Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Local Metal Video Showcase!!

Who wants to see some new videos/songs! I've got them today for our latest local metal video showcase, featuring the latest videos from a popular local metal band, the latest solo recordings from a pair of local guitarists, and some new song uploads I've made to compliment an upcoming feature post, so read on below to get caught up!

Let's start today's post with some brand new videos from local extreme metal quintet Winkstinger... sort of! As edited at least in part by Paul Boyer, two new Winkstinger videos were posted onto drummer Jonas Gasperas' YouTube channel late last week, and they feature some existing footage of the band combined with video effects to create some new uploads altogether! One, entitled "Winkstinger - The Video", features a mix of about 3 minutes of video footage culled mostly from concert videos I shot (I sure ain't complaining!), band photos, and stock footage video, mainly from old Batman serials. Interesting mix, and though no attempt is made to sync the footage with the featured songs (their cover of the Blues Brothers car chase song & their original "Stop! You Can't Interrogate Someone With Brain Damage!"), it's a fun little video that showcases Winkstinger well! The one I'm embedding below though is a video made for their song "Where'd We Go Wrong" which combines my video of them from the Garden of Bedlam-headlined Rosie metal night last July with grainy video effects and lots of weird and amusing cartoon and video clips. I like the mix of this one better for syncing with the song, and it's definitely an interesting watch, so check it out below, and see much more at the above links!

Next up is Sault Ontario solo artist Mike Cliffe's newest song "Lost Soul Blues", as posted to his YouTube channel on Saturday! Described as a "guitar oriented dark blues variant" with "mournful synth", this is definitely one of Mike's slower and darker sounding originals of recent months, but it still has a bluesy flair while sounding fairly down and deliberate. The visualizations also go with the track's mood nicely enough! Not his heaviest song, but the mood makes up for it well, so check out Mike Cliffe's newest solo song below!

Also new from local guitarists is Neno Jovanovic's new solo instrumental cover, and this time, it's of The Misfits' "Astro Zombies"! Uploaded late last month onto his YouTube channel, this is of Neno playing along with the original track again, and in this case, he sounds clearer than the original! That could be expected to a point, but he flows very well with the original song, and if you like The Misfits, you should appreciate Neno's latest cover! Check it out below, and hear more of his solo work at the above links!

And finally for today, I wanted to note the additions of a couple of new audio uploads to the SMS' YouTube channel. If you're following our schedules, Saturday will feature our next Defunct Local Band Profile on Sault Ontario hardcore quintet Paraside (featuring the Hagerman brothers from Changing Waves.) In that spirit, and like I've done in earlier months when this came up, I've decided to post some extra material from that band's heyday onto YouTube, and in this case, it's the three audio tracks that Paraside have on their MySpace page. These got lost in the shuffle a bit thanks to the Dead In The Van video uploads, but you guys should definitely know about these, especially if you enjoyed Paraside's brief late-2000s run! The songs are Paraside's originals "Butterfly" & "M.I.A.", along with their "Alarm" intro, and I've combined them into two uploads to post onto YouTube for preservation! I tacked the "Alarm" intro to the beginning of "Butterfly" to avoid posting a 45 second instrumental by itself needlessly. These were live recordings & have fairly scratchy audio, but there's glimpses of talent and chemistry underneath, and you do hear a Changing Waves-esque sound underneath the audio quality issues!

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED!! All credit for these songs goes to the former members of Paraside & the hard work they did to make these songs, I'm just trying to share them with a wider audience! These are good glimpses back to 2007 & 2008 despite the recording quality, so check out Paraside's songs at the above links, and here's their "Alarm" intro, followed by "Butterfly"!

That's probably all for today, but stay tuned later this week for more news, our Paraside profile, and hopefully my review of "Woods V", among other posts! Thanks everyone!

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