Monday, December 13, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Garden of Bedlam, As It Stands, And The Darwin Project), And More Concert Updates!!

After a day dedicated to the new metal shows at The Rapids Lounge, it's back to some older stories that are finally getting the press they deserve now that those 40 shows from yesterday are taken care of! That being said, this post is stacked in it's own right, including updates on a pair of upcoming metal concerts, an open call for bands for a couple new shows, and headlining today's post, THREE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!! Here's what you need to know!

On Saturday night, two awesome local metal bands will hit the stage for the first annual anniversary party of Foggy Notions' re-opening! Yes, Foggy's only re-opened to the public on December 18th, 2009, and to celebrate the occasion, Garden of Bedlam will headline a metal concert that very night, one year later! Sorry for the short notice, this show wasn't officially announced until yesterday. This will be their first local concert appearance since last month's show at The Rockstar Bar, and the band guarantees that this will be a "night to remember", so take note of that! Expect to hear lots of cuts from their forthcoming full length album as well! Joining them are local hardcore metal quintet WinkStinger, in their first set since last month's Breaking The Fourth Wall show! They're quickly rising in the local scene with their extreme sound, and will be sure to get some pits going on Saturday night! As this is a special event honouring Foggy Notions' anniversary of their re-opening, there will actually be a cover charge at this show, amounting to $5. The projected start time is 10:30 PM on Saturday, and you must be 19 to enter. For full details, visit the official Facebook event page!

This should be a great concert, and it's part of a very heavy weekend at Foggy's, including the Palms To The Sky show on Friday and Tym Morrison's acoustic set on Sunday! It would have been nice to see bands from last year's re-opening festivities come back, but Garden of Bedlam and WinkStinger are both fitting! Remember, both bands made their live concert debuts at Foggy Notions, so they're no strangers to this venue, and they'll deliver a great show this weekend! Stay tuned for any updates if I hear them!

Secondly, here's a newly announced concert from local hardcore quintet As It Stands, though there is still much information to be obtained for it. According to a new Facebook event page, As It Stands will be playing at The Speak Easy on December 27th! This will be their first show at the Algoma University bar/concert venue since their reformation, but other than that, we know little else. The band's Facebook page simply says that new shows have been added (including, surprisingly, a show next month in Windsor.) There is nothing stated there about a cover/ticket charge, possible additional bands, whether there's an age limit or not, or if there's a seasonal theme for the concert. A start time of 7:00 AM is listed, but that sounds like a typo, and The Speak Easy's internet pages haven't yielded any help either. If As It Stands are posting their own event page online for a concert, then there must be truth to it, so I am listing it on the SMS. However, there is absolutely more to be said, so if you have more details on As It Stands' concert at The Speak Easy on December 27th, e-mail me at! I'll keep you guys posted, and also note that As It Stands are looking for shows in Southern Ontario to bookend their Windsor show on January 28th, so if you can help, let them know at this location!

Our final new concert is another Sault Michigan area show, and no, it's not at Kewadin Casino. I think we're good for shows there for a while yet! Actually, this concert will be in nearby Rudyard, and will be headlined by Cheboygan hard rockers The Darwin Project! They'll be back at Joe's Bar in Rudyard on February 19th, for what will be their first area concert appearance in three months! Odd that there's no Friday date to go along with it, but we'll take what we can get! The show starts at 9:30 PM on February 19th, you must be 21 to enter, and there is no announced cover charge. For more details or to confirm your attendance, visit the official Facebook event page! It's always good to see The Darwin Project back around these parts, hopefully they deliver a great night of hard rock for their fans! Remember, Rudyard isn't far from Sault Michigan, so if you like The Darwin Project's brand of radio hard rock, then it will definitely be worth the drive. If I hear more, I'll let you guys know!

Fourthly, here's a call-out to local metal bands and musicians, as two upcoming unannounced concerts are in need of local bands! Local guitarist Rich Moreland, who promotes The Roosevelt Hotel's metal nights and assorted other local metal shows, has two concerts in the works for the Christmas season! One's on December 23rd at The Rosie, likely the third metal night there, while the other will be at Foggy Notions, with a date to be determined. Rich is looking for local metal bands to fill the lineups of both concerts, and if you're in a band, you're more than welcome to contact Rich to try to get on one or both shows! Metal is the preference, and I think he'd like to see a bit of a variety of talent, so the door's open for any metal bands and artists to get on either lineup! If you're at all interested in playing one or both of these concerts later this month, contact Rich at this location! Get on this if you can, cause Rich's shows are some of the heaviest concerts we get locally, and the more bands, the better! I'll also note that neither show will have a cover charge, but donations (canned goods or cash) towards The Soup Kitchen would be appreciated at both concerts. Stay tuned for updates when these shows are officially confirmed!

And finally, here's some noteworthy updates on two upcoming local metal concerts! Firstly, it was announced on Wednesday that local death metal quintet Bring The Fallen have been re-added to the Soo Music Mash-Up show on December 18th at The Oddfellows Hall! Though we still don't know why Bring The Fallen dropped out initially, it's awesome to see them back on the lineup! Now the show has EIGHT bands, and how often do we get concerts of that volume? It should be noted that Bring The Fallen have been demoted from third to fifth on the bill, now sandwiched between RedD Monkey and Changing Waves, but you know what? I'll take my Bring The Fallen early than never! For full concert details, click here! The other news is that the official poster for December 27th's Nightmare After Christmas show is now online! It was designed by former Fitswitch guitarist Kevin Powe, who's designed numerous high quality local concert posters and band logos over the past few years! As such, it's excellent looking, and suits the concert very well! A second poster that wasn't as good was also posted, which you can see at this location if you guys want to, but the one pictured here is definitely the best! Fitting that Kevin would do the art for this show, as three of his former Fitswitch bandmates (J.D. Pearce, Rick White, and Andrew McDonald) are playing with one of the bands on the lineup! There's no other new info from this show to report, but stay tuned if something is announced!

That's all for today, but I have more backlogged news to get to very soon, so expect a new post tomorrow at some point! Also, look out for last month's poll results, this month's new poll, and our Defunct Local Band Profile on Life's Eclipse on Saturday! Thanks everyone!

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