Saturday, September 3, 2011

The End Of Foggy Notions, End Of Existence Videos, And More!!

So, how's everyone's Labour Day week going so far? To kick things off, we have some more assorted news today, including news from The Searchmont Music Festival, a band looking to play here, and End of Existence, but first, here's some surprising news on the future of a local concert venue!

21 months after it's re-opening, Foggy Notions as we know it is ending (for now.) Owner Taryn Bugyra announced on a Facebook note on Thursday that she's decided to sell the popular Queen Street bar to new owners and go back to school, as she can't maintain both commitments simultaneously. A tentative re-opening date isn't known, but the new ownership apparently has plans to change the bar's name, so Foggy's is ending, but the bar will be back. I have heard rumours about who's buying Foggy Notions, but nothing is concrete enough to announce on here yet. That said, Foggy's will have one last event TONIGHT, which will be a masquerade ball & karaoke night, so click here for details on it, and head out if you can to enjoy one last night of Foggy Notions! I'm sure this will be a bittersweet moment for many bar regulars and concertgoers, as Foggy's has been a well loved bar and concert spot in both it's pre-2008 and current incarnations. I wasn't old enough to go there originally, but in the almost 2 years that Taryn ran things, I enjoyed going there for concerts and I could see why locals enjoyed Foggy's so much!

I have a good feeling though about the new owners, I'll say that much, so just look at this as a new chapter waiting to have it's page turned! So for now, end Foggy Notions with a bang and head there TONIGHT at 10:00 PM for "The last Foggy event", and when details come out about what's happening there next, you'll hear it here!

Next up, here's some new videos from Sault Michigan/Grand Rapids epic metal quintet End of Existence! After their day long breakup ceased on Tuesday, news from them has been coming quickly, mostly in the form of new videos! On Thursday, the band uploaded two new rehearsal videos onto their YouTube channel for us to check out, though one is just 8 seconds long. Promising sounding, but very short, though is sounds similar to one or two of their already posted originals. The one we've embedded below is the longer of the two, and was shot at a jam session on Wednesday. The video's of the tail end of their yet-unreleased song named "The Elements", it features each band member except singer Bob Helsten (a.k.a. Orb Hearthstone), and it's also the first official E.O.E. footage we've seen featuring bassist Bryan Kindel. It's just 74 seconds long, but it sounds good, and I hope we'll hear the full song soon! The video quality is dark though, but that could be intentional. Good stuff, so check out the new videos above, the end of "The Elements" is below, and stay tuned for another new End of Existence video in our next news post!

Thirdly today, another out of town band is looking for a local concert booking! This past Sunday, I was notified that Montreal hard rock quintet Dance Laury Dance are hoping to play a concert in Sault Ontario on October 18th, as per their manager Karl-Emmanuel Picard on the SMS' Facebook page. I forwarded Karl-Emmanuel some contact information, but in the event nothing comes from that, I'll let you guys know about them and how to get them here! Their style reminds me of bands like Lion Ride & The Saigon Hookers, if a bit gruffer, and they have an interesting party hard rock style that would probably go over really well here if they found the right booking! It'd be cool to see Dance Laury Dance here, so if you're interested in booking, playing with, or helping them in their quest for a local booking, e-mail Karl-Emmanuel at! Hopefully Dance Laury Dance get a concert here for October 18th, and if I hear any updates, I'll of course let you guys know!

And finally for today, here's the latest Searchmont Music Festival updates! The lineup has seen some more adjustments, and first, a few acts have been removed from the official poster for the festival (as seen on your left), which are solo artists Cody McMillan, Deven Creagh, Britta Wolfert, Douglas Cousineau, and Rusty McCarthy. However, I think some or all of these artists are part of some of the bands playing here on September 10th, so all shouldn't be lost! Three acts have been added however, including a band named Borrowed Time (anyone know anything about them?) and solo artists Kylie Precepa & Niagara Falls singer Roger Marin. Note that Roger's not listed on the poster, but he's since been confirmed on the Searchmont Music Festival Facebook page, so he's definitely playing. That said, the schedule for the festival was posted on there as well, so here's what you should know! Now, all bands are playing inside Searchmont Resort, with just unplugged acts and solo performers on the outdoor stage. The festival starts at 12:00 PM on September 10th with folk band Green Cafe opening the outdoor stage, then heading inside for a second set at 1:00 PM to kick off that stage's lineup too.

For the metal acts, you'll wanna be there early, as both Tym Morrison and The Bear Hunters follow Green Cafe on the outdoor and indoor stages at 12:30 PM & 1:30 PM respectively, with about 30 minutes each for their sets. The outdoor stage ends at 5:45 PM with Rick Charbonneau headlining, while the indoor entertainment continues until after 11:00 PM with Moondance headlining. The 1960s themed dance looks to still be on as the capper to the festival, though local burlesque troupe The Salty Mollies have been slotted in to that portion as well. I wonder if they'll go with a retro theme for their act to fit in with it? For the full lineup, check the above links! Remember to pick up your Searchmont Festival tickets A.S.A.P. for $10 at The Duke of Windsor Sport Shop on Queen Street East, Velorution on Old Garden River Road, The Rad Zone at The Wellington Square Mall, and two newly confirmed locations: The Thomas Walls School Of Music on Albert Street East & The Searchmont Trading Post on Whitman Dam Road in Searchmont! Sounds like this festival is shaping up nicely, so stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to it next week!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for some more news hopefully later this weekend! Enjoy the holidays, everyone!

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