Sunday, October 6, 2013

Danger Cats Concert Preview & New Video Interviews With Local Metal Bands!!

Today's news post at the SMS is mostly devoted to some neat new video interviews with local metal bands in advance of an upcoming concert that they're on, but we've also got a special concert preview for tomorrow, so what's going down on a Monday night that you should take notice of? Read on below to find out!

Local all-female hard rock quartet The Danger Cats will play their third full concert set TOMORROW NIGHT when they make their Roosevelt Hotel debut as openers for Montreal ska punk quintet K'Man & The 45s! A popular and fun band who recently released a Ramones tribute album (hence references to "The Skamones"), fans of ska-punk and reggae rock should be right at home with K'Man & The 45s tomorrow during their current tour, and you shouldn't be disappointed! As for The Danger Cats (who are oddly the only announced openers), tomorrow's show comes just days after they played a few surprise songs at Docks Riverfront Grill during the Stiffler's Mom show on Saturday (awesome opportunity!), and the girls have hyped a pin-up clothing theme for tomorrow night, so keep that in mind! Their Facebook page also confirms that this will be their only full show of the month, but they'll be back in November, so don't miss out if you don't want to wait for their return! Tomorrow's concert (which is promoted by Frightlight/Jack Spades frontman J.D. Pearce) has a 9:00 PM start time, $7 cover charge, and 19+ age limit.

For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! Interesting contrast to have The Danger Cats' hard rock and punk covers open for a ska band, but the girls do cover The Ramones, so there will be a link there, and hopefully their musical growth continues with what should be a solid audience! Don't miss out, and for a preview, here's The Danger Cats' Hole cover at The Algonquin Pub last month!

Next up, remember how ex-Chronic Demonic singer Sabrina Lavoie (a.k.a. Sabrina Strange) recently interviewed The Cretin from The Dayglo Abortions at their most recent local concert? Well, she's further honing her interview chops with new videos interviewing a pair of local metal bands, both of which are playing this coming Saturday in Echo Bay for The Big Loonie Bus Show! Posted onto Boyd Rendell's 62nd Chamber Productions' YouTube channel yesterday, one of the interviews is with local death metal band The Bear Hunters from their jam room (courtesy of two camera angles, one black & white), so what's discussed?

The guys talk about their inspiration with writing new songs, their musical influences and songwriting process, how the band formed (including some illusions to Justin & Johnny's past bands), their upcoming CD and it's release timeframe, guitarist Mitch Sirie's fear of bears and how it led to their name, bassist Justin Lam's hat, how Nik Deubel got into death growling, Johnny Belanger's drumming roles in other bands, their on-the-road experiences, messages to the fans, and the absence of rhythm guitarist Josh Stephney. In terms of new items of interest, we do find out The Bear Hunters' name came from a song Mitch wrote with Lorax when he was in that band, they already have songs written for a second album (the first is projected for a release within a year), and they confirmed that they're not replacing Josh Stephney on guitar unless he specifically asks to leave the group, which is admirable of them! The video closes with a jam room performance of "Servitude" (apparently planned to be on their second album, source here), which is well done & heavy, before closing with plugs for The Big Loonie Bus Show.

Well done overall (despite some jarring cuts between cameras and edited clips), and Sabrina's gaining confidence as an interviewer, so fans of The Bear Hunters will definitely wanna check this out! Give it a look below, and we're not done quite yet!

The other Sabrina Strange interview is with the announced headliners of The Big Loonie Bus Show, local stoner/sludge metal trio AlgomA! This time, it's completely an interview with no live performance, but in the video, the members (all credited under their stage names only) discuss their influences, their songwriting process, how the band formed and met (including the earlier band BeeFMouTH), the inspiration behind the AlgomA name, the members' starts in music, their current album plans (including confirmation that local punk/metal veteran Mark Rand is mixing the tracks), their relationships with other local bands, messages for fans, and plugs for The Big Loonie Bus Show. We don't get as much new information compared to The Bear Hunters' interview, but it's a laid back and relaxed interview that tells us a lot about AlgomA and their work! I have heard that there are hopes to interview Crimson Crusade & Destroilet in a similar manner before the show on the 12th, but these are solid and informative interviews, and hopefully Sabrina & 62nd Chamber Productions do more of them!

Get your tickets for The Big Loonie Bus Show A.S.A.P. for $10 (the more that are bought, the more likely a bus will drive you there and back, which is an awesome idea!), stay tuned for updates, and like Sabrina Strange Productions on Facebook at this link to get up to speed on her new entertainment production company, which has aspirations of promoting shows down the road! Hopefully everything takes off, and her company's now in our Other Sault Ontario Metal Links section! Check out her full interview with AlgomA below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for a new post of some type tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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