Thursday, September 22, 2011

YouTube Channel Profile Series: Garden of Bedlam

As promised, it's time for our next monthly feature series post at The Sault Metal Scene, and for a third month, here's our next entry in our YouTube Channel Profile Series! Each month, we'll take a look at up to three YouTube channels with at least 50% local metal-relevant videos (the SMS channel excluded), as randomly selected from the 100+ channels that fit this criteria, as seen at this location! We've lucked out to start the series though, with channels focusing on two prominent local bands, and going on three this month, so here's all that you should know in this month's YouTube Channel Profile! (Updated on October 15th, 2013)
Garden of Bedlam's Channel (

Owner: A Garden of Bedlam member (not sure which one), though the channel is credited to the band as a whole.

Channel Timeline: Launched on January 15th, 2008; Videos posted between 2010 & April 2011.

Channel Summary: This was the official YouTube channel for Sault Ontario hard rock quartet Garden of Bedlam. Essentially replacing an earlier channel that had just one uploaded video, Garden of Bedlam have uploaded 11 videos to this channel, mostly comprised of the band's entire headlining set at the Tenaris Second Stage at Rotaryfest in July 2010. The other posted videos include two music videos filmed by former Amethyst frontman Rick DellaVedova & edited by CML Productions, and an audio upload of the band's 2009 song "Stand Your Ground". Last actively used in the spring of 2011, it's status as Garden of Bedlam's active official YouTube channel ended when the the "Videos of Bedlam" channel saw it's first video uploads in July 2012.

Why Should You Watch: Because this channel is an excellent source of Garden of Bedlam videos from the past couple of years, not one of which featuring bad quality audio or filming! That said, this channel doesn't appear to be the band's current official YouTube channel anymore, but it's still the largest official source of Garden of Bedlam videos, so watch or subscribe at the above links for more!

Our Recommended Videos To Check Out:

Garden of Bedlam - The Truth Shall Set You Free: Easily the most viewed video on this Garden of Bedlam channel, this was the band's first official music video, as filmed by Rick DellaVedova & edited by from CML Productions at their headlining concert at Foggy Notions (now Coch's Corner) on Boxing Day 2009. Released on March 22nd the following year, the video is for Garden of Bedlam's song "The Truth Shall Set You Free" from their self-titled 2009 debut EP. The all black & white video is well shot and edited, and serves as a solid introduction to Garden of Bedlam for any new listeners, especially with how good of a song it is!

Garden Of Bedlam "Shallow" - official video: Over a year after their first music video was posted, CML Productions produced a follow-up music video for their song "Shallow" (also from their 2009 EP), which Garden of Bedlam posted to their channel this past April! Unlike the first music video, this one features footage of Garden of Bedlam from multiple concerts at the former Foggy's, along with jam session clips, and it makes minimal use of colour as well. For variance and effects used, I find it's better than the video for "The Truth Shall Set You Free", but both are well done and worth checking out, as it's not ever day you see more professional music videos for local bands like these!

Garden of Bedlam - Against the Grain: The bulk of the videos on Garden of Bedlam's channel are of their entire set as headliners at the Rotaryfest Second Stage on Queen Street East on July 17th, 2010, as filmed from the sound tent behind the standing room area. The band played 8 original songs that night, including 7 songs from their 2011 CD "Everything Will Die" (including the debuting "Around The Bend") and their older original "Shallow", and though the camera angle is a bit far from the stage, everything's clear and sounds really nice, and the band are firing on all cylinders! One of many highlights of Garden of Bedlam's local run so far, I have their set opening song "Against The Grain" below, but check the above links for much more high quality videos from this set!

I hope you guys enjoyed this month's YouTube Channel Profile! So, what profile did we choose for October's installment of this monthly feature series? Through completely random selection, we're returning to Sault Michigan for another band-centric profile, this time for Bad Side's YouTube channel! Though later supplanted by the Vicious Music channel in terms of content, there's a lot of good stuff to see, so stay tuned for this profile on or around October 22nd! Stay tuned for more news over the coming days, including our Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile on Paricide on Monday and much more! Thanks everyone!

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