Friday, March 9, 2012

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (The Valentine's Day Massacre), New Canadian Concert Videos, And More!!

It's time for another news post, and this one's got a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for next week, new videos from a couple of Canadian Nightclub concerts last week, and news on a local hard rock band's latest lineup change, so read on below for this latest news, and also check out this week's Battle of the Bands Rewind Profile from our current mini-series in the post below this one!

Three local metal bands will grace the stage next Friday for a concert at The Speak Easy! Local deathcore quartet The Valentine's Day Massacre (who appear to be putting this show on), hardcore standouts As It Stands (in their second concert in a two night span), and death metal quintet The Bear Hunters will join forces for the first time together in a somewhat rare metal concert at Algoma University's bar/concert spot! I don't think either The VDM or The Bear Hunters have ever played at The Speak Easy before, while I don't think As It Stands have since their 2010 reunion, so this should be a fun (but different) spot for this concert! It goes down this coming Friday at 9:00 PM, there's no cover charge, and at least for now, it's 19+, but that could change. The Speak Easy is generally a better bar for all ages concert ratios, but if the age limit is removed, I'll let you guys know on here. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! Sounds like fun to me, and there's definitely a solid and rising lineup of local metal talent on this show, so definitely circle it on your calendars for next week! Stay tuned for updates as they roll in!

Next up, a new concert video from this past Sunday's Dead In The Van fundraiser concert at The Canadian Nightclub has been posted online, and it's of the first 12 minutes of local classic metal quartet Late & Loud's set from that night! The video features Late & Loud's covers of Judas Priest's "The Hellion" and "The Green Manalishi (And The Two-Pronged Crown)", followed by their originals "Whisper Of The Damned" and "Fast As A Bitch", as filmed by an attendee of the concert. Guitarist Jonathan Tiberi handles lead vocals mostly in the video, though guitarist Brendan Christie (who uploaded this video onto his YouTube channel yesterday) sings on "Whisper Of The Damned", and "The Hellion" is an instrumental. The video is nice quality, with clear audio, though the filmer could have gotten a bit closer to the band maybe. Nice work overall though! It's a solid video for sure, and the band sounds about as good as you'd expect, so check out the first four songs from Late & Loud's Dead In The Van set below, and stay tuned for more Late & Loud news as it rolls in!

Thirdly today, here's the latest news from local hard rock quartet Borderline Divine! The band formerly known as Stillbroke have added Skull After Betrayl guitarist Justin Polutanovich to their lineup as their new bassist, replacing Jake Hache. The lineup change was quietly confirmed on their Facebook page late last month, which seems to indicate that it was Borderline Divine being referred to in guitarist Mitch Sirie's bassist search post on the Musicians Wanted Facebook group last month. A reason for Jake's departure from the band hasn't been publically announced, but hopefully nothing bad happened, and best of luck to Jake in his musical future! Justin now becomes the band's sixth bassist in the past four years, but hopefully he can stick around for the long term! I'm not familiar with his bass work, but he's definitely a solid guitarist in Skull After Betrayl, and hopefully his talent carries over to this new band! For the record, I don't know if this indicates anything negative towards Skull After Betrayl's future, but I'll absolutely let you guys know if I hear anything good or bad. Hopefully Borderline Divine are back on a positive track again, as it's been over two years since we saw them take the stage, so if I hear anything more, I'll have it here!

And finally for today, here's some more concert videos from a recent tribute band's concert in Sault Ontario! We don't get a lot of videos from those types of concerts, but YouTube user dradawetz uploaded two videos from Toronto-based Guns N' Roses tribute band Dust N' Bones' concert at The Canadian Nightclub last Friday onto his YouTube channel the next day! The videos are of Dust N' Bones playing the GNR classics "Sweet Child O' Mine" and (as embedded below), "Welcome To The Jungle", but how do they sound? I'm getting a mixed vibe from them, mostly thanks to the singer, who's definitely trying and has a good range, but he doesn't really have the tone or stage presence yet to pull off Axl Rose on a Gunz N' FN' Rosez level. It's especially noticeable on "Sweet Child O' Mine", but I figure with more experience and fine tuning, they'll pick it up more! They're fairly new as tribute bands go as it is. Check the above links for more, and here's Dust N' Bones playing "Welcome To The Jungle" in the Soo last week!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for our next Defunct Local Band Profile on Paraside TOMORROW, along with some more news probably! Thanks everyone!

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