Thursday, December 16, 2010

Assorted News From Sativa Rose, Mike Haggith, Grady, and Energy Rock Radio!!

Well guys, we have a busy patch of posts coming up this weekend, including our next Defunct Local Band Profile, our next poll, and previews of this weekend's concerts, but first, here are some more assorted news stories from the last little while! There's some big stuff to share today, so let's get right to it with a new local concert video!

Firstly today is the newest concert footage of local metal cover trio Sativa Rose! This comes from their September 18th concert at GLOW Nightclub (which has news on it's apparent demise I wanna share in the next little while), and it's a video of their cover of the Dokken song "Dream Warriors"! Horror fans may recognize that song from the third Nightmare on Elm Street movie, and it's cool to see a local band giving Dokken some love! This was filmed by bassist Adam Veale's dad John, who now has seven live videos of Sativa Rose in action on his YouTube channel! Good quality video and audio here, and the band sound tight and proficient as ever! Andrew Angelic's guitar work especially stands out, but like with past Sativa Rose videos I've came across featuring no guests, the vocals need work. Adam's tone's alright, but I don't think the range is all there. Still, this is another promising glimpse of Sativa Rose in action, and you can check it out immediately below, or at the above links!

Next up, here's some more news from local solo artist Mike Haggith! Fresh off the surprise release of "Laps In A Lake Of Fire", there's more news to get to from his solo project, so here's what you need to know! Firstly, Mike announced the release of his first ever live album, "Live At The Outback" (artwork pictured), on his Facebook discography on Friday. It features all four tracks from his 13 minute set at the Sault College bar/concert spot on December 1st during their weekly open mic night. Mike says the set was well recieved, and it's nice to see it get recorded, but as of today, I haven't seen any noticeable trace of the recordings online for streaming or purchase. When they do get posted on any of his pages, I'll let you know, but keep this in mind if you're following his recent local work! The other new update is that he has posted a preview video for his 44th album, "The Blue Album" onto Facebook as well! It features the instrumental take of his new song "Hot Summer Sun", which will be featured with vocals on the new album slated for an April release. Not too heavy, but it has a nice consistent groove! Time will tell how it will sound in full, but look out for more coverage on "The Blue Album" as I hear it! For now though, click here for the "Hot Summer Sun" video, and look out on Tuesday, when we profile Mike's Windsor metal band S.C.A.R. in our Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile Series!

Thirdly, here is the latest news from local internet rock radio station Energy Rock Radio! After a period of not a lot of news from the crew at ERR, founder Ryan Kaarlela (a.k.a. Ryan McQueen or DJ Ryeman) filled me in recently on some of the new updates with thr only local internet radio station for us metalheads! The 24/7 server for the station is back online after a bit of a break, and you can tune in any time of the day once again at their official website or at this location to tune in through your favourite media players! Note that the site has yet another new logo, interesting to see the chameleon-like nature of their designs! With member totals growing, Ryan's hoping to throw a major all-day party soon through the server, website, and possibly through live chat to celebrate hitting 1,000 members, hopefully by the end of 2010! Sounds good to me! With a diverse and always listenable selection of metal and hard rock tunes on 24/7 rotation, Energy Rock Radio is not to be missed if you desire internet radio, with an extra local kick! Keep an eye on Energy Rock Radio through 2011, for what will hopefully be their biggest year ever! Check the above links to hear what's going on!

And finally, remember how on November 19th, a photograph of Grady frontman Gordie Johnson with double guitar in hand was SooToday's "Friday Hot Shot" that week? Well, aside from that, we hadn't seen any pictures of the Austin, Texas country metal trio in action from their November 16th show at The Grand Theater elsewhere... until Monday! That's when SooToday's own Donna Hopper finally posted her pictures from this concert onto her photography Facebook page! Note that no pictures of openers The Motorleague are included, though I believe I remember seeing Donna get pictures of their set. As usual, Donna's professionalism shows with these high quality shots, which are as good as any we see from her attended concerts! There are some interesting closeups of drummer Nina Singh's face in strange positions too, but other than that, it's just high quality concert pictures that are well worth giving a look! We may not have gotten a SooToday review of the show, but we'll take what we can get! Click here to view all of Donna's posted pictures from this concert, and keep an eye out for her at future local concerts!

That's all for now, but stay tuned TONIGHT for previews of this weekend's scheduled local metal and hard rock concerts! That and much more are on the imminent horizon, so be on the lookout! Thanks everyone!

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