Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Here's some more local metal news and notes to take in on this cold Tuesday! In this post, we have the latest from Mike Haggith, the first video footage of a local band, and more, but first, here are some SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!

According to their newest status update on their official Facebook page, local classic hard rock cover band That's Chester will be back at Docks Riverfront Grill THIS WEEKEND! Knowing how they alert fans to most shows, this will be enough to call it as a definite show, so don't expect an event page. Though details aren't provided on their sets this weekend, we can surmise the general information from past trends. As the band weren't specific about days, That's Chester should be at Docks on Friday AND Saturday night! Like with past shows of theirs, I would expect a 19+ age limit and a 10:00 PM start time both nights, with no announced cover charge. My apologies for the short notice, but as I said, the band just told us about this show early this morning, and they don't have a comprehensive show listing on any band pages. Even still, these should be quality shows from these local veterans, who always have a few metal songs ready to go at any of their local appearances! Docks is a favourite location for them, and make sure to head down there this weekend if you want to! Stay tuned for more on That's Chester as it comes in, including previews of their shows this weekend on Thursday!

Secondly, if you've been hoping for your first glimpse of new local metal band State of Misery in action, then you are in luck! Frontman Steve Rhodes' mom Cheryl Schultz uploaded three videos from their debut concert last week at The Roosevelt Hotel onto her YouTube channel! These were posted on Saturday, and appear to have been shot from a cell phone camera, given the dimensions of the footage. I was initially a bit confused by the lineup, as it looked like there was five members when I first saw the footage, but the mystery head was from The Rosie's logo. My bad, but again, this was a cell phone camera. Interesting to note that Steve just sang in the captured videos, despite his guitar skills, but that aside, they sound good! State of Misery appear to mostly playing originals, and they seem to have their death metal sound down well! The first video is better than the second one for music content, despite the shorter length, but I will embed the newest video here for it's length, as all are of the same quality. Good stuff though, I wonder how State of Misery will sound with clearer audio? For now, check out the newest State of Misery clip below, and get more at the above links!

Thirdly, here is the latest news from local hard rock solo artist Mike Haggith! On Saturday, Mike announced the release of his 42nd album "Laps In A Lake Of Fire", after an eight month dormant period. Originally planned as a release for his band The Thorns, it was supposed to be a solo 10 song demo to attract future band members. Instead, it was quietly released on Saturday as his surprise next solo album! For reference sake, The Thorns later recorded two demos with current members, but "Laps In A Lake Of Fire" isn't credited as a Thorns release on the album's page from his Facebook discography. So this is a nice surprise to get even more new Mike Haggith material before "Suspended Animation" comes out! Described as "raw sounding", you can buy it RIGHT NOW at this location or at his official Reverbnation store for $3.50, individual tracks for 99 cents each, or ringtones for $2.49 each! Note that you'll save almost double the total cost by just buying the album as a whole. The samples show promise, not too heavy, but with nice melodies! That being said, I'm still leaning towards reviewing "Suspended Animation" first for it's hype and projected heaviness, but if no other local albums come out by mid-January, then "Laps In A Lake Of Fire" will be our next CD review! Stay tuned for updates!

And finally for tonight, here's three shorter assorted news stories from Sault Michigan, in alphabetical order by band or topic name:
  • Epic metal trio End of Existence have launched a page on SignMeTo, the Roadrunner Records-run music site designed to discover bands to sign to the label! It features four songs, tons of genre listings, and more assorted info, including the fact that they were 28th on the metal chart on December 1st! Nice to hear! Check the above links for more!
  • Local metal trio Scofflaw (featuring River Witch drummer Ivan Schliska) have their own Facebook page! Seemingly last updated in June, there's a bunch of photos and very basic band information there, but that's it. There's only one fan too (me), which doesn't seem right! Click on the above link to become a fan, they deserve better!
  • I have added the MySpace page for inactive local recording studio/label Werehold Records onto our Other Local Metal Links section on the lower left of the page. Based out of nearby Eckerman, Michigan and run by local musician Jason Mills, they were the home of local acts like Palaver, The 1,000,000,000s Who Died, and... Life's Eclipse, the focus of our next Defunct Local Band Profile on Saturday! Stay tuned then for more!
That's all for now, but I have more coming hopefully tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! Also, we have weekend concert previews on Thursday, our Life's Eclipse profile on Saturday, plus a new poll and last month's poll results that same day! Things are gonna get busy real soon, so be on the lookout! Thanks everyone!

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