Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pillory, Inhuman Methods, And Chris Hubbard Videos, Plus This Week's Classic Video!!

It's been too long since we last updated you guys on the local metal scene, and I try hard to make sure there's always something up every three days (or sooner), so I've scraped together some stories for a new post today, all of the new video variety! These include a new solo performance, a few Facebook-only videos from two local metal acts, and this week's classic video, so let's get to today's updates!

We'll start with new Facebook videos from a pair of local metal bands, which I can't embed here (get on that, Mark), but are still worth mentioning! First, the first new videos of local thrash metal band Pillory with new bassist Jonathan Tiberi (Late & Loud) are now online, as uploaded by Jon over the last couple of days to his personal Facebook page. They are jam session videos of the guys playing a faster version of "Fatal Woods" and a brand new track named "Cringe At The Cross", so click each link to check them out! Jon fits in well so far, but the audio on the new song is oddly distorted compared to "Fatal Woods" despite it being the same camera. I wanna see a new video with better audio quality for "Cringe at the Cross", but even still, there's lots of promising thrash fury to be had in both videos, and the angle's good to see each member in action! Check them out above, and stay tuned for more Pillory news as it rolls in!

The other new Facebook video is from Central Algoma death metal band Inhuman Methods, and it's nice to hear from them again! We haven't heard a lot from them over the summer, but a new jam session video of them (sans singer Anthony Tverdal) playing their original song "Inside" was posted onto their Facebook group by guitarist Alex Swain on October 4th, so check the above links to give it a look! Note that the video features a third guitarist who is hard to identify (he's sitting down & wearing a hood), but my best guess is that he's drummer Robert Crossley's brother Nathan, who does play guitar. If I'm wrong, let me know! I don't know if he's officially in Inhuman Methods or not (nothing official has been announced yet), but he adds well to a fuller & heavier sound in this video, and hopefully we'll hear more shows & sets from Inhuman Methods (with vocals) in the near future, so check the above links for more, and stay tuned for more updates as I hear of them!

Next up is a video we actually can embed here, and it's a new solo performance video from 415E/ex-Nixxon Dixxon guitarist Chris Hubbard! Uploaded to his YouTube channel on Sunday, this is the first solo video of him playing guitar since May, but like the vast majority of his other similar clips, it's of him covering a Van Halen song, this time "She's The Woman" on his new EVH Wolfgang Stealth guitar (which he previewed in this other new video of his.) Also featuring his own pre-recorded bass & drum tracks, this is a solid cover that does Van Halen justice, as Chris always seems to deliver, and if you like Van Halen, you should check this out, so give it a look below, and stay tuned for more from Chris' solo & band work soon!

Finally for today, here's this week's classic video! I have it early to fill out this post, and tying in with the Zombie Walk afterparty on Saturday, we're featuring a video relating to local blue Chinese metal crash punk quartet Sykotyk Rampage! As you may know, their bassist Brian Cattapan currently lives in Sudbury (but still plays at most of the band's concerts), and he has worked on some solo acoustic projects out of Sudbury in recent years, recently under the "Aggressively Acoustic" branding. These have included some open mic performances at the SRO Nightclub there, such as an August 3rd, 2010 set where he covered the Sykotyk Rampage song "Clay Thighs"! Though this song actually predates Brian's tenure with the band (it was on Sykotyk Rampage's 2006 album "Pro Pagan Da", two years before he joined), it's still a fun (if "blue") alt-rock number, and Brian gives an interesting unplugged spin on it! That said, his vocals aren't terribly strong, but he flows with the song similarly to how it originally sounded, so it all works out alright!

Brian originally posted this video to his personal Facebook page a day after this set, and you can see the original video at http://facebook.com/photo.php?v=415097711294.NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED!! All credit for this video goes to Sykotyk Rampage and the original filmer, I'm just trying to share it with a wider audience like it deserves! Also note that I brightened the video quality, which is alright but a bit dark & fuzzy, after uploading it to YouTube. It's a different spin on a prolific and creative local band's material, so check out Brian's solo cover of "Clay Thighs" below, and go see Sykotyk Rampage (with or without Brian) this Saturday at The Grand Theater with many other local zombies!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes later in the week, including weekend concert previews, our next monthly poll on Thursday, and more! Thanks everyone!

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