bands playing the Kewadin Casino 25th Anniversary Summer Festival has been incredibly slow, hopefully they announce a full lineup soon! Regardless, I have found another confirmed band! Boston rock band StilrizE will be back for the festival, playing on July 23rd as one of the support bands for Three Doors Down, along with Finding Clyde and many others! You may recognize StilrizE as one of the bands who backed up Papa Roach last November at Kewadin! I don't think StilrizE are really "metal", but seeing as they're part of the festival, they should get mentioned! More about the festival as it comes in!
That's all for now, I will have much more in the next few days! Friday is likely for a new post, I have an announcement to make on Friday concerning the SMS' 3rd anniversary, so keep an eye out for it, because I need your help concerning it! Stay tuned!

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