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SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Changing Waves & That's Chester) And Weekend Concert Previews!!

So here's what's happened: The Titan's Eve concert review IS coming, but it's being postponed until tomorrow. Why? Because I have LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS to get to (short notice ones), and I can't put them off any longer. Not that I wanted to, but my computer RAM problems resumed yesterday afternoon, and I had to bring it back to Staples for further maintenance. I won't burden you guys with the technical side of things, but it's back home now and apparently is in working order once again.... one can only hope. So with new shows I can't disregard any further, I've opted to postpone the review to tomorrow so I can get weekend concert previews in, plus the new shows. Wthout any further adieu, here's two new shows, followed by previews of the other five shows through Saturday (the Fatality/Immersed preview will be this weekend due to the size of this post), and I sincerely apologize for the short notice and delays. I've been beyond annoyed, but hopefully it's behind us now...I hope!

(EDIT, 9:01 PM: It looks like the Gunz N' FN' Rosez concert scheduled for tonight has been moved to July 23rd. The Facebook event page proves it, though I should note that Rockstar Bar advertising originally plugged the show for tonight, July 7th, as indicated by this poster I saw at last month's Garden of Bedlam show. No reason was given for the postponement of the show, and my apologies for the now-incorrect announcement! I should note that this conflicts with the previously announced Half Past return concert that night, which I will have more on in our next news post!)

Firstly, it's the 23rd Roosevelt Hotel metal night taking place TONIGHT at where else? The Rosie! Announced on Tuesday, the lineup from May 26th's metal night will return tonight to rock out for local metalheads, including advertised headliners For All That Is Lost, who also return after a quiet June to deliver some Desbarats-bred devastation as we've grown to enjoy since their local debut in March! Joining them are local hardcore quartet Changing Waves, also returning from a month's absence to deliver a hard hitting set of originals and select covers! Nice to see them back out there, they'll be sure to start some mosh pits tonight! Rounding out the lineup, in their second straight Thursday nighter (and record 11th appearance overall) is As It Stands, who also have some well recieved and brutal metalcore to share with their wide fanbase tonight as well, including originals to be seen on their upcoming CD! As usual, everything starts after 9:30 PM, there is no cover charge, and you must be 19 to attend. For more details, visit this location!

Sounds like a great show, though if you can't make it, you have more opportunities to see each band this weekend that we will get to as the post progresses! Hopefully you guys can make it out, and for a preview, here's For All That Is Lost playing their original "Graves of the Ancestors" at The Rosie in May!

Also for new shows, local classic hard rockers That's Chester are playing a rare non-Docks concert THIS SATURDAY at The Rockstar Bar! Aside from their Relay For Life set in June that never had immense public information for us to call it on here, this might be their first show at a venue other than Docks since 2010, so make note if you don't frequent Docks enough to see them! Now you may be asking yourself "What about Full Circle's weekend shows at The Rockstar Bar this weekend?" Well, as it turns out, they are still playing Friday, but the Saturday booking has instead been passed to That's Chester. Why? I have no clue, I assume there's an outside priority for a Full Circle member that night, but I'm not positive. So we'll get to the now-one night Full Circle concert later in the post, but on Saturday night, head to The Rockstar Bar to hear That's Chester deliver an entertaining set of classic hard rock covers like only they can! There will likely be a nominal cover charge of $5 or less, you must be 19 to attend, and it all starts at 10:30 PM. For more details, visit their Facebook page! Sounds fun, and it's nice to see That's Chester stepping out for a show at another venue again, though Docks is really nice! For a preview, here's That's Chester covering Led Zeppelin's "Good Times, Bad Times" in March!

Now to the previously announced shows, and we'll start at The Verdi Hall, where a couple of metal bands will take the stage for a very good cause! In June, you may remember that the Shaule family residence on Placid Avenue was severely damaged in a fire of an undetermined cause. Now, friends of the family are holding a benefit event at The Verdi Hall tomorrow evening at 7:00 PM to raise money for the family. It's a great cause, and though no one was hurt in the fire, they deserve all the help they can get, so visit the official Facebook event page for current details! There will be a pizza dinner, alcoholic drinks available to 19+ attendees (it is an all ages event though), and donations are also being accepted to help the Shaules in this time of need. As for the concert aspect of it, As It Stands & Changing Waves will hit The Verdi Hall's stage one night after their Rosie metal night appearance to rock out for this great cause! It's awesome to see them helping the Shaules out, hopefully they help draw in some donations and attention! The lineup is rounded out by local solo artists Liisa Steinwedel, Taylor Emlaw, and Rayne Fisher. I'm not familiar with their work, but they should do just fine!

Admission is $15 in advance by contacting the people listed on the event page linked above, or you can buy limited tickets at the door for the same price. If you can't make it, you can donate cash for the cause, and the above links will give you guys more info. This sounds like an awesome benefit for the Shaule family, and hopefully lots of money is raised to help them cover their expenses after the fire! On a concert standpoint, it's odd talking about The Verdi Hall as a show venue, but Stillbroke did headline there in 2009, so there is precedent for it. No matter what though, this will be a great show, with metal to boot, so head down there and support the Shaules tomorrow night! For a preview, here's As It Stands playing "Rise Above" at The Rosie in May!

Also tomorrow night will be Caveman Morrison, who'll return to the stage after a month's break to rock Goulais River Community Day! The metal cover trio and their new lineup will hit the Goulais Community Rink tomorrow night at 9:00 PM for a set full of hard rock and metal classics that they've become known for locally! Details are kinda scarce for the community day itself, but it's a family friendly event with activities, games, food, and fireworks, and so on. Sounds like fun, and there's something for us metalheads to like amongst it all! Tym, Jacques, and Willie will play at 9:00 PM tomorrow night at the rink, there's no announced cover charge, and again, it looks to be all ages. For more details, visit the Facebook event page! Nice to see Caveman Morrison back out there, they should rock the rink down with their take on metal and hard rock hits, though hopefully some more bookings in the Soo itself pop up soon as well! For a preview, here's Caveman Morrison playing their cover of Living Colour's "Cult Of Personality" in October! (Also, on the topic of Tym Morrison projects, I have not heard if he'll be at Service Grill Pizza tomorrow for a solo show. I'll let you guys know if I hear anything!)

And now, here's the Full Circle preview for tomorrow night! We touched on this when we announced the That's Chester show on Saturday, but here's the rundown. When they were still Turner Up, the band announced a weekend set at The Rockstar Bar for this weekend (tomorrow night & Saturday night) on their old Facebook group. However, it came to light within the last week that the now-renamed Full Circle's concert weekend was halved, with That's Chester playing a rare non-Docks show on Saturday night instead. Again, I'm not sure why the half-switch was made, though I assume a Full Circle member has prior engagements on Saturday. So if you want to see Full Circle's awesome take on classic hard rock covers, you'll have to be at The Rockstar Bar tomorrow night only! They're a very talented band and they have lots of great covers in store, so head down there to check them out! Usual show details, a likely $5-ish cover, 19+ age limit, 10:30 PM-ish start time. For more details, check the official Facebook event page! Nice to see them back at The Rockstar Bar, in what's actually their first show there under their new name, though hopefully this one show weekend thing isn't permanent! Stay tuned for more from Full Circle, especially where it concerns postable audio and video of them live!

We'll close tonight in Sault Michigan, where three shows are taking place to my knowledge of a hard rock vein, and first, Cheboygan hard rockers The Darwin Project are hitting the stage tomorrow night & Saturday night for a pair of shows that will be sure to rock their local fans! They'll hit The Corner Pub Bar & Grill for these shows, which will be their first in the Sault Michigan area since a stop in Rudyard in late May. Look for the guys to deliver a great weekend of hard rocking original songs just like they've used to propel themselves as a band to be watched in the Northern Michigan hard rock scene! Both shows have 9:30 PM start times, you must be 21 to attend either, and there's no advertised cover charge. Click here to check out the event pages of both of these local shows! Nice to see The Darwin Project back, they'll be sure to deliver a great weekend of hard rock originals at The Corner Pub this weekend! For a preview, here's The Darwin Project playing their original song "Back To Dust" in Gaylord in 2009!

And finally for today, Sault Michigan hard rockers River Witch are returning to The Cozy Corners Tavern & Grill in nearby Barbeau, Michigan on Saturday night! As we're getting used to, the band did not promote the show on their Facebook page, which hasn't been touched since April, but Cozy Corners' event listings mention the show, so there's good proof! Unlike their usual concert weekends, they are only playing Saturday, as tomorrow night is reserved for a concert by Florida duo Case & Davidson. Look for a solid set of hard rock covers from River Witch on Saturday night, though I wish I knew more and could tell you more about them and their sound. A 9:00 PM start time is listed for this show, you must be 21 to attend, and there is no announced cover charge. Check the above links for more details! Sounds good to me, but hopefully we hear more about what to expect at their shows at some point, especially from the band itself. Still, head out to Barbeau on Saturday night to rock out with River Witch!

That's all for today, but our next post WILL be our Titan's Eve concert review from Monday! I hope I have no more computer issues to wreck that or other plans, but if I do, I'll be honest and let you guys know about it! Stay tuned after that for our Fatality/Immersed concert preview, this week's classic video, and more news very soon, plus our Out Of The Mouth Of Babes profile on Sunday, and much more, pending no more computer failures! Thanks for all of your patience and understanding, we'll be back on track soon, hopefully!

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