Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Rotaryfest Fallout, Including Lots Of Videos!!

Hey guys, it's time to take a look at some new videos, as ever since we reviewed some of the Second Stage activities last weekend, a pile of videos have popped up online, including some of a metal/hard rock relevance! We'll look at those today, so read on below for all you should know & watch! First, here's some new videos from Second Stage headliners Garden of Bedlam's set on Saturday night! Another new YouTube channel has been launched for this successful local metal band, adding to the GardenofBedlamBand and GardenofBedlam channels that were launched in 2008, and while I have no idea why they can't just add these to one of the older channels, they have uploaded two nice quality videos from Rotaryfest there a couple of days ago! They are of Garden of Bedlam playing their songs "Everything Will Die" and "Your Disgrace", and the filmer's iPhone got some solid quality footage, though the lighting really looks painted on through this camera. Pretty good videos here, so check out "Your Disgrace" below, and stay tuned later in the post for another Garden of Bedlam/Rotaryfest-related video!

Next up is a hard rock cover from the main stage at Clergue Park, which is one of numerous videos from the main stage that local news website Local2 shot for their YouTube channel (which still has the old SooNews name.) All more or less uploaded yesterday, these were uploaded individually and as one 86 minute long video, so choose your fancy, though note that only the 86 minute video has any footage of the 1812 historical moments, which look to have been short War of 1812 reenactments. Almost every band was filmed for Local2's coverage, aside from the out of town historical bands from Friday afternoon, the non-Katy Perry Pop Idol tributes, Mike Case's Jr. Rock All Star Tribute Band (though the junior country one was filmed), and local classic rock band Fusion, who were strangely not filmed last year either. Do the guys at Local2 have a grudge with Fusion, or is this just a coincidence? Sticking more or less to one cover for each act, I just have one major gripe with the videos, that being the editing. I like the multiple camera angles, but many of the transitions from camera to camera aren't fluid and cut off parts of the songs, and at times, it sounded like they only shot portions of different songs & strung them together. That aside, I'm glad to see them upload these videos, complete with on screen performer credits, and on YouTube, they're easier to spread!

That said, the only hard rock cover of the 24 main stage videos is surprisingly of local cover rock quintet Mustang Heart, who covered Van Halen's "Jump" on Friday night at the main stage! Consisting of singer Marci Chindamo, her husband Dama on bass, Lorenzo Fabbri on guitar (and lead vocals on this cover), John Muise on drums, and Vito Tassone on the keyboard, Mustang Heart are a frequent sight at local bars and shows, and though their general setlist doesn't skew heavier, they do a good job with this cover! I prefer Van Halen's heavier material generally, but they know the track, and Lorenzo's vocals fit well! Also of note for the Main Stage videos: new local indie rock band The Pesto Shirts didn't play on the main stage itself in their video (I have no idea why, but they did play first on the day they played), YouTube user dtwalker79 uploaded Mike Case's Jr. Country All-Star Band's entire set onto his YouTube channel if you're interested, and fellow YouTube user marnac filmed Coverfly's cover of Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild" as well, so give those and the rest of the links above a look for Rotaryfest Main Stage videos, but below, check out Mustang Heart's cover of Van Halen's biggest hit!

We'll close with short video footage of the two hard rock bands from the Second Stage, starting with some short clips of reunited local hard rock quartet Sailor's Tongue's set! These are part of a Rotaryfest compilation video that local news website SooToday posted onto their YouTube channel last Friday after that day's entertainment wrapped up, and though it mostly concerns the activities and buskers that local attendees saw, there is 36 seconds of Sailor's Tongue cobbled from (I believe) two of their original songs, one of which featured new guitarist Liam Seymour on vocals, which is good to see knowing how strong his singing was with his Superior Heights cover band! It's not a long glimpse at Sailor's Tongue's return, but it'll do for now, so check it out below! (Their part begins about 3:52 in, and part of headliners Hollerado's set caps everything off)

Finally, here's an amusing little video from Garden of Bedlam's set, and though you can hear them in the background, they're not entirely the focus. On Sunday, bassist Evan Belleau's wife Kerry uploaded a video onto her YouTube channel of their son Damien dancing to Garden of Bedlam playing "Around The Bend" during their Second Stage set on Saturday! I say this is a good sign to help him get into metal in the future, and hopefully more kids in the area get some metal 101 at an early age! Cute enough little video, so check it out below!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more news shortly, along with our review of Theatre of Night's second album! Thanks everyone!

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