Friday, December 3, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (That's Chester) And Weekend Concert Previews!!

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of a news post yesterday. It's just my luck that a lot of notable news stories come out the day that I have no time for a post due to homework concerns. So now, we'll get to this weekend's metal and hard rock concert previews, but first, here's a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT that ties into one band playing this weekend!

Keeping with our vow to cover them on the SMS from here on out, local classic hard rock cover band That's Chester will be playing a one off weekend gig at The Roosevelt Hotel on December 11th, one week from tomorrow! Apologies for the short notice on this show, this has been announced since November 24th but we only got around to mentioning it now thanks to only just recently adding That's Chester to our coverage. This will actually be their first show EVER at The Rosie, so you know that will be noteworthy! There will be no cover charge, a 10:00 PM start time, and you must be 19 to enter. Nice to see That's Chester conquering some new territory locally, hopefully these talented local veterans rock the house down on the 11th! For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! This segues nicely to our first weekend concert preview, so here's what you need to know for this weekend!

Eight days before the above concert, That's Chester will be at The Rockstar Bar TONIGHT for another one night only performance! Same house rules as next week's Rosie show, more or less, just adjust the start time to 10:30 PM. There also may be a cover charge, so bring cash just in case! For more details, visit this show's Facebook event page! Look out for them tonight, they'll be sure to impress! For a video preview for this show (TONIGHT at The Rockstar Bar), here's a classic 2006 video of That's Chester in action from the Ritch Fullerton era, covering Sammy Hagar's "One Way To Rock"!

Now we'll make a quick detour to Sault Michigan, as a new local hard rock band continue their local rise with their second weekend set since their inception! Splitshot, the new local cover quintet featuring former Nixxon Dixxon guitarist Chris Hubbard and bassist Kyle Beaumont, will return to The Bird for their third and fourth live concerts, taking place TONIGHT and tomorrow night! My source for this is their official Facebook page. The start time should be 10:00 PM, there's no announced cover charge, and you must be 21 to enter. I can't tell you guys a whole lot on Splitshot yet, but they have a very good pedigree, and should be all ready to rock The Bird once again! After all, having members of Nixxon Dixxon can't be a bad sign! For more details, visit the above links, and if you're there, tell us how Splitshot were! I'll have more from them as I hear it!

Back in Sault Ontario, we make our way to The Nicolet Tavern, where another local classic hard rock cover band return to the stage! Turner Up will be on for two shows TONIGHT and tomorrow night at one of their more frequent concert destinations, for what should be two fun rocking shows! Both will have 10:00 PM start times and no announced cover charge, and you must be 19 to enter. Their Facebook pages haven't been updated lately, so if there's anything strange or out of the ordinary to share, then I don't know about it, but do check them out this weekend if you can! They're riding high with the early success of new frontwoman Krista Marshall, and they'll be ready to grind your mind all weekend long with their classic hard rock covers! For more details, visit the above links and the Facebook event page, and if anyone has videos of Turner Up with Krista Marshall in action, let me know!

And finally, it's a Tym Morrison-packed weekend at Foggy Notions, as the Caveman Morrison frontman will be playing ALL WEEKEND for his fans! Along with his Sunday show on his new weekly arrangement there, Tym will play sets at Foggy's TONIGHT and tomorrow night as well! All three shows will have 10:00 PM start times, no cover charge, and 19+ age limits. The Sunday show doesn't have visible differences from the Friday & Saturday ones beyond weekly continuity, but they do have different Facebook event pages, so get more details here for the Friday/Saturday shows and here for the Sunday show! These should all be fun concerts, especially given his talent, lengthy setlist, and the fact that this is as close to a Caveman Morrison show as we're gonna get until a new bassist is found, so definitely consider checking him out this weekend! Check out the above links for more details, including his official website for original material, and watch out for him on every Sunday through the end of 2010 at Foggy Notions!

That's all for now, but I PROMISE that we'll have a new update tonight! It will have new LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS and some new local bands, so stay tuned for that and more! Thanks everyone!

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