Friday, June 18, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Tym Morrison, Ultraviolence, & Frightlight), And More!!

Big post today, and before we get to news as scheduled, are you wondering what went down at the "secret concert" last night? I will tell you this much that I have heard: Local horror-themed punk/metal band Frightlight made their long awaited return to the stage last night, in their first Coch's Corner show since October! It was also their first live performance with Caveman Morrison's Jeff "Shrek Ogre" Richards on drums, replacing Larry Mousseau, who appears to have left Frightlight earlier this year. That sounds awesome in itself, hearing those guys play lots of horror movie-themed originals, but why was it so secretive? Probably because THE MISFITS were there, signing autographs and mingling with the fans! That's not a typo either. I wasn't there, so I don't know all that went on, but that's what I've heard. Out of respect for the intentional low-key nature of this show and the secrecy that was maintained, I won't post a photo or link from or related to it from any Facebook sources. But for those of you who don't believe this story, let me say this: I have never spread rumours on here, every story I report is through research and verified sources. If I had just heard word of mouth without proof, I would NEVER report it here. So yeah, that's the secret show for you, and if you were in attendance, consider yourself VERY lucky!

Now, onto some more exciting news, starting with not one, not two, but THREE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!! And after that, stay tuned for some updates from The Barking Eye, and if you look close, maybe you'll find out which album I'm reviewing in the next few days somewhere in this post!

Let's go in chronological order for the new concerts, and kicking things off is the long awaited publicly advertised return of Tym Morrison's solo show! After weeks without a new acoustic set from the Caveman Morrison mastermind, he played a private birthday party on Wednesday at The Gliss Rest-O-Bar on Great Northern Road, which is on the same corner as Lucky 7 Mini Mart. The concert went over so well, he's back for a publicly open set there on Saturday evening! Consider this a preview for the show too, as it is this weekend. Compared to most of Tym's solo shows, this has an early start time of 6:00 PM, but the music's good no matter how early, so don't stop yourself! There's no cover charge, but seeing as this is a restaurant/bar, you'll wanna bring money to buy something lest you get kicked out. Should be fun as always, Tym puts in a great show each time he plays, and his acoustic stuff can both rock hard and hit a soft spot depending on your mood! Remember, he also takes requests! Confirm your attendance at the Facebook event page, and remember to check out some of his great Caveman and solo material at his official website! Sorry for the short notice too, it was only announced yesterday.

...speaking of Tym's solo material, this month's CD review on The Sault Metal Scene will be of Tym Morrison's "Solo Project" CD!! I wanted to link my next review with an upcoming local concert, and this fits the bill very nicely! Look out for my review of it by Tuesday, possibly earlier!

Next is a show that I think takes place on Tuesday, but I want you guys to take this concert with a grain of salt. According to the Hot Spots section of the newest issue of Sault This Week, Toronto "drunk n' roll" band Ultraviolence will be back at Coch's Corner for the first time in a few months! Knowing Coch's Corner shows, there would be no cover charge with a 10-11:00 PM start time. If you wanna hear some great AC/DC-ish hard rock that's perfect to drink to, this is your band! Now I feel mostly comfortable with covering this show on here for a few reasons, including their past history here (Coch's likes booking Ultraviolence), the fact that it's in the paper at all (the ad for Coch's Corner is rarely wrong), and the fact that J.D. Pearce from Coch's Corner said he was pretty sure they were playing when I asked him about it yesterday. That being said, the band have not plugged this show on their MySpace page, and they recently announced the departure of drummer Alexis Von Kraven, so I had doubts for the show being on. So I will list this show in the concert listings on your left, BUT keep in mind that for all I know, it may have been cancelled, but there's enough to go on to confirm it as being on. Stay tuned!

Finally for new shows, we go back to the band we kicked off today's post with: Frightlight! If you missed the "secret show" and are hoping for an openly advertised show of theirs to hit, this will definitely interest you! On July 10th, Frightlight will play their first publicly open concert since Halloween when they rock Coch's Corner once again, this time as the openers for Toronto surf garage punk rockers The von Drats! Their MySpace page lists no venue, but bassist DanO von Drat confirmed that they're playing at Coch's Corner in a posting on the SMS' Facebook page. The von Drats play a unique combination of 1960s-ish surf rock and goth-influenced punk, which makes for some strangely listenable tunes! Not "metal" by any stretch, but you gotta check them out, click here to do so! Of course, if you want heaviness, Frightlight will bring an awesome horror themed punk/metal attack to start off the night! Featuring J.D. and Rick from Fitswitch, Shrek from Caveman Morrison, and Mike Gingras on bass, these guys definitely bring the goods, and will have lots of great originals in store on July 10th! The show will likely start between 10:00 and 11:00 PM on that night, and has no announced cover. More details will be posted as I hear them!

And finally for today, prolific local rock drummer Glen Thomas has posted some intriguing new stories onto his local music news site, The Barking Eye, which I recommend you guys read more often! The biggest new story he posted concerns how local bands get studio recordings made and released, which actually outlines the self-recording process pretty nicely if you want to self-record material rather than enter a professional studio! Glen refers to Sykotyk Rampage in the piece as one of many examples of local bands who record their songs themselves at home. If you're in a band and want to record good sounding original material, read Glen's article at this location, which could help you take the next step without forking out too much cash! Apparently, Glen will be profiling bands who self-record in an upcoming series called "Attack of the Garage Bands", so stay tuned for that as well! Also now on The Barking Eye: Updates on the in-progress local recording studio named Basswerx, and a small update on a music school opening near Bawating Collegiate that will be run by Stiffler's Mom/Sin Stereo guitarist Mike Davies! Check out The Barking Eye today, there's lots of great local music talk from a guy who definitely knows what he's talking about!

Alright, so here's where today's post ends. But are you wondering why there's nothing about last month or this month's poll? Simple, I'm posting about that tonight! I don't like doing two posts in a day, but I got piled with news in the last couple of days, so I can't let things slide. In the meantime, you can vote on the new poll already, it's up on the left of the page, but we'll wait til tonight to discuss it. Stay tuned for that and much more, including my review of Tym Morrison's solo album by Tuesday, and lots of other stuff you'll wanna check out!

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