Thursday, October 4, 2012

Haggith & Late And Loud Updates, Plus Woods Of Ypres' Alumni News!!

Keeping up with the news posts, we have some updates from three bands with local ties, including a fundraising campaign for the next album of one that is familiar to Woods of Ypres fans, what we know about a local classic metal band's current status, and leading off, what's went on with another local band over the past day, so here's what you need to know!

(EDIT, 8:22 PM) We had originally led off this post with updates relating to the local grunge band Haggith, specifically covering the announcement yesterday that they had parted ways with lead guitarist Daniel Horton, and as a result, would be shelving the release of their debut album "Dragon Joy Ride" in order to re-record most material and produce a new debut album with some new tracks. In case you missed the reports on that front, they are still on Haggith's Facebook page as of this evening. Well, Haggith announced on Facebook tonight that they have decided to regroup with Daniel and settle their creative differences in the name of their "public image, sound, and the release of 'Dragon Joy Ride'." A Facebook video was also posted with the update featuring Daniel talking about his brief departure, saying that they'll see how things go in the next couple weeks, while also complimenting the group and their sound, and apologizing for any inconvenience over the last little while. I can't embed Facebook videos here, so click the above links to check it out and the latest statement!

As a result of Daniel's return, Haggith have restored plans to release "Dragon Joy Ride" as it was originally intended, which is now scheduled to come out for paid release THIS SUNDAY! The release was postponed a bit before the last day's events over some cover art concerns, if I remember correctly. This means that the 6 added songs from their brief new album plans ("Safe on the Outside", "Public Enemy", "Leon The Janitor", "If You Get Out Alive", and the yet-unheard "August 5th, '08" & "75") will likely be postponed to future releases, of which we'll hopefully hear more on in the near future. It's great to see Haggith reuniting with Daniel, and hopefully the release of "Dragon Joy Ride" helps boost their local profile even further, so stay tuned for updates and news from Haggith as I hear it!

Next up, here's the latest updates from Late & Loud... wait a minute, didn't they break up? Since their last concert on August 31st, any indication from most of the members has mentioned them as broken up or on an indefinite hiatus (such as Brendan Christie's singer search for a new band & a September 23rd Facebook page comment reply by Josh Hatherley), but in the past couple of days, their Facebook page has been increasingly updated by guitarist Jonathan Tiberi with hints towards some type of future plans. These include updates to their Twitter page, this new psychedelic-inspired band logo, plans for something called "Operation Heavy Thunder", and indications of  "important stuff soon" & "unfinished business". Postings on Jon's personal Facebook page also indicated that he didn't consider the band inactive, just in hibernation, so what's going on in the L&L camp? A formal EP release? A band resurrection, possibly with new members? Something completely different?

Judging by what the majority of the band has said, a full on Late & Loud reunion seems a ways off (if ever) but Jon's updates are giving fans some hope, and I know I'm not the only person who'd love to see new Late & Loud anything, so when news & updates come up, I'll be sure to have it here!

Also today, I wanted to cover some updates from a band that, while no longer having a direct local connection, still has a lot of familiarity. As you guys may remember, late Woods of Ypres frontman David Gold was the drummer in numerous side projects, and one of the most prominent was Thrawsunblat, the Fredericton, New Brunswick black/folk metal project led by Woods of Ypres' final lead guitarist Joel Violette. We've already mentioned on here that final Woods drummer Rae Amitay has replaced David on drums in Thrawsunblat, but now they've also enlisted the remaining member of Woods of Ypres' final lineup (bassist Brendan Hayter) to join Thrawsunblat as well! Very fitting, and it's great to see Brendan a part of Joel & Rae's next musical projects! While none of the three are from the Soo, they'll always be known as Woods of Ypres alumni, which gives their plans for their new concept album "Thrawsunblat II: Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings" some extra local weight, so what should you know?

A press release for the album was posted on Facebook, which indicates the album's planned sound & influences, including confirming that the tracks for the album were recorded this summer with mixing & mastering by "Woods V" producer Siegfried Meier, but they are also looking to raise funds to release "Thrawsunblat II" with a fundraising project (a'la Kickstarter) to pay off studio costs & make it and a physical release of it a reality next year. Click here for information on how you can donate, and what rewards you will get for donating to the cause, or watch this video about the "Thrawsunfundraising", which includes some previews of the album's sound and some background on the leadup to this album & fundraising from Joel & Rae. I sure hope that "Thrawsunblat II" becomes a reality, and the guys deserve some major successes from their work! Without David & his labels around to help, a fundraising campaign will help tremendously if it takes off, and in a way, this is as close as we're going to get to a "Woods VI", so I'd follow Thrawsunblat's fundraising and check out Joel & David's first album "Canada 2010" (pictured) via the above links, and best of luck all around!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews and likely some more news tomorrow morning! Thanks everyone!

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