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Defunct Local Band Profile Series: Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Hey guys, it's time to kick off year 2 of our Defunct Local Band Profile Series, and seeing as 4/5ths of this band are playing at The Roosevelt Hotel later today, the timing couldn't be better! The joys of random selection, huh? As always, this series explores a band from the Sault Ste. Marie area that is either defunct or visibly inactive for a year plus (with no biases for sound, longevity, talent, or membership), and we'll tell you a bit about them, what to expect, and what you can check out and read about for said band! Hopefully you guys like this month's Defunct Profile, so check it out below! (Updated: May 5th, 2012)
Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Genre: Hardcore/Metal

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Members: (Members not in their last lineup in italics.)

Matt Maccarone (A Fall From Innocence, Stay Seventeen), vocals
Garrett Masters (As It Stands), guitar
Albert Bourrier (As It Stands), guitar
Angelo Huckson (As It Stands), bass
John Mignacca (As It Stands), drums
Josh McNally (The Moves, Deter, The Fury), vocals

o: Though members of Out Of The Mouth Of Babes produced a lot of material before and after their run in their other bands, OOTMOB specifically didn't have too much. Only one song was recorded & posted on their MySpace page, entitled "Take A Walk With Me", though two versions of it were recorded with both of their frontmen. Both were recorded at idioRECORDS with producer Dave Hunter. I uploaded the version with Matt Maccarone singing from 2010 on our YouTube channel (I don't have the original), so check it out at this location! For actual videos, there isn't much either, especially given their single live concert, but at least two exist! A 1:50 long video featuring assorted clips was posted on YouTube in March 2010 by drummer John Mignacca, but here's a full performance from the show, as Out Of The Mouth Of Babes covered (oddly enough) "Last Name" by Carrie Underwood! Check it out below!

Info/Analysis: Out Of The Mouth Of Babes formed in July 2009 out of the ashes of the then-defunct As It Stands, who broke up the previous month. The lineups of the two bands were almost identical, save for prolific local musician Josh McNally on vocals in lieu of Justin Pregent. Josh fronted the band for the next few months, though they never took the stage with this lineup, and he was quietly replaced by Matt Maccarone in late 2009. They finally made their live debut on February 20th, 2010, opening for Bring The Fallen at Nite-Life Dance Club (later GLOW) for their portion of the Algoma Hope4Haiti concert benefit event. It would be their only show, and updates stalled after April 2010, with a few announced shows never materializing. OOTMOB quietly ended that summer, and As It Stands (with Justin back) reunited that August to great fanfare. It's clear from As It Stands' quick resurgence that they made a wise choice reuniting, but Out Of The Mouth Of Babes deserve some love as well! Their style showed the progression that the new AIS songs have, while still being very heavy, moshable, & energetic, though with some added humour & similar flourishes. Matt Maccarone's singing suited their aims at the time, with better clean vocals & stage presence than Justin had showed then, but Matt's screaming was higher in tone. Josh McNally was good too, but his voice wasn't as heavy.

As It Stands' current form is much better & tighter than they ever were originally, especially with Justin's improvement, but OOTMOB deserve a lot of credit for helping the transition. From what little we heard, we knew there was a lot of good hardcore stuff there, and had As It Stands not returned, I'm sure their fans would have loyally followed Out Of The Mouth Of Babes!
There we go, I hope you guys enjoyed this month's Defunct Local Band Profile! Next month's profile, which was also randomly selected, will be about defunct local death metal band State of Misery! How's that for a pick? They're probably our newest chosen band in terms of when they were last active, and if members of this band are playing a show around August 10th, the ironic timing of this series will surely continue! This should be an interesting feature post next month, so watch out for it around August 10th, and I'll see you guys THIS AFTERNOON at The Roosevelt Hotel for the Fatality/Immersed all ages show! Thanks everyone!

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